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Brace yourself with the grace of ease

Of of the better photos I took last night.  Way to take one for the team, Nick!

One of the better photos I took last night. Way to take one for the team, Nick!

So much to cover on this Friday morning:

First I have to give a special thanks to KellyO for sharing her good fortune of offered tickets and bringing me along to sit in field box seats behind the Red Sox dugout last night.  The seats were amazing, we had a pretty good crowd around us and we had the perfect view of Nick Green’s triumphant pitching debut!  As we left the game and walked down Yawkey Way we both realized that we were leaving a Red Sox loss with smiles on our faces and laughing.  Looking around, the folks who stuck it out for the entire game seemed to have the same attitude.  No one ever wants to watch their team lose a game but given that the Red Sox soundly won this series 3 games to 1, it felt fine to revel in the visual of Nick Green on the mound.  Guy did all right too – after two innings pitched, his ERA is zero and he only walked 3.  Not a bad night on the mound for a relief pitcher, huh?  ( tells us that Green is the first position player since 1944 to pitch 2 or more innings for the Red Sox and not allow a hit.  Billy Wagner should watch his back!)

Meanwhile in Pawtucket, my man Kyle Snyder pitched himself quite the game only to end up with a no-decision (the PawSox took the series, winning both games).  In spite of seeing the glory of Nick Green’s pitching, I’m still a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see Kyle.  Heck, maybe he’ll get a September call up and I’ll make a day trip to CitiField before the season is over?  In any event, Kyle’s doing well with Buffalo regardless of the season they’re having and for that I’m very happy.

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The less you know the more you want

Kyle Snyder, May 2008 / Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Kyle Snyder, May 2008 in Pawtucket/ Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Walk-offs are, arguably, the best kind of wins. Especially walk-offs that happen in the ninth inning. I had visions of Wake’s typically quick game being stretched into a marathon game because of a tie score in the ninth. Papi had different visions and sent everyone home early.

(Edit because WP ate my paragraph about Wake!)  Even though he didn’t get the win, thanks to the stereotypical no run support for Wake game, Wakefield looked pretty damn good out there last night.  He seemed to be still hobbling a little but the White Sox didn’t (or couldn’t?) capitalize on his weakness in the field so it’s all good.  As they say, the old guys rule!

Three wins in a row is a nice little streak I’d like to see them continue tonight.

Tonight, I had hoped to find my way to Pawtucket to see Kyle Snyder pitch for the Buffalo Bisons. Unfortunately, arrangements to do that couldn’t be ironed out so I won’t be there. I won’t get to listen to it either because, as seems to be the way lately, along with bad news I received good news too – which was an invite to tonight’s Red Sox game. So instead of seeing the pitcher I want to see I might be seeing Billy Wagner. God arranges things amusingly sometimes, no? Good luck to Kyle. Both teams are at the bottom of the standings so I’m comfortable saying that while I hope the Bisons don’t beat up on the PawSox, I’d really like to see Kyle pitch well. (Wednesday night the PawSox had a walk-of of their own with a ninth-inning, one out, Josh Reddick sacrifice fly.)

The last time I was in Fenway, Junichi Tazawa pitched possibly the game of his season against the Yankees. Tazawa is on the mound again tonight to try and help the Red Sox to a four-game sweep. John Danks and his 11-8 record and 3.85 ERA won’t make it easy but it should be fun. 7:10pm, people. Let’s watch it happen.

I like that no matter which team wins in the Bronx this week, it benefits the Red Sox as long as the Sox keep winning. Six games out of the division and 2.5 ahead in the wild card on August 27 isn’t such a horrible place to be.

Thanks, again, to everyone who stopped by the chat last night.  Glad that we got the win to celebrate!

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Let's burn up the night, baby

This shot of Javier Lopez I took while he was chatting with KellyO

This shot of Javier Lopez I took while he was chatting with KellyO

Two bad final scores (for the PawSox and the Red Sox) and the annoying news that the Red Sox picked up Porno Paul Byrd couldn’t ruin the good night that I had.  Headed down to Pawtucket early to hang with KellyO and then wait in the rain to get into McCoy Stadium for their annual autograph night.

They had ten tables set up with players, coaches and mascots at each one ready to sign.  When we approached Javier Lopez, Kelly thanked him for signing Steve and he responded by telling her what a great photographer she was.  The night only got better when Kris Johnson’s dad approached her and asked her if she was Sitting Still and then went on to not only also compliment her on her photos but ask if he could get some to print up because he likes the photos so much.  Because of time constraints and the amount of people who showed up, we didn’t get to the table where KJ was signing so his dad took the pics Kelly had brought of Kris and promised to get them signed for her.  He was amazingly sweet and seemed sincere.  It was a treat to be there when a player and a member of a player’s family both gave KellyO the props she deserves for her wonderful photographs.

I got to tell Javi that he was missed in Boston.  Hey, I miss him so I was being sincere.   The PawSox are struggling this year (unlike last year when they were playoff contenders, the only team in their division worse than them right now is the Buffalo Bisons) and it didn’t surprise me to hear Javi say he misses being in Boston.  I also got to thank the players for taking the time to do the signing.  It was an awful lot of fun and now my 8 year-old niece has a poster with a bunch of autographs of the “young guys who aren’t Red Sox players yet”.  She’s happy…I’m happy…in spite of the scores, it was a good night.

We didn’t stay for the entire game because we had a train to catch – and because the fourth inning alone seemed to last about two hours – but we got to see Michael Bowden’s entire appearance.  It’s fair to say that Wednesday night wasn’t a good night for pitching in Pawtucket.  (Final score at McCoy:  8-7 Norfolk.)

And now we head into the Bronx for four games.  I’ve already decided I won’t be live blogging any of the games.  Regardless of whether I want to admit it, the games stress me out too much to put the focus of a live blog on them as well.  So on Thursday we get John Smoltz v Joba Chamberlain.  I have no idea what to think of this game…I just hope Joba keeps his pitches from hitting Youk.  Injuries and suspensions this team certainly doesn’t need.

My hope is for a split of this series.  My dream is for the Sox to take the series and I don’t even dare to think about a sweep.  One game at a time.  Here’s hoping Smoltz pitches well enough to win and the offense lets loose on Joba.

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I am falling safely to the ground

Youk gives me great hope!  Photo by Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Youk gives me great hope! Photo by Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Still have a little left to write about Baltimore but there’s no way I can’t first comment on last night’s game.

Bottom line?  If you’re going to lose, Red Sox, let’s do it in less time, okay?

Then again, it bothers me less to see them lose a 13-inning game.  It sucks that they lost but, at that point, you have to think when you leave the bases loaded on the road in extra innings that it will come back to bite you on the ass.  It did and they took the loss.

Brad Penny is on the mound today.  It seems like he pitches a lot on Wednesdays – I’m usually live blogging his starts.  Tonight there won’t be a live blog.  I’m not even sure of being able to see the game since I’ll be heading to Pawtucket early today for tonight’s game.  (Given it’s a weekday and my mode of transportation limits my options, I might have to leave the PawSox game early but we’re heading down nonetheless.)  Michael Bowden has the start tonight and it will be the first time I see him pitch since his Major League debut at Fenway last year.   I’m looking forward to seeing him on the mound again even if it turns out to only be for an inning or two!

I’m considering live blogging Thursday’s or Friday’s game (although the idea of live blogging a Sox/Yanks game really doesn’t fill me with joy) but we’ll see how those plans go.  We have a beautiful day to get past last night.  It’s tough to do, I know, when the loss is as annoying as this one, but it’s just one game.  A win tonight and the Sox split the series heading into New York.

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I hope she looks like you

Bronson with Tim Wakefield in Cincinnati last year. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

I link to it on the sidebar but I should mention it more in the blog. “It” is Dan Hoard’s blog “Heard it from Hoard“. Dan is one of the PawSox radio broadcasters and he blogs on a solidly regular basis. If you’re looking for information on the newest members of the PawSox or if you’re just looking for random bits of baseball trivia, Dan’s blog is the place to go.

