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It’s going to be a long weekend

Happy to see Aviles get his moment. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission.

After last night’s game I went to the Rays message board at (I sometimes do this with the opponent after a game) and was surprised by the number of fans complaining that the Red Sox were given preferential treatment by the umpires last night. In my experience, there is usually one troll who shows up on the message boards saying the the Red Sox pay the umps (or that the umps just want to ensure the Red Sox are in the playoffs) but no one else really takes that troll seriously. Last night, many fans were agreeing that the umps were giving Beckett a different strike zone than Shields. I laughed it off. Fans get worried and start to fear the worst, so as ridiculous as it was, I understood where they were coming from.

Then this morning I read this quote given by Joe Maddon:

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More Randomness

Is there some rule that states if your name is "Charlie" you have to be a knuckleballer? (Charlie Haeger photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission)

* “Big Game James” is one of the dumbest, least appropriate nicknames in baseball and it makes me irrationally dislike James Shields. (There are plenty of legitimate reasons for a Red Sox fan to not like James Shields but I feel like my dislike crosses into irrational territory because of his dumbass nickname.)  And while I have to grudgingly admit that having 9 complete games is impressive, and Shields doesn’t exactly stink, watching one of those complete games be a loss to Boston yesterday gave me much pleasure.

* One of the only benefits to my still being unemployed is getting to watch weekday, afternoon baseball.  Baseball should be played in the afternoon.  Then again, baseball should be played when people can watch it.  So, once I get a job, I’ll be conflicted.  Not so much right now.  Getting baseball in the afternoon yesterday AND today is like having Christmas two days in a row.  (Especially given I missed most of last night’s game.)

* On Monday, the St. Louis Cardinals suspended their number 1 prospect, Shelby Miller, indefinitely, for violating team policy.  Word is that it was most likely due to alcohol-related matters.  Now I’m all for reprimanding players for legitimate violations but I find it both interesting and hypocritical that these guys get reprimanded for alcohol-related instances (even though they aren’t publicly telling folks that) and then when they get to the bigs they can get arrested for DUIs whenever they want with nary a slap on the wrist.

* It’s bad blogging etiquette to publish consecutive posts without the courtesy of a few hours in between.  You’re supposed to space them out so folks come back at different times and pump up your traffic.  I’ve been slacking lately and instead of leaving gaps in days on the blog, I thought I’d fill them all in.  I know you folks don’t mind!

* I miss Kyle Snyder.

* Speaking of missing, I’ll be missing the Futures at Fenway games this weekend.  I think this will be the first time I don’t go to Fenway for them since they began and I’m a bit bummed about it.  Fortunately, Kelly O’Connor will be there and we’ll get a lot of fabulous photos of the young’uns!

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Addio, Darnell

And ye shall be tackled by our first baseman for your accomplishments!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.  Good luck, Darnell!

And ye shall be tackled by our first baseman for your accomplishments! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission. Good luck, Darnell!

Missed last night’s game so I’m just happy that it all ended well!  Everything seems to be clicking for the Sox and tonight we get back Mike Cameron to close that circle.  Really looking forward to seeing him back in the lineup!

But with Mike Cameron back, we knew we’d have to say goodbye to someone and, as Gordon Edes tells us, this time it’s Darnell McDonald.

In the brief time McDonald wore a Sox uniform, he made an impact. Dramatically, at first, with a game-tying, pinch-run homer in his first at-bat for the Sox, followed by a game-winning single in his first game, then a home run in his second. Then, mostly dependably, especially at the plate, where in 30 games he batted a respectable .263, with three home runs and 11 RBIs. Defensively, he was exposed as time went on, but the 31-year-old filled a breach when called upon.

“There was nothing else to do,” manager Terry Francona said. “I hope for his sake somebody claims him. I’m very appreciative for what he did for us.”

I don’t know if I ever remember a manager saying that he hoped another team claimed a player.  If he doesn’t get claimed, he can accept the assignment back to Pawtucket and still be in the organization, right?  I think it’s pretty cool of Tito to publicly say he’d rather him go to another club where he gets a chance to probably play in the bigs.  Thank you, Darnell.  Thank you for helping make a relatively painful time not so horrible.

Clay Buchholz doing his thang again and the Sox offense going off on Rays pitching, including another home run by the Large Father, brought the team another “W”.    Tonight Jon Lester goes up against James Shields (I hesitate to call him “Big Lame” James just yet even though the name, suggested by Kelly O’Connor in the comments here not too long ago, cracks me up to no end…no need to piss off the baseball gods) and we will be here live chatting for anyone interested!

We’re five for five on Tuesday nights, so far, so stop on by to help add to the “magic”!

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“Simply a winner”

This is one of the items Fox posted for their profile of Andy Sonnanstine.

Andy has given up six hits and five runs tonight.

This “Big Game James” crap when the guy hadn’t yet pitched in a big game and then the “Simply a winner tag” stuff…could they make it any more obvious (and by “they” I mean Fox and TBS) who they want to win?

You could say “Simply a winner” about any of the guys playing in the World Series since they all had to win to get their.  No need to blow smoke up the asses of the Rays just because they’re such a good story.

(In fairness, both “Big Game James” and “Simply a Winner” came from teammates of both Shields and Sonnanstine…but the networks didn’t have to jump on the bandwagon and beaten us to death with it.)

Hey!  Eric Hinske made it to the World Series roster because Cliff Floyd has a messed up shoulder and got taken off the roster!  And he just hit a solo home run to make it 5-2  Phillies in the 5th!  Good for you, Eric!   I’m happy you hit he homer, and I feel mildly bad about rooting against you, but I am.

(And a final note on Sonnanstine – the “Winner” only lasted four innings.)

And another edit:  Joe Blanton, starting pitcher for the Phillies, just hit a solo home run.  Who’s the “winner” now, fellas?

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