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Walk-off into the Weekend

Meet Drew Sutton. The latest infielder to be called up from Pawtucket. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission.

Some time in April I was at a game with Kelly O’Connor where we were talking about the people right there at the game as well as people ranting on Twitter who were complaining about what a terrible signing Carl Crawford was for the Red Sox.

While having to admit that he (along with about 80% of the team at the time) was struggling, we both wondered the same things:  Why were fans acting like Crawford was a rookie the team through a crazy contract at OR why were they acting as if they had never seen Crawford play before he got to Boston?

That it wasn’t obvious to people that he was having a bad month still boggles my mind.  May has been a bit of a different month for Crawford.  He has three game-winning hits.  It’s still slow-going for Crawford but all signs, including his knack for getting hits when the team really needs them, are pointing his his returning to form.  He might not have Adrian Gonzalez numbers but it’s far too early to decide signing him was a bad idea. Here’s to many more walk-off hits for Carl Crawford.

On the one hand, their ability to win these close games is impressive.  On the other, I’m getting tired of every game being a nail-biter.  During this six-game winning streak, the only “blow out” game played was the 6-0 win against the Yankees.  The other two Yankees games were won by one and two runs and the last three games the Red Sox played were won by one run.  I’d like a piling on of Red Sox runs this weekend.  My fingernails need some time to grow back.

It occurs to me that I don’t know all that much about this year’s Chicago Cubs.  Unfortunate given they’ll be in town all weekend.  So let’s catch up a little bit.

The Cubs are currently at 19-23, putting them 5th in the NL Central and 5.5 games out of first.  The pitchers we’ll see this weekend?  Doug Davis, Carlos Zambrano and old friend Matt Garza (going up against Jon Lester, Alfredo Aceves and Tim Wakefield…again I ask for many Red Sox runs).

Davis had elbow tendon surgery last year and has only one start this season since he went on the DL last July.  In that one start, he pitched five innings, struck out six and gave up one run on four hits (he also got the loss).

Zambrano had a ten-game winning streak on the road until the Cubs lost his last outing.  He has pitched against the Red Sox only one time, when the Sox visited Chicago in 2005, and the Sox took him for four runs on five hits in five innings.  Repeating history would be nice here, fellas.

We all know Matt Garza.  Feels like he was the bane of the team’s existence for way too long.  If the Red Sox can get to him early and shake him up, could be a fun night for baseball.  The Garza/Wakefield game is the game we’ll be live chatting this week…Sunday at 8pm once again.  If memory serves, we have good luck with Garza starts that take place during live chats.  More of that, please.

Old friend Carlos Pena is with the Chicago Cubs this season and Alfonso Soriano, once a hated rival (wow, that was so long ago) will be back too.  Honestly, I have not much about the Cubs.  Pay they very little mind until about September usually.  But they aren’t a team I dislike, so at the very least having them back for this historic series will be fun (especially on Saturday when both teams wear their throwback uniforms).

Jose Iglesias and Michael Bowden will get sent back to Pawtucket for this series.  In even sadder news, Hideki Okajima has been designated for assignment.  Among many other more serious things, what that means is the only original “pirate” in the bullpen now is Jonathan Papelbon – and he was never one of the bullpen band…one of my favorite eras in Red Sox bullpen history is truly over.

Whither Kyle Snyder???  (Seriously…dude seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.)

If you’re looking for information on the Cubs, I’d like to suggest checking out Julie DiCaro’s blog “A League of Her Own“.  She can get you caught up to speed on the enemy.  (I can’t even type that without chuckling.  I have a difficult time considering the Cubs the enemy.)

A nine-game winning streak sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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Life is Frivolous

Junichi Tazawa photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission.

What with the interactions between Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy (how funny of Don to be kidding the RemDawg about dyeing his hair?) and the fact that the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I have to say watching last night’s game gave me a lot of joy.

I’m a complete hypocrite, you understand, since I blow off the losses during Spring Training as if they never happened.  But a victory over the Yankees?  Even if half of them are players we won’t see again unless we go to a minor league game this year?  Freakin’ sweet.

Ultimately, the best part of last night was NESN showing the Japanese Red Sox players, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Okajima, Itsuki Shoda and Junichi Tazawa greeting fans at the gates and collecting money for earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan.  They collected over $4500 last night from fans attending the game.

