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31 is not “old”. (I’m just sayin’)


This is Jason Lane.


Jason has played professional baseball for 6 years in the National League (with the Astros and the Padres). This season, he signed a minor-league contract with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. On August 13th, he came off the 7-day disabled list and soon after he opted out of his contract with the Yankees…and signed with the Red Sox.

So, of course, he’s now my second favorite player on the PawSox. 😆

“I’m excited to come here and get some bats and help this team win”, Lane said (according to the PawSox Blog).

The PawSox can use the extra body and I’m always excited to see a journeyman get another shot.

Some Jason Lane trivia:

Jason was the guy who hit the last home run at Busch Memorial Stadium (On October 19, 2005).

Jason also hit a controversial home run in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series (which ended up not mattering since the White Sox won the game and, ultimately, the series).

I interrupt my own entry for this brief note: I started writing this at around midnight last night and literally fell asleep while doing so. My plan was to write about Jason and Kyle Snyder being on the same team and how they must feel about being on a team with a bunch of guys at the beginnings of their careers and how great it would be if they both got called up in September. Ironically, or not, when I woke up this morning I found out that RSC fave Steven Krasner had a similar idea for a story. And he has access – so I’m going to quote his piece instead:

One is a hitter and an outfielder/first baseman. The other is a pitcher. One joined the team yesterday. The other returned from a rehabilitation assignment a week ago. They each have considerable big-league experience.

And if they each have their wishes granted, Jason Lane and Kyle Snyder will be back in the majors when the Boston Red Sox can expand their roster on Sept. 1.

But while they’re playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox over the final 12 days of the regular season, including last night’s game against the Syracuse Chiefs at McCoy Stadium, Lane and Snyder hope they can show enough over that stretch and maybe in the playoffs to warrant a call to Boston.

Of course this is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately for many PawSox fans, their team is in the middle of a heated pennant race and is practically assured a spot in the playoffs. The last regular season game for Pawtucket (which I’ll be at!) is on Labor Day. Then the playoffs begin – and the Red Sox are able to make their September call-ups.

Last season, the call-ups helped the club considerably. The same could happen this year. But what’s that do to the championship chances of the PawSox?

I’m going to be honest – I want to see Kyle up with the club in September. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lane there as well. I think Kyle really deserves another shot in MLB AND I think he could truly help the team. His injury this year had nothing to do with his arm (as he points out in Krasner’s piece) and with the bullpen (I’m looking at YOU Manny Delcarmen) being in the state it is, I really believe he could be a help out there. Which could suck for the PawSox since he’s been a reliable guy to bring out of the bullpen since he’s been off the dl. The thing is, this was such a bad year for Kyle physically, that he really needs to be able to show the Red Sox (or baseball in general, really) that he’s healthy and able to be a contributer.

“I just want to show people I’m healthy. My injury had nothing to do with my arm,” said Snyder, who gave up four runs in two appearances, totaling 1 2/3 innings, for Boston before being designated for assignment on April 6.

Snyder, who hasn’t allowed a run in two outings, totaling three innings, since returning, said he doesn’t look ahead to see what decisions Boston might be making.

“You just focus on today because that’s how the industry works,” said Snyder yesterday. “(A call-up) is for them to decide, but that would be nice for me, not just to get a recall but to finish with an extra month. I’d love to keep going a little bit.”

It would be tough to see Kyle go. Really tough.  But I’ve had the season to deal with it – I hope. (, the Extra Innings package…with these things I can always keep following his career!) The main thing is that he keeps getting to play baseball. Hopefully, a call-up allows him to help the team AND help himself at the same time. My fingers are crossed.

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be all about Jason Lane. Dude flipped the Yankees the bird and joined the Red Sox. How can you not love him already?

Welcome to Pawtucket, Jason Lane. You have no idea what you’re in for.

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I Don’t Like Mondays

Roberto Clemente would have turned 74 today 

“It was one of those days, everyone has them,” Varitek said, “and Josh hasn’t had one of those days.”

This is almost exactly what I said to people yesterday.  And why I can’t get too worked up about the Sox losing.  Sure it sucked.  And now we move past it.

PawSox won, again, yesterday. With 13 games left on their schedule, the magic number for them to clinch a playoff spot is “5”.  Looks like Kyle got back up just in time!

Crabcakes on the mound in Baltimore tonight (how fitting!).  The Sox have asked a lot of him this year and he’s mostly been able to deliver. Let’s hope that trend continues at 7:05 tonight.

I’ll be back later with a Taylor Family Fund updated! For now, just know that if you sent a donation by mail, I’ll be sending you a ‘thank you’ by mail as well (unless you sent me an email address) so you know we received it.