The reason I bring it up now is because I was told via email that Jonathan Van Every has decided to part ways with the Red Sox but I couldn’t find any news of this anywhere…until I went to Dan’s blog:

Van Every’s season ended in mid-June due to knee surgery. Boston took him off of the 40-man roster on July 8th to make room for Jed Lowrie, and released Jonathan 10 days later when the waiver period ran out.

The Red Sox wanted to bring him back next season, but we’re hearing that Van Every has agreed to a deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

I can’t blame Van Every for wanting to take a sure thing rather than hold out and wait to see what the Sox would do next year – but I’ll miss him being with the team. He was a lot of fun to watch in Pawtucket and seemed to really make the best of his time while he was in Boston. I wish him a lot of luck and I hope he’s healthy next season.

In non-MiLB news, word is that the Reds have Bronson Arroyo on the trading block. I don’t think for a minute that the Sox would be interested nor that the Sox need a Bronson Arroyo but I’ll totally admit to a bit of a charge at the idea.

Dan also mentions that Saturday night is Jon Lester bobblehead night. Fitting since he’ll be pitching in Boston. If you can make your way down there I highly suggest trying to get in a game at McCoy at some point this year. Given the expected crowds, though, Jon Lester bobblehead night might not be the best night to try that!

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Do you believe in something that you've never seen before?

Pedro during his last appearance at Fenway. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

I don’t like to complain about things I bring on myself. For example, I choose to live in New England, so I try not to whine about the weather. In the same respect, I choose to be a baseball fan so I shouldn’t complain about the All Star break – but I will.

If I choose to focus on a positive it’s that I get the part of my life back that isn’t baseball-related for a few days. I end up going to sleep at a normal hour, I socialize with people whose main topic of conversation isn’t baseball and I even get some fresh air and sunshine! But the downside is, I really find myself wanting baseball. Hell, at one point during the All Star Game, the other night, I actually flipped over to the “Extra Innings” stations to see what games were on. (Brief brain fart on my part!)

Based on comments, emails and various tweets I’ve read these past couple of days, many of you are pining for real baseball as well. MLB has scheduled eight games for today. (The earliest starting at 7:05pm.) None of those games include any team out of the American League East. Six out of the eight games are National League games so if you didn’t get your fill of watch the NL on Tuesday, if you have Extra Innings or…tonight is your lucky night! (The PawSox ARE playing at home tonight and you can follow that game here. Or you can take the trip to Pawtucket and see Kris Johnson pitch – tonight is Free PawSox Cap Night.) The International League won the Triple-A All Star Game last night and the PawSox’ own Fernando Cabrera got the save! Jose Vaquedano didn’t fare as well but at least they both got into the game! Congratulations, fellas! (Updated to add that the PawSox have reminded me that tonight’s game can be seen on NESN. See? You don’t even have to leave the house!)

I did get one bit of baseball in yesterday – I watched Pedro Martinez’ press conference on the MLB Network. I’ll say this about Pedey, he hasn’t lost a step. I have no idea how he’ll pitch, but he was ready at the start (well, once he got there) to banter with the reporters. I miss Pedro being on the Red Sox. I guess I’ll always miss him. But I’m extremely happy that he left when he did. I like there to be good memories of a great pitcher and a personable guy. Back in the day I was fortunate enough to see many Pedro-pitched games live (the last one being his return to Fenway as a Met) and those are the memories I’ll hold dear. He was dominating and just amazing on the mound and he made you want to pay more attention to the dugout than the game when he WASN’T pitching. I wish nothing but good luck for him with the Phillies – I really hope this works out well for him (I just fear it will be a colossal mess. As soon as they signed him, they put him on the 15-day Dl).

Friend of the blog, Dan Lamothe (at that link, he’s the last of the 3 of us!) was kind enough to invite me to be one of a handful of bloggers to help fill in for him while he’s on his honeymoon…so today there’s also a blog entry of mine over at Red Sox Monster. Thanks, Dan! Congratulations and have a wonderful time!

One more night, folks, and we get to see Clay Buchholz do his thing in Toronto. Sure it’s a Friday night, but you all know I’ll be watching so why pretend otherwise? We had no live blog this week because of the ASG so we’ll do a rare “Friday Night Live Blog” to celebrate Clay getting the call again! Hope you can join me!

