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We interrupt this program

Have some things going on this week that make it tough to post right now but I’ll be back this weekend!

For now I give you this photo of Jose Iglesias (at Fenway for Futures at Fenway last weekend) holding a stuffed rat, courtesy of Kelly O’Connor who has many other fabulous photos from the day (and from other games) at her site here.


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Howsabout we don't break Carl Crawford just as he's heating up, eh fellas? (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission)

While I prefer an old-fashioned win within nine innings, there’s no denying that walkoffs are fun. Especially so when the hit is by someone getting beaten up about his lack of production thus far and the run is scored by a rookie. Sometimes the game ends like a storybook and I can’t complain about that.

The Red Sox now sit 3.5 games out of first place with Baltimore and Toronto both behind them at 5.5 games out.  Their next seven games are against American League East teams (two in Toronto, three in New York and then Baltimore comes to Boston for a two game series) and if they could get hot and, you know, win a bunch in a row…it’s a whole new season in May.

I haven’t been highlighting other blogs lately so I’ll make up for it today with a handful:

The Platoon Advantage has some interesting numbers if you’re wondering about Joe West and his crew being a bit quick on the draw when it comes to tossing folks out of a game.

Not a blog, but on Twitter NESN’s Jeff Howe claims that Joe West got his Friday night at Abe & Louie’s.

Tim Britton over at the Providence Journal’s Sox Blog has pictorial evidence of Alfredo Aceves’ second balk of the series last night.  Tito has promised to get Aceves “…to quit doing that”.

Alex Speier has the story of Jose Iglesias, his decision at 18 to leave Cuba and how he feels about it. Really amazing stuff.

(Speaking of Iglesias) Also not a blog but most likely the coolest thing you’ll look at all day:  Kelly O’Connor was at last night’s game and got some fantastic photos of the walk-off and the celebrating.

And a reminder: Take the Baseball Miscellany quiz for a chance to win the book it’s named after!

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