These people did something that some other folks think you can’t do.  They enjoyed a baseball game while also taking a moment to acknowledge that there are people in the world right now who couldn’t care less about baseball and who need some help.

I have lost count of the people online, though, who follow sports online and have been criticizing folks for caring about things like the NFL lockout when the people of Japan have things so horribly right  now.  I don’t get this.  I don’t get this at all.

There is no arguing that things are horrible in Japan and I’ll admit that the time I’m not spending writing the blog or watching (or listening) to a baseball game have, lately, been spent glued to the television watching things unfold.  It’s horrifying and I pray every day that things will start to improve instead of continuing to get worse.  I’ve sent my donations, I pay attention to the news….but none of that means I can’t care that Daisuke pitched five innings today and only gave up four hits and no runs while striking out five batters.  I DO care.  I care greatly about unimportant things like how well Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches today.  There’s also room in my heart to care about the people suffering in Japan.

I don’t deal much in guilt.  It’s wasted energy, in my opinion.  You make your decisions and you live with them.  But I know there are plenty of people out there, folks I’ve spoken to about just this subject, who feel guilty that they’re so happy Jacoby Ellsbury is having a good spring or who feel guilty about being excited to get to watch Spring Training games on NESN to help get their mind off of the real world.  Making yourself feel good when you aren’t hurting anyone in the process is nothing to feel guilty about.

Life goes on.  You know, usually I want to kick the person who says that to me because they are usually saying it at a time when I’m feeling my worst about something, but it’s true.  No matter what we do, the people in Japan are suffering and will be for a while.  We can help by supporting them in whatever ways work for us be it a prayer or a donation or sending out messages of hope over the Internet.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our lives.  Hell, if anything I think it means we should enjoy them MORE because who knows when something terrible is going to happen?

Now I’m not advocating quitting your job and hitting the road with your children’s inheritances and living like you only have hours to do so (although that sounds like a heck of a lot of fun…).  I’m just saying if you want to spend some time focusing on baseball or football or knitting or whatever makes you happy…DO IT.  Don’t feel guilty because there are people in the world who can’t focus on the frivolous right now.  While what happened (and is happening) in Japan is definitely a unique situation, there are always people in the world struggling.  I’m a multi-tasker…I can mourn for them and try to help while living my life the way I want to live it.

I’ll get off my soapbox right now so I can go read about how today’s game showed us how frustrating Daisuke is going to be all season.

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Is this goodbye?

Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

With Manny Delcarmena being traded to Colorado this season, Hideki Okajima was the last remaining member of the beloved Bullpen Band (Jonathan Papelbon was never a member although he was in the bullpen…he notably would sit at the end of the bench in the bullpen looking like he was being tortured whenever the band started up).   According to Gordon Edes, the Red Sox have no plans to tender Okajima a contract.  If true, that doesn’t mean that Oki absolutely wouldn’t be back with the team, but lefties are a hot commodity, especially out of the bullpen, and chances are he’d end up signing elsewhere.  The Bullpen Band would officially be dead.

This bums me out probably more than it should.  Maybe the 2007 team wasn’t as colorful as the 2004 team (not entirely true) and they didn’t have those 86 years weighing on them, but they were a fun team to watch and I will forever be fond of them all.  (Okay, not Eric Gagne, but the rest of them absolutely.)  There are still quite a few guys on the team that were there in ’07, but not in the bullpen.  If Okajima doesn’t sign with the Red Sox, Jonathan Papelbon will be the only one left.  To state the obvious,  I’ve always been a fan of the pitchers, but in 2007 I absolutely fell in love with the bullpen.

Mike Timlin, Julian Tavarez, Javier Lopez, Kyle Snyder, Manny Delcarmen, Bryan Corey, Devern Hansack…these guys hold a huge place in my heart.  (Yes, there are pitchers missing from this list who played for the Sox in 2007…I know!) I can’t help but feel a little sentimental thinking about not one of the pitchers I’ve listed above is with the team.  Adding Okajima to that list will make me sad.