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Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals crazy delicious

Tim Wakefield in Detroit earlier this month. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

It’s been a long weekend and my brain is fried. I admit it. So I’m letting other folks do most of the heavy lifting today. Lazy Sunday, indeed.

Alex Speier says everything you need to know about Tim Wakefield here:

With the shutout performance, Wakefield became one of just three pitchers in the American League this year to reach double digits in victories. But that accomplishment was less impressive than one that attests to his place in Red Sox franchise history.

Wakefield’s 382nd start since signing with Boston in 1995 tied him with Roger Clemens for the most starts ever by a Red Sox pitcher.

So Wake’s next start (scheduled for Friday, July 3, at Fenway – a game I will most likely not be at but as of 10:00am today the Red Sox had tickets on sale for) will be the one that marks the most starts ever by a Sox pitcher. Only fitting that someone with Wake’s character and popularity would leave Clemens in the dust. It’s quite a milestone and Wake should be proud. I know I am.

But wait! Alex has more good news for us:

He now has 174 wins, third most in franchise history. He is 18 wins shy of Cy Young and Clemens for the most victories in Sox history. That mark must now be considered attainable by the end of 2010, particularly given how rapidly Wakefield is accumulating victories this year.

He also goes on to remind us that, if Wake can keep up the winning, he has a good shot at hitting 20 wins this year – something he’s never achieved. I know the dreams they are pipe dreams but Wake in the ASG and in the running for Cy Young the year he turns 43 would definitely be something to behold.

Shout out to “Tru” for this tidbit about Wake from the Providence Journal:

Wakefield had been bothered by back and shoulder injuries the last few years, and after Saturday’s game he admitted exactly what he’s been dealing with.

“It’s a torn labrum in my shoulder,” he said. “If I had [surgery during the offseason] I would have been out for a full year. So it doesn’t make any sense, especially [for] somebody my age. Even the doctors say it’s not worth doing it because if I’m out a year, I don’t know if I could come back.”

When he finally decides to permanently stop throwing his knuckleball and call it a career, he might have the procedure done then.

Are you kidding me with this? I didn’t think I could respect/adore Wake any more than I do…I was wrong! (Thanks for the trip from Tru in the comments!)

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How I love being a free man

I can’t believe it either, Clay. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ in May 2009 and used with permission.

“You are such a farm hand homer.” – comment left on my blog a few days ago (meant to be an insult).

I am. Hell, I’m a homer in general – big leagues and minors, I don’t discriminate (and I certainly don’t hide it). But I DO favor the minor league players, that’s true. And tonight I’m going to go all homer on you about Clay Buchholz (well, really about PawSox fans).

As a follow up to NECN’s Mike Giardi’s interview with Clay (the one where he talked about how he was itching to get back to the bigs) Giardi wrote this on Friday.

It has brought to my attention that the Pawtucket faithful booed Clay Buchholz Wednesday night. Can someone explain that to me?

I’d be happy to, Mike.

See, the booing didn’t happen.

How do I know this? Well, Giardi wasn’t forthcoming in this piece with who “brought” it to his attention but I thought I’d ask someone who would most certainly have first-hand knowledge of the game. See, I was live blogging the BoSox game that night so I couldn’t listen to the PawSox game. I decided to go to the blog of one of the PawSox broadcasters, Dan Hoard, and see if he mentioned the booing.

If anyone would have heard the booing, I think it would be one of the guys in the broadcast booth. Hoard is a wonderful broadcaster. He’s extremely knowledgeable about baseball and he knows how to entertain the fans listening. I started listening on a nightly basis when Kyle Snyder was sent down last year and try to catch as many games as I can because Hoard and his partner Steve Hyder really make you feel like you’re at the game – and share a lot of cool information about the players that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Dan’s also not afraid to criticize the players or the organization when need be – so I trust his opinion and his judgment.

I left a comment on Dan’s blog on Friday, asking if what Giardi posted was true. I don’t think Dan will mind if I post part of his response to me here.

The suggestion that Buchholz got booed at McCoy is absolutely ludicrous.