Try to have a good day, Sox fans.  Things will only get better.

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Well that truly sucked

I guess Jesus doesn’t like liars and cheats, huh?


All kidding aside, this loss annoyed the hell out of me, but what are you going to do? Beckett’s going to have to come up big tomorrow and I’m sure he can…it’ll be interesting to see if our offense packed itself up and went to Texas with the Rangers.

In Buffalo tonight, Michael Bowden pitched six innings and only gave up three hits and one run…yet he left the game losing. 😡 The collective Red Sox offense is not our friend tonight. The PawSox went on to lose to Buffalo, 1-0.

My guy Kyle pitched a perfect 7th inning – 10 pitches, including a three-pitch strikeout of Jordan Brown (caught him looking!). The PawSox radio guys seem to just love Kyle. They can’t say enough nice things about him (of course, they’re generally pretty nice to the players anyway, but they seem to go ON about Kyle when he pitches. I love it!). He then pitched a 17-pitch eighth inning which included a wild pitch, and a double and a single (but no runs!). Not too shabby for coming back from where he did.

Drownedworld73 flickr photo of Kyle Snyder from 2005
I just love this photo.

So Kyle is my bright light tonight. Great job, Kyle! Everyone else (okay, except for Michael Bowden and Javier Lopez) is on my shit list for the night.

Tomorrow will be a better day, right? I’m going to go watch Michael Phelps win number 8.

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See what happens…

…when you hide behind Jesus?  He gets his father to rain your game out.*

Click here and listen to the PawSox game…PawSox are winning 5-1 in the fifth inning (as of 8:54pm)!

*I kid.  I’m a kidder. 

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A quickie ’cause I’m tired

Drownedworld73 flickr photo of Kyle Snyder from 2005

Photo of Kyle in 2005 snagged from Drownedworld73‘s Flickr account

(I’m going to get all girly for a moment and point out how gorgeous Kyle looks in this shot…okay, I’m done.) 

Sweeping the Rangers is sweet – especially since everyone kept warning us of their amazing offense (which we got a good look at on Tuesday and somewhat on Wednesday) – but Daisuke shutting them out and little Manny and my man Mike finishing it off – was doubly sweet! Bring on the Blue Jays, baby!

Rays won again even though the fates are trying to rip them apart by dropping players like flies. The next team the Rays face are the Rangers IN Texas. I’m hoping they’ll all be equally pissed and embarrassed enough to kick Ray ass all over Texas this weekend. Sounds like a plan to me.

Kyle pitched in Syracuse tonight for the PawSox – WOOT! He pitched one inning and it was clean. Ten pitches got his three outs (and he struck out Brian Jeroloman swinging on three pitches. The PawSox were winning in the ninth…and lost it in the ninth. But Kyle did great and that’s all I’m focusing on tonight!

Mike Timlin pitches a clean ninth tonight and I don’t have to find my way to Fenway to beat the snot out of the booers.  So that’s nice.

Paul Byrd starts for the Sox tomorrow and have mixed feelings.  Well, no I don’t, really.  I always want the team to win.  If it has to be a come from behind victory because Byrd sucks up the place tomorrow night, well so be it.

I really am going to try and get past this “Paul Byrd took HGH and then made up a ridiculous story to back it up” stuff.  But it’s going to take a while.

In the meantime, I’m basking in four straight wins (and only 3 losses in the first 13 games in August!) and looking forward to a weekend of great baseball.

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You Can Never Get Enough Baseball

For the third year in a row, the Sox teams swept the Futures at Fenway games! And for the second year in a row, the Lowell Spinners won with a walk off!!!

The games were fun, being with friends made it better and the weather was absolutely fabulous. Hanging at a bar to watch the Red Sox beat the White Sox was the icing on the cake of a day.

When the roster for the PawSox was announced before their game, the announcer just read the roster as it is right now, DL players and all. So when he got to “Number 35, Kyle Snyder…” there was a moment when I thought he might be there. I realized he wasn’t and was just reading the list of names, but I cheered (okay, rather loudly) anyway. The interesting (and very cool) thing was that I wasn’t the only one. As KellyO put it, people remember the players who have been here, and the crowd gave Kyle a loud and enthusiastic response when his name was said, even though he wasn’t there. I hope he knows the fans haven’t forgotten him. 🙂

The Sox announced today that Tim Wakefield is going on the DL with the same soreness he had last year that kept him off the World Series roster. I’m going with “better to do this now than in September/October” and keeping a positive attitude.

Clay needs to come up big today. I think he’s up to the task.  (Edited to add:  Or not.  😦 )

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The Future is Now

No, I’m not talking about Jed Lowrie or Jacoby Ellsbury (although I SHOULD be and will some other time!) I’m talking about the Lowell Spinners and the Pawtucket Red Sox playing at Fenway Park this Saturday.