Which isn’t to say that I’m upset about the non-tendering act itself.  It’s sad to see someone dismissed but I do understand the thinking behind it if it’s true.  Doesn’t mean I won’t spend some time remembering and appreciating what Okajima did for this team.  He was a tremendous asset to the Red Sox more than he wasn’t.  It was hard watching him struggle in 2010 but his pitching in the 3 years prior, in my mind, makes up for it.  He was a great pickup for the Sox and a huge part of how they won it all in ’07.

So saying goodbye, while my rational mind understands it, will stink.

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Heavy Sigh

Well, that was both enjoyable and extremely painful.

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m not bitching about anyone, I’m not rehashing the game.  I only ask the baseball gods to not give the Sox and their fans the final kick in the privates this weekend.  Let this weekend be, relatively speaking, meaningless.  If I have to be at Fenway Park AGAIN when the Yankees clinch the division, I might hurt someone.  That is all.

Still fighting this damn cold but as of right now I really do want to do a final S0x live chat…so right now I’m looking at this Thursday against the White Sox.  It’s the final game of September and even though it starts at 8pm, I thought it a good choice.  Hope folks will be able to join us!

I will say this about ESPN:  Joe Morgan talking about how Papi “really” feels even after admitting Papi said nothing of the kind to him and also going on about how the Red Sox front office “Gave up” on this season should be cause for that man to get a stern talking to from his bosses or at least a punch in the face.  I know Morgan is a sub-par broadcaster but last night he was just out of his ass and his boothmates did nothing to discourage it and actually encouraged it.  I think Joe Morgan might be a bigger asshat than CHB – and that’s sure saying something.

I lied.  That is not all about this weekend.  Friday and Saturday and parts of Sunday were some of the most fun and exciting baseball I’ve watched in a long time.  If folks choose to dwell on the fact that the Sox lost yesterday, that is their choice.  As much of a bummer as it was to see Papelbon blow another save and Okajima give it up at the end, those things don’t take away from how much I genuinely enjoyed watching these games.  I’ve written it before.  All I ask is that they win more than they lose and they’re still keeping up with that…so I’m happy.  Disappointed they didn’t get a sweep and the Yankees clinched a playoff spot sure, but still happy and proud of my team for never saying die.

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Don't talk to strangers

He IS terribly pretty but I still hope he gives up six runs in the first.

He IS terribly pretty but I still hope he gives up six runs in the first.

I figured as a way to jumpstart my brain as well as celebrate my five years blogging I’d spend this week posting entries from 2005-2009.  My original plan was to go back each year and re-post the entry from this day in that year.  Apparently, though, this is the time of year when I get my writer’s block because last year on this date my post was nothing more than a picture of Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson  and underneath it I wrote:  “Congratulations, Jim Ed (hell and Rickey too!)…long overdue!”.

Hoo-boy, that’s good writing there, folks.

So I changed my mind and decided to celebrate the anniversary by posting my favorite entries from over the years.  Starting today and going through the end of the week, it’ll be flashback week at Toeing the Rubber.  This allows me to be both nostalgic and lazy!!!  It will also give newer folks a taste of what’s kept this blog going and my long-time readers will remember what drew them to me in the first place.  🙂

Disappointing last couple of days in Seattle but all I’ll say is this:  If Hideki Okajima doesn’t want to give the Boston sports media an opportunity to pile on with the “why did you stink” questions right after a game in which he did, in fact, stink, I’m really quite all right with that.  I understand why they want to ask but I also understand why he doesn’t want to deal with them.  As an annoying man once said, “The negativity in this town sucks”.  Find a real story and stop trying to create drama, people who get paid to write.

Clay Buchholz against old friend Joel Pineiro (or as Kyle Snyder dubbed him, “The Sexiest Man” in the 2007 Red Sox bullpen and a “Good-looking cat”) at 10:05pm ET.  Let’s hope Clay makes staying up for the game well worth it!

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And there's been a lot of broken dreams

Kelly O'Connor took this photo of Greg Montalbano at the Lowell Spinner's Alumni Dinner in January 2009 (Used with permission)

We lost Greg Montalbano in 2009. Kelly O'Connor took this photo of him at the Lowell Spinner's Alumni Dinner in January 2009 (Used with permission)

Just a note of warning:  This entry is long and although I want it to be all-encompassing, I’m sure I’ve missed  few things.  But this is pretty much how I remember 2009!