For starters, I guarantee that the majority of our fan base was completely unaware of what he said to NECN (which I didn’t think was bad anyway).

Additionally, when Clay was announced into the game in the 5th inning he received a thunderous ovation.

It’s true that the fans booed when he gave up a HR in the 6th inning. . .they were booing the fact that the other team just hit a home run. Minor league crowds tend to include a lot of young kids and that’s what they do when an opponent goes deep.

I go to enough minor league games to know that last line is very true. But it’s the line about the “thunderous ovation” that’s money. I have no doubt that Dan would have told me if there was booing. Giardi mentions the home run at the end of his piece (not the beginning. He starts this off by implying people were booing because of what he said and then he throws in the “Guy gives up a home run – and gets booed?!?” line at the end. It’s entirely possible that Giardi has never been to a minor league game and doesn’t know about the fans booing when the other team scores. But I promise you, Clay Buchholz has been around the minors long enough to know the boos after the homer weren’t for him. Even though Giardi didn’t. “I’m pretty sure Clay Buchholz feels the same way”, Giardi wrote, after saying the boos didn’t make sense to him. No, Mike, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

As a point of reference, Dan Hoard has been calling PawSox games for 4 years. His partner Steve Hyder has been doing them for 6 years. Dan said neither one of them can remember the PawSox fans EVER booing one of their own players. It also seemed really important to Dan that people know Giardi was wrong and the good fans of Pawtucket DIDN’T boo Clay Buchholz.

I’m happy to get the message out.

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I dont know where but (s)he sends me there

Javier Lopez seemed to get a kick out of Steve. My photo didn’t come out great because we were on the other side of the park when he signed. Oh well!

Thanks to Tim Wakefield and his quick game, yesterday wasn’t as long and tiring as I expected it to be. Still, it was a long day but any day I get to see two baseball games in person and I watch my team with both games, I really can’t find much to complain about.

Clay Buchholz had his most interesting outing of the season. He pitched in and out of trouble for the 4 1/3 innings he was in there, ultimately giving up three runs on seven hits (including a home run that didn’t leave the park and wasn’t initially called a home run, but hit the top of the home run mark on the center field wall. Clay wasn’t too happy about that and left the game shortly thereafter). PawSox fan favorite Iggy Suarez (KellyO offered that Julio Lugo should change his name to Iggy because fans love a guy named Iggy) and Angel Chavez both hit home runs and even newly-mustachioed Billy Traber pitched a clean inning and got the win.

But the true highlights of our day at McCoy happened off the field. Kyle Snyder was there with the Buffalo Bisons. We, unfortunately, didn’t get to see him pitch, but found a moment to give him a shout-out and wish him luck. Kyle looked relaxed and happy. He seems quite comfortable with his teammates and even sat in the bullpen for the entire game (my understanding is he’s now the number 5 starter for the Bisons). It pleases me greatly to see Kyle doing so well, even if his team isn’t right now.

Also, another (not-so) old friend was at McCoy yesterday – Javier Lopez.

I interrupt my own entry to offer some background for those who don’t have it. My friend Kelly O’Connor has a travel mascot – a stuffed ferret. She brings “Steve T Ferret” with her to games home and on the road (he initially started hanging with us when Kelly brought him to a gathering of a bunch of us – some whom had never met. “We’ll be at the table with the ferret on it!”). He’s become a part of one of my gang of friends (yes, we know he’s stuffed. We still have fun with him and he even has his own Facebook page) and is a large part of the lore surrounding that group. Kelly got Kyle to pose with Steve in Baltimore in 2007, then we brought a poster-sized version of the picture to the 2007 World Series parade and Javi noticed it and pointed it out to Kyle. Kelly then got him to sign the picture of he and Steve and in 2008 Kelly made a Snyder jersey for Steve – which she got Kyle to sign.

This year, Kelly made Steve a Javier Lopez jersey and yesterday was Kelly’s shot at getting Javi to sign it. Which he did. From all accounts (and what we could see across the park) Javi took it with the humor and appreciation that was behind it. I know he isn’t popular with a lot of folks around these parts right now, but he really seems to be a stand-up guy and I wish nothing but the best for him.