It’s the third year in a row that the Red Sox have hosted the “Futures at Fenway” and I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended the first two and have tickets for this year’s games. According to the Red Sox site, there are still tickets available.

The tickets are truly inexpensive, you get two full games and all the perks of Fenway while enjoying the minor league mainstays like Frisbee catching dogs and people dressed up as toothbrushes cleaning the bases!

Having been to so many Spinners and PawSox games this season, I think I have a better feel for the players this year than in previous years, and that makes me even more excited to see these games on Saturday.

So if you have the time (and inclination) to spend a full day at Fenway, I highly recommend the Futures at Fenway double-header coming up this weekend.

And, speaking of the minors, I leave you with this interview clip from NESN. Fan favorite, Brian Daubach (I think his was the first player jersey I ever owned!) is the hitting coach for the Nashua Pride and NESN got him to talk about that and about the extensive time he spent in the minors. Man, I miss Dauber.

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Hodge Podginess

 (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)
Yay Jed!  (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

So Kyle pitched again in the GCL yesterday. The first inning he pitched, he got two ground-outs and a strike out. Unfortunately, he also gave up a single, walked a man and then gave up a three-run homerun. He came out for another inning and got the first two men out (strike out -looking – and a fly out) and then was taken out of the game.

Now the guy who replaced Kyle is also a right-handed pitcher…which makes me worry that they pulled Kyle because he was hurt again. But because I’m only getting this via the box score and wrap up on…I have no way to find out if this is true. Unless, of course, I send out more emails annoying the local media (Amalie Benjamin STILL hasn’t responded HOW many weeks later?) which I’m not above doing. Except I’d rather wait and just try to track down the info myself.

Continued PVs to Kyle. It’s going to come together for you, Kyle. It’s the waiting that’s such a bitch.

Continue reading

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Oh So Wet

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Sox are in Seattle yet I’m the one who ended up soaked (along with my friends who made a rained-out game loads of fun! Shout out to the SGers! Umbrella giveaway night was a huge success!!)! 🙂

No matter. The Sox have won two in a row (I need to write about Daisuke later on when I have more time. Everyone is busting a nut over Jon Lester but Mr. Matsuzaka is kicking ass in his own quiet style.) and Clay Buchholz could lead them to a sweep this afternoon. Then, this weekend, the Yankees come to town. Good baseball times.

For the third time in three tries, we saw Stolmy Pimentel pitch for the Lowell Spinners last night (well, until he got rained on and they called the game). No offense to young Stolmy, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going back to Lowell unless I’m guaranteed someone else is pitching.

Speaking of which, no Kyle last night (and I was happy about that. I would liked to have seen him pitch but no way would I want him on a wet pitching mound!) and Dan wrote in comments last night that he thinks Kyle is pitching tonight (there’s a double header, the remainder of last night’s game and then the regularly scheduled game) but I haven’t seen any verification of this yet. I hope he’s well enough to get another session in at Lowell this week. If not, I’m hoping SOMEONE will give us an update on him. (Hello, Amalie? Anyone???)

In other Minor League news, the PawSox lost their fourth in a row and the SeaDogs got stomped on 18-6. The New England baseball gods seem a bit cranky lately.

It’s baseball-heavy afternoon folks! Bronson pitching at 12:35pm EST (Whose bright idea was that? Does Bronson even know that people function in society at 12:35pm?), the Rays are on at 12:4opm, Yankees are playing at 1:05pm, and the Red Sox are on at 4:40pm.

We won’t know what to do with ourselves tonight! 🙂

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Live Baseball!

Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve seen a “real” baseball game, huh?

Well the wait will be longer since the Red Sox are on the west coast this weekend and we don’t get baseball until 10:05pm.


Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t have tickets to a BoSox game until some time late July so yesterday’s trip to Lowell, Sunday’s trip to Pawtucket and next Tuesday’s trip to Lowell with have to sate my appetite  for live ball in the mean time.

Yep, I’ll be in Pawtucket on Sunday.  So will Big Papi.  This should thrill me, right?  Really, not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that he’s rehabbing and thisclose to getting back with the team, but we got these tickets a while ago.  Knew we were going on Sunday long before Papi even hit the DL.  So it isn’t like we planned to go and see him.  The plan was to go see the PawSox.  And as much as I did the Large Father, I hate to see his appearance at McCoy overshadow the game.

Heck, I go to McCoy to get away from the madness of Fenway. 🙂

So tonight we get Clay against the Angels.  It’s the beginning of the second half, so I’m going to start it off on a positive note and predict that Clay will go deep into the game and get the win!

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