2009 was a fairly eventful year for me personally in both the good and bad categories.  Sadly more bad than good which is probably why I initially avoided writing any kind of recap for the blog.  But while I was writing my recap of the Red Sox decade (and I’ll have that up as soon as I finish it!) I realized I should probably write something about the final year of the decade as well.  So here goes.

January:  I started blogging at  Looking back on my entries for this month, I’m genuinely surprised I found so much to write about (it didn’t stop new readers from complaining that I was writing “drivel” though.  Should have been a sign!).  Personal highlights in January:  The ongoing Jason Varitek saga, the signing of Rocco Baldelli, Kyle Snyder getting picked up by the Mets, the beginning of the MLB Network and Jim Rice finally gets voted into the Hall of Fame!

February:  Bombshell of bombshells for MLB.  Selena Roberts exposes Alex Rodriguez as a steroid user.  The MLB Network cuts its teeth on this one and, unlike Peter Gammons and ESPN, doesn’t disappoint with their coverage.  Unafraid of losing access to the players (again, unlike Peter Gammons or ESPN), they go full throttle on this story and introduce us to their newest addition to the network:  Bob Costas.  I wrote a lot about MLBN in 2009 and a bit about Sl*ppy.  I would have written much less about the two, most likely, had this story not broken.  Personal highlights in February:  The Caribbean World Series on MLBN (I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed it!), Truck Day, pitchers and catchers reporting and Joe Torre’s book about the Yankees.

Chapter 10: The End of the Curse. When asked by Regis Philbin the other day what happened to the Yankees over the past 7 years, Joe responded “The Red Sox happened”. That will go down as possibly my favorite Red Sox/Yankee-related quote ever.

March:  I spent a lot of March writing ‘rants’ and pointing folks toward baseball-related Twitter accounts.  Must have been resting up for April!  Personal highlight in March:  The WBC.  I spent a lot of time ranting about players getting hurt and how I didn’t care who won only to be totally sucked into it by the end.

April:   The beginning of the season!  Lots of liveblogging and picking up more WEEI readers (with mixed results!).  Personal highlights in April:  Going to both Sox/Mets exhibition games at CitiField, attending Opening Day at Fenway and high-fiving JD Drew and Hideki Okajima during their introductions, being at Fenway for the walk-off win against the Yankees, Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home on Andy Pettitte, Tim Wakefield taking a no-hitter into the 8th inning (thus setting the table for his All Star selection), watching Jonathan Van Every pitch while Javier Lopez floundered in right field then eventually getting DFA’d (watched on television, not in person), the Patriots Day game where Luke Scott got all pissy and some idiot fan threw a ball onto  the field and “Toeing the Rubber” getting nominated for a New England Sports Blog Award in the category “Best Red Sox Blog”. Relatively speaking, a great month except for one thing that really hit the baseball world hard and made the month miserable:  the death of Nick Adenhart.

But I don’t cry because of any personal connection I have to Nick. I don’t cry because a future baseball star is dead. I cry because parents lost a son today. Many people lost a friend. And the world lost someone who could have potentially been great. Not just at baseball but at life. No drunken ass has the right to take that away from us. This doesn’t “put things into perspective” for me. I hate when people say that. I’m forty years old for God’s sake, I’ve seen enough death and tragedy in my life to have proper perspective, thank you. I don’t watch baseball and think that what goes on down on that field is life or death and more important than anything else in my life. I’d argue that most sports fans, even if they act like they have no perspective, have exactly that. Baseball is an outlet to forget about the realities of life for a few hours.

May: Getting to see Daniel Bard’s first Major League appearance (after having seen him pitch in Pawtucket) was very special.  Finding out that Jerry Remy was recovering from cancer was sad and a little frightening.  Personal highlights in May:  Seeing Kyle Snyder with the Bisons at Pawtucket, Javier Lopez signing Steve the Ferret’s “Lopez” jersey (also at Pawtucket), Aubrey Huff fistpumping to Joba Chamberlain, appearing on “The Baseball Show” on Comcast SportsNet, crying (literally crying) over Big Papi’s first home run of the season, getting to meet metsgrrl and “paloozaing” with a huge group of people I love during the Mets/Sox series at Fenway.

Yesterday was an amazing day spent with friends (most of whom I haven’t seen in quite a while or hadn’t met yet!). There are many amazing tales to tell (but not here!) – my favorite being when our friend Susan noted that we could start singing “O Canada” except no one knows the words past “O Canada!”. Standing up and singing loudly and proudly, a group of us proved her wrong. That our serenade didn’t get us thrown out still kind of surprises me.

June:  This month brought us the end of interleague play, the end of Jonathan Van Every’s season (thanks to knee surgery), Tim Wakefield hitting ten victories with his torn labrum, John Smoltz making us all wonder why we were so excited to have him on the team while Dusty Brown makes his major league debut.  Personal highlights for June:  Derek Lowe returning to Fenway with the Braves, Nick Green’s walkoff against those same Braves, sitting in Fenway during a mind-numbing rain delayed game that turned into a loss for the Sox (okay, that one is a lowlight, really) and the Sox capping off 7 wins in a row against the Yankees with an eighth.

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So here’s the plan

Daisuke Matsuzaka Photo by Mark Humphrey/AP

Daisuke Matsuzaka Photo by Mark Humphrey/AP

I pretty myself up and get to church to witness the wedding of a good friend.

I return home, as good friend’s reception is chock full o’ seafood and I’d rather live to see the Red Sox win than die while doing the chicken dance.

I bite what nails I have left off in anticipation of game 2.

I use fingernail-less hands to live blog and save myself from the asshats at TBS.

Red and Denton used a funky new liveblogging tool last night for their live blog.  I don’t think I’ll be getting all crazy that way (I’ll save it for next season’s live blogs) but I was sad at the idea of not live-blogging any more and figured this would be my best option as I think tonight is the only game I’ll be watching alone.

I’m still stunned.  Not that they won last night, but at how amazing the pitching was.  Matsuzaka, Okajima, Masterson, Papelbon…I heart them all this morning.  Very, very much.  🙂

Joshua Patrick on the mound tonight.  And I am filled with hope.  🙂  I’ll be here around 8pm…join me, won’t you?

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Baseball Overload!

Brandon Morrow Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Brandon Morrow Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The PawSox lost tonight.  This bummed me out much more than I expected.  Best I can figure, I’m subconsciously anticipating how I’ll feel when their season is over if Kyle Snyder doesn’t get a call-up.  Which, as the month goes on, becomes more possible than not.  And THAT truly bums me out.

So I’m going to try and not focus on that and focus on the awesomeness that is a Red Sox can of whoop ass and a Tampa Bay loss to boot.  Josh Beckett was, as they say, the balls.  Four hits and seven strike outs in five scoreless innings.  How’s that tingling working for you, JP?  8-1 was the final score (Okajima giving one up in the ninth…isn’t it nice when that doesn’t matter?) and the Jays took down the Rays 6-4.  This means the Sox are now 2.5 games out of first place.  Can you dig it?  I knew you could!

Speaking of seasons ending…Clay Buchholz’ just did, unless he gets bumped up.  Portland lost their third game in a row to the Trenton Thunder and got booted out of the playoffs.   I hate the slow death of baseball every year.  It’s completely depressing.  I need something to cheer me up…back to the Red Sox!

Mike Lowell came back from his mini-vacation to hit four rbi, including a home run, and hit a triple short of the cycle.  Maybe we should put more guys on the DL and have them come back gangbusters like Lowell and Beckett?

Coco Crisp also had 3 hits, and Jason Varitek had 2.  David Ortiz and Mark Kotsay were the only two in the Sox lineup to NOT get a hit.  Add to that, Manny Delcarmen and Justin Masterson pitching scoreless innings to get to the ninth and you have a really well-rounded, ass-kicking team!  I know at least 3 people who were there tonight and what a game they got to see!

Over in the National League, Bronson Arroyo got his 14th win by pitching almost seven innings and giving up only four hits and one run.  And Reds fans were worried about him at the beginning of the season!

And back to my favorite pitcher…Kyle got in the game tonight and faced six batters.  He gave up a walk and a single and he struck out Matt Carson (fly out, pop up, ground out,  were how he got his other outs).  So 1.1 scoreless innings tonight.  Kyle’s pitching well.  I’m working on which player is on the 40-man who I can put the whammy on to get Kyle a spot over there.  (I’m clueless about this, mind you.  Live in my own little world where I can mess with the 40-man roster whenever I want…)  I think it’s a toss up between Chris Carter and Marcus McBeth.   They need to have a Celebrity Deathmatch-like battle to see who gets the boot.