Once the PawSox game was over, it was on to Boston. Neither KellyO nor I drive so we had to Amtrak it back from whence we came and got to Fenway just in time for the gates to open and let us in. Tim Wakefield, once again, proved he is currently the best pitcher in the starting rotation and Jonathan Papelbon looked like someone I hadn’t seen in a while. Comes into a 2-1 game and doesn’t put anyone on base? I love this Jonathan Papelbon and would like to see more of him please.

There was one thing that happened during the game that made me wish I was watching from home. When Bailey and Pedroia both failed to catch a pop-up, I noticed Wake point at Bailey. As I was sitting on the third base line, I only saw this from behind and was trying to figure out what the context was. Was he reprimanding Bailey for not taking control and calling the ball? Was he telling him it was okay? Did they mention it on NESN when it happened? Am I going to have to start bringing a tv to Fenway?

Two great wins to top off a beautiful day. It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday.

Penny on the mound tonight. Me on the couch live blogging. I think that’s best for everyone.

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Now that all is peaceful and calm

I spent more time cheering than taking pictures yesterday – but here’s one I got of Clay.

Never have I been so happy to miss a BoSox game as I was on Sunday. So I’m not even going to talk about it (except to say that it’s nice to not have to “blame” Brad Penny. I hope he continues to pitch well for many reasons including the fact that it seems like he’s on tap to pitch the next time I go to Fenway!).

Spent Sunday in Pawtucket at the PawSox/Braves game and watched Clay Buchholz pitch 5.1 innings, striking out six and giving up only two hits. He also walked two and in those innings gave up no runs. The PawSox went on to help Clay get his first win, beating the Gwinnett Braves 1-0. More importantly, though, was Clay’s demeanor through the entire game. We saw a much calmer, more mature Buchholz. It was obvious from the first time he took the mound. Joe McDonald has a great write-up of how Clay’s mindset as a pitcher has changed (and matured). He (with help from a Paul McAnulty error) got himself into a little trouble in the fifth inning, loading the bases with two outs thanks to an error, a single and a walk. Last year’s Clay Buchholz would have let a run or three end up scoring; this year’s Clay Buchholz settled down and got Gwinnett’s Greg Blanco to ground out.

So Sunday, for me, was far from a disappointment. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Mark Kotsay. I didn’t realize he’d be playing. For whatever reasons, I thought he’d be in the lineup early this week, not the weekend. But, no, he was the lead-off man for Pawtucket on Sunday. Unfortunately, after his second at-bat of the game, he pulled up lame while running to first base.

Here’s where I digress for a minute. It was obvious to me that Kotsay did something to himself while running to first. He barely made it to the bag, bent over in pain and hobbled off the field. YET there were idiots behind me booing him and yelling at him to “run it out”, thinking he was just dogging it to first. If you aren’t going to pay attention to the game (and the reasons some of the players are in AAA and not in Boston, oh like because they’re REHABBING AN INJURY) you shouldn’t be allowed to yell stupid things at the park.

So Kotsay has a “mild calf strain”. I hope this is true. I hope it’s nothing more serious than that. You hate to see someone rehabbing an injury get RE-injured.

Did you know that today is “Star Wars Day”? I didn’t either until Twitter told me so. Makes sense now that yesterday was Star Wars Day at Pawtucket. Seeing Darth Vader throw out the ceremonial first pitch was interesting given that he was signing autographs, clapping for the youngster they had also throw out a pitch and posing for pictures with Jeff Corsaletti. Ooh, the Dark Lord of the Sith is scaaary!

Next up for the Sox is two games against the Yankees. Lester and Beckett against Hughes and Chamberlain. I think the Sox have a good shot at winning both of these games. I like our hitters chances against them. So it bothers me that I’m a little concerned that even if our hitters come to play, Lester and Beckett are going to make me want to smack them both.

I’m pleased that I decided to live blog on Wednesdays and will miss having to live blog a Yankees/Red Sox game coming off a 3 games to one losing series. I don’t think I’m up to that kind of pressure.

No headaches for me, fellas. Be nice.

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