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Who’ll Stop the Rain?

ESPN deserves a tremendous amount of thanks because, honestly, they pay to have exclusivity on Sunday night and aside from good publicity, I don’t imagine they get much out of allowing NESN to cover the game (they’re also allowing Detroit to air the game locally) yet they gave the okay…not too shabby of them even if it looks like the tornado scene from “The Wizard of Oz’ in Detroit right now.

So we get another rain delay…Gordon Edes tweeted around 6:50 that there is no way this game begins on time (as I write this, there are tractors holding down the tarp in Detroit…that’s how strong they are expecting winds to be) but as soon as the game begins we’ll be here live chatting.  That is, IF the game begins.

Oh well…whatever ends up happening, thanks, again to ESPN because at least now we have the HOPE that we’re going to see a game.

The “Thank You ESPN” Live Chat

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Live Blog/Chat tonight in spite of blackout rules!

So because of the exclusivity deal that MLB has with ESPN, the second game of today’s double header won’t be shown on television. Gordon Edes has reported that the Red Sox are in talks to get the blackout lifted for the game but who knows if that will really happen? (Also, NESN is reporting that they are expecting bad weather again today so there is a chance that the second game doesn’t get played.)

In the event that we don’t get to actually see the game tonight, I was thinking of doing an old-fashioned live blog where I actually blog what is going on in the game (given I WILL be listening to it on WEEI and there are many people who won’t have access to the radio broadcast).  I could make it a live ‘chat’ as well by using the same program we do for the chats and letting people chat during the game as well but I’d be following the broadcast and doing updates of every at bat for those who can’t see OR hear the game.

If NESN is successful and we get the game on television, I’ll be here for a live chat.  Either way, I’ll be here and we can chat during the Red Sox game.  How’s that sound?

So 7pm…be here.  One way or another we’ll get our Red Sox fix!

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Red Sox at Tigers Live Chat

With tonight’s game canceled, we get two on Sunday (Actually, we don’t…the 7pm game won’t be televised because of MLB’s lame ass rules). Unfortunately, I won’t be able to run the live chat (then again, at least we won’t get Fox!!)

It would figure that I get home in time to start the live chat and the first message I read tells me that there is a good possibility of a rain delay…Let’s see how this goes.
The “Fox Blacked Us Out” Live Chat

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A Good Morning

Last night is what they call a good sports night in Boston. Red Sox (with Tim Wakefield on the mound) won again, then the Bruins won the Eastern Conference finals and are now on their way to the Stanley Cup finals and, to top off the night, the Yankees lost, helping to bump the Red Sox into sole possession of first place in the American League East.  It almost sounds like fiction, having everything align so perfectly in one night, but it isn’t…it happened and we get to bask in the glow if only for one day (it will be more than one day but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Sadly, I didn’t see one moment of last night’s Sox game, only got to see the last period of the Bruins game and missed the Yankees game altogether.  Sometimes life gets in the way of sports, which is okay.  They can win without me once in a while, I don’t mind!

Because I usually don’t give much thought to what time the games begin unless I’m planning a live chat, I didn’t discover until this morning that Fox has, yet again, made it difficult or impossible for out of town fans to watch tonight’s Red Sox game.  I’ve been icing and resting the arm and this morning as I type this it feels a  lot better than it has…so I am tentatively scheduling a live blog/chat for tonight.  As long as my arm holds up, we’ll be here for Buchholz v Oliver at 7:00 tonight.  This one, while it will include the same chatty banter as usual, will include (from me) more legitimate game updates live blog style for those who won’t get to see the game…join us won’t you?

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Let’s Go Wake! Live Chat 2011

No time to be glum about one loss…the series win is still in reach! Join us tonight when the Red Sox put Tim Wakefield on the mound against James Russell filling in for Cubs starter and old frenemy Matt Garza (suffering from elbow tightness).

Another Live Chat – Cubs v Sox: The Rubber Game

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Second Time is the Charm

Let’s Try This Again (2011 Live Chat 1)

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John Lackey Revisited

Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission

It wasn’t made public knowledge until well after the 2010 season was over, but for folks who follow the Red Sox closely it was easy to put things together and figure out that last season John Lackey was going through some personal issues. After such a public show of pointing out that Lackey’s wife, Jon Lester’s wife and Clay Buchholz’ wife were all pregnant, the only news we got about babies being born came from the Buchholz and Lester camps. So last year, I gave Lackey a long rope because I felt he was probably going through some lousy things and professional baseball player or not, when you’re dealing with emotions sometimes it is tough to do your job.

When the media did report on his wife’s miscarriage it was in a piece that also mentioned that Krista Lackey is now dealing with another sad hardship, breast cancer.

Last night, in the midst of all the tweets, status updates and blog posts about how awful John Lackey is and how he showed up Carl Crawford, the Providence Journal’s Brian MacPherson tweeted this:

John Lackey: “Everything in my life sucks right now, to be honest with you.” Not hard to read between the lines there — Krista

Lackey isn’t the warmest, fuzziest of major league baseball players.  In the past, he has said or done things that indicate he was obviously not happy with teammates (when he was with the Angels.  Since he’s been with the Red Sox  he’s actually gone out of his way to NOT blame his teammates before his outward demonstration of frustration at Crawford last night) so I’m not saying that his personal issues are the only reason he’s pitched poorly and acted out on the field last night.  What I’m saying, and I said it last night after some reflection on what Brian MacPherson tweeted, is that mentioning his family issues isn’t so much an excuse for him as it is a reason for me to find it easy to not be so hard on him.  And I won’t be.  The guy, regardless of the size of his contract, and his wife have gone through an awful lot since he’s been in Boston and I can’t even imagine the emotional turmoil it causes.  So for now, Lackey gets a pass from me.

Last night was ugly but it isn’t something the Red Sox can’t overcome.  The top two teams in the AL East are tied for first while the remaining three teams are tied for last at 4.5 games behind.  If nothing else, this season is going to be an exciting one.

Congratulations to Kat who was one of four who got 100% on the Baseball Miscellany quiz and after a random drawing of the four names came out the winner of the book!  Well done, everyone!

A number of things made it difficult to get the Live Chat going last night…my plan is to Live Chat the Red Sox/Yankees game on Sunday night (8pm on ESPN).  I can’t remember the last time we did a Sunday night game live; it should be fun!  Hope folks can join us Sunday night.

Today is a day off for the Red Sox and tomorrow they meet the Yankees in the Bronx on Friday the 13th.  Somehow that seems fitting.

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Let’s Chat!

The First Live Chat of 2011

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So the first Live Chat of the 2011 season will have to be postponed.  I’ve been fighting a fever and various other symptoms for about 24 hours now and, honestly, plan to find myself in bed come 7pm.  The Red Sox (and Bruins) will have to win without me this one night!

As long as I’m able to sit up, next Wednesday, May 4th against the Angels, will be the new date of the first Live Chat.

One loss we can deal with, folks.  Sox’ll get them tonight!

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Some Housekeeping

So a friend of mine asked me to help with setting up a blog for her and in getting it together I showed her other blogs so she could get an idea of what she liked.  Upon visiting Metsgrrl’s blog she noticed the comments section and decided she wanted to use one like it.  So we signed up for Disqus and started playing with the different functions and I decided that she and Metsgrrl had the right idea.  So starting today, the comments section will look a little different.  For me, the change means a bit more ease to moderate comments that need moderating and for you it is a better looking comments section complete with the ability to add photos, “like” someone else’s comment and comment from your Twitter, Facebook or other accounts (or just comment the way you have, by supplying a screen name an email address that will NOT be posted publicly).

I know how much folks hate change but I promise this change is seamless (and all comments have been brought along so none have been lost).  The comments section tends to be slow around here unless we get a good argument going and maybe this will invite more folks to comment.  I get a lot of emails from folks saying “I didn’t want to leave this as a comment” for various reasons.  Hopefully the new comments section will be more inviting.

Folks have been asking about the first live chat of the season and I was getting all ready to announce that it would be next Tuesday until I realized the Red Sox game was at 10:05pm.  Historically, we don’t get many people chatting for the west coast games so I’m considering an old-fashioned live blog for that game to be followed up by a live chat on Wednesday for the 3:35pm game against the A’s.  I’m aiming toward Wednesday, April 27th for our first official prime time live chat.  We’ll see how that goes!

And, finally, coming up today I’ll be announcing another contest, this one to win a baseball-related book.  So keep a look out!

Clay Buchholz is back on the mound tonight to kickstart the first winning streak of the year for the Red Sox!

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