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The Mets lost the game and my respect

I’m not going to write about the Red Sox today because, well, I just can’t.  Okay, I will just say these two things: 1) It blows my mind that the fans and the media are writing things like “I guess they don’t care about winning” as if that is why every team goes through slumps…because they don’t care and 2) Unlike, seemingly, a lot of fans, I’m disappointed we have an off-day today because I really just want them to keep at it.  I suppose, in theory, off days can be good for the team but I don’t feel like that’s the case this time.  I’m eager for them to get back at it.

And that’s all I’ll say about the Red Sox this morning because I’m so mad about the New York Mets not being able to wear (and not fighting to wear) the FDNY/NYPD baseball caps for last night’s game that I had dreams about it all night.

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I hear a rockin' beat and I go

Good luck, Kyle! Photo taken by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Today is supposed to be one of my free days during the week. I don’t go in the office, I spend the better part of the day figuring out what I’m going to write about and then just throw something random up here some time in the afternoon. When my schedule initially changed, I had lofty ideas about writing 2 or 3 posts a day on the days I’m not in the office. Not quite working out the way I expected.

But as it often does, real life gets in the way and I am headed into the office today. Which means you get some random snippets because I didn’t plan my time better for research.

* It’s been tough finding information on Kyle Snyder since he was reassigned. I have a Google search on his name and keep getting articles about high school basketball players and war resisters. (“Kyle Snyder” never struck me as a common name. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, Kyle Snyder is the new John Smith. But I digress.) This morning the overflowing mailbox with messages about Kyle Snyders I don’t know paid off. Kyle pitched yesterday, throwing three scoreless innings (looks like he was the game’s starting pitcher). Impressive, Kyle. Nice to see! According to Ben Wagner over at The Dish, “Game reports are called in as a courtesy to the Bisons Media/PR department. No official box score and/or game report is available for any minor league spring games.” It’s good to know. And Mr. Wagner is probably going to turn into a good source of information on how Kyle is doing in Buffalo. This is his warning.

* Yankees kicked some butt yesterday, huh? No matter. While Manny Delcarmen getting slapped around concerns me slightly (how close to the beginning of real baseball do we stop saying “It’s only spring training”? Meh, I won’t worry just yet.), I was more focused on Tim Wakefield and George Kottaras – and am happy with those results, so the end score won’t linger for me.

* Keith Olbermann is now blogging over at MLBLogs. His first post is much like one would expect from him. What’s interesting is the comments. Much like here over on Curt Schilling’s blog, many decided to go over and trash the man just for his beliefs instead of for what is written in his blog. Jerks are on both sides. I give people like Curt and Keith credit for not using the delete button more liberally with their commenters. I don’t know how much of that I could put up with on my blog. (And, much like Curt, regardless of what you think of his politics, the guy knows his baseball. It could be an interesting read over there.) On a side note about Curt, in a much appreciated move, he left a very nice comment on this blog on the previous entry and, in the process, he made my mother cry (how many bloggers have a mom who comments on their blog? And who also has her own blog? My mother’s cuteness kills me. {waves}). Very cool, Curt. Thank you.

Red Sox/Reds today at 1:05pm. Another game you won’t be able to find on your tv (or your for that matter). Less than two weeks until Opening Day, folks. We can make it.

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Hodge Podginess

 (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)
Yay Jed!  (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

So Kyle pitched again in the GCL yesterday. The first inning he pitched, he got two ground-outs and a strike out. Unfortunately, he also gave up a single, walked a man and then gave up a three-run homerun. He came out for another inning and got the first two men out (strike out -looking – and a fly out) and then was taken out of the game.

Now the guy who replaced Kyle is also a right-handed pitcher…which makes me worry that they pulled Kyle because he was hurt again. But because I’m only getting this via the box score and wrap up on…I have no way to find out if this is true. Unless, of course, I send out more emails annoying the local media (Amalie Benjamin STILL hasn’t responded HOW many weeks later?) which I’m not above doing. Except I’d rather wait and just try to track down the info myself.

Continued PVs to Kyle. It’s going to come together for you, Kyle. It’s the waiting that’s such a bitch.

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