When I was in 8th grade, April Vigliotta wrote in my autograph book “Maybe someday you’ll own the Red Sox”.  I’ll settle for being the GM.  😆

Currently watching the Mariners and their rookie pitcher, thus far, kicking Yankee ass.  It’s a nice way to end the evening.  (In his first MLB game, Brandon Morrow just struck out his seventh batter – one Alex Rodriguez.  It’s the end of the seventh inning and, let’s just say, if you can watch this game…you’d really want to right now!)

Edited to add:  The Mariners announcers keep saying exactly what Morrow is doing and it’s making me crazy.  I didn’t realize I was as superstitious about this as I, apparently, am!

Second edit:  Brandon Morrow is out of the game.  Wilson Betemit hit an rbi double to break up the no-hitter with two outs in the 8th inning.  Kid kicked ass…good for him.  Now finish the game for him, Mariners, and get the kid the damn win!

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All photos in this entry were taken by me on August 12, 2008

Bill Lee! Right in front of me!

I woke up this morning almost convinced that last night was a dream.

The whole thing was surreal. I had a really good seat (about 8 rows off the field) and the weather was 100 times better than I expected. While KellyO (who had tickets for this game long before I did) and I stood watching the field and having a beer before the game, I was approached by a man asking “Are you Cyn?” (turns out he and I have mutual friends…I’m still not positive how he spotted me though!) And then a man asked me to take a picture of his son (first time at Fenway) and when I refused to let him “pay” me for it, he went and bought me a beer. Woot! Free beer! How much better could the night get?

I’ll tell you how much better…Bill Lee winked at me. 😆 He was walking around our section and ended up in the row ahead of me (and the the section next to me) for a few innings (he bolted when the rain, which only lasted about ten minutes, started).


Obligatory shot of my man Mike!

I have pictures, but my card reader is acting up this morning so I’ll have to add them later (and I will!).

Photos are now added!

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Let’s Play Two

Photo by Kelly O’Connor
Photo of Kyle, by Kelly O’Connor (need to show support while he’s on the DL!)

In totally selfish mode for a moment: I’m very happy the double-header got scheduled for TODAY since I’m not able to be at Fenway tomorrow. I still can’t figure out why they’re saving Tim Wakefield for the night game, though. As KellyO pointed out last night, if Wake pitches the first game, it goes by more quickly and gives the team more room to get everyone out of the park in time to set up for game two, no?

In spite of the rain, last night was a blast. Friends from Vermont, Texas, North Carolina and California all showed up (as well as we “locals”) but today is the BIG day. By some counts last night, we’re looking at about 25 people today hanging out before the game. The double-header, sadly, messes up our plans for post-game partying. We’ll have to try and fit something in between games.

Woke up today to all kinds of lousy news regarding players. According to ProJo, the team is shutting down Hideki Okajima for a few days. I guess they haven’t dl’d him yet, but he won’t be pitching. That’s a huge hit on the bullpen. More of a bummer for me is that Kyle Snyder has been place on the 7-day disabled list with a ‘right groin strain’. Aside from being bummed that he won’t be pitching, I just think that sounds damn painful. When you’re in AAA, what do you do when you’re on the dl? Do you travel with the team? Do you go ‘home’ (and is ‘home’ your real home or, in this case, back to Pawtucket?)? It must be very frustrating. PVs to Kyle for a speedy recovery!

Most sad, though, is this story about 18 year-old, Sox prospect Anthony Rizzo being diagnosed with Limited Stage Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I, as so many do, know all too well how frightening this can be for the patient and all who love him. My prayers are with him for a full recovery.

According to, there is a 20% chance of precipitation for the first game and a 20% chance for the second. So it could be another day of waiting around and wondering if there is going to be a game. My day 0′ fun starts early today. I’ll be out the door at 9am. I think today will be epic. 🙂

Special thanks to everyone who sent me updates late night…I really appreciate it! And the new iPhone (did I mention I have an iPhone now? I don’t think I did!) makes it a lot more fun to get the text messages!

Off to start my double day of baseball! Hope we get to see ‘two’! Have a great day, folks!

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