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Live-blogging the PawSox playing at Fenway – the final game of the 2008 regular season.

What comes up when I type in "Pawtucket Red Sox" into Yahoo Images!

What comes up when I type "Pawtucket Red Sox" in Yahoo Images. 😀

The text I just got from KellyO tells me that we’re going to see more of the PawSox dudes than the 25-man roster guys tonight…so we’re just going to roll with it.  It’s raining in my town but I haven’t heard what it’s doing in Boston just yet.  Which means that, for now, we’re going under the assumption this game starts at 7:35pm.

7:33pm – KellyO texts me that there are about 6000 people in Fenway Park right now – and no rain.  I look at my foot, which isn’t throbbing any more but is still sore, and wonder if I would have gone in had I not messed up this morning.

7:35pm – Wake is on the mound.  He’s 10-11 this season, so a win tonight will, at least, let him hit .500.

7:37pm – Wake hits the first batter (although the replay shows that he didn’t get hit and Jim Wolf needs glasses) so Gardner is on first and Cano is up.  Gardner steals second as Wake throws strike one.

7:38pm – Along with the painful foot, I’m starting to feel a little punky tonight.  Hopefully it’s no biggie and will go away, but that stomach ache I thought Papelbon gave me hasn’t gone away…so if I suddenly stop live-blogging, it’s probably just because I’ve passed out.  😉

7:39pm – Wake strikes out Cano…woo!

7:40pm – With the shift on, Giambi grounds out and moves Gardner to third.  Also, Ponson is supposed to pitch tonight, but Phil Hughes is in the bullpen throwing.  Donnie O wonders if he’s just getting some throwing in, or if he’s going to be coming into the game.

7:41pm – Van Every catches out number three…nice inning for Wake.

7:44pm – The kid announcing the lineups totally butchers Gil Velazquez’ name and Donnie O STILL says “Good Job”.  Ponson IS in the game and Coco gets a double off of him.  Woooo!

7:45pm – One out, Coco on third and Chris Carter is up.  Carter grounds out and Coco scores.  1-0 Sox.

7:46pm – Jeff Bailey is up.  Remy waxes poetic on what a “long weekend” it has been.

7:47pm – Bailey gets an infield hit on one of those hits that could be a bunt…yay!  Here comes The Mayor!

7:49pm – Casey hits the ball to the first baseman and the inning is over.  1-0 Boston – woot!

7:51pm – Donnie O tells me Cody Ransom is up…but Cody looks an awful lot like Ivan Rodriguez and since Pudge is the one who just grounded out, well I’m going with my eyes instead of Donnie O.  🙂

7:52pm – Wilson Betemit has those Brendan Donnelly hipster glasses on tonight.  Does he always wear those?  I’ve never noticed.  No matter…he grounds out to Alex Cora and Wake has two quick outs.

7:54pm – If I’m going to live-blog I should pay better attention to the lineups, huh?  Coco catches the third out but I have no idea who hit it.

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Saturday in August

Michael Bowden Photo by Kelly O'Connor

A rare 1pm (ish) game on a Saturday makes me happy. I love baseball, but the 4pm or 7pm games can mess up a good Saturday. This is a nice way to begin the afternoon.

PawSox didn’t get to crack open the champagne that was waiting for them last night. They’ll try again tonight behind MIchael Bowden. Good news for us but not so much for Dusty Brown and George Kottaras, is that David Ross went 2-4 with a solo home run. The PawSox radio guys were quite blunt in their assessment that picking up Ross is essentially sticking a dagger in the hopes of Brown and Kottaras to make it up to Boston in September (although they disagree on one key issue. One thinks only Ross gets the call-up and the other thinks Ross and one of the other two will get called up after the PawSox season is over). It’ll be interesting to see how that works out. But, more importantly, they need to win tonight so they can get the “when are they going to clinch a playoff spot” monkey off their backs. No Kyle in the game last night – so it would be pretty sweet if he got in tonight AND they clinched. PawSox, unlike the Red Sox, start their game at 7:05 tonight.

Rob Bradford got his big Manny scoop last night. He got a “hi” out of him. That was it. Was it really worth going to Philly in the middle of the Red Sox’ pennant race? Bradford DID get Joe Torre to gab a bit. Whenever I read a quote about Manny from Torre, I imagine Frank McCourt standing behind him, holding a gun to his back.

Along similar lines, I feel like the entire Boston sports media is trying to get me to “like” Paul Byrd. So far, it isn’t happening. I was really pulling for him last night, and sure he got the win but I was, again, unimpressed.

On the other hand, the Boston offense finally remembered they shouldn’t be afraid of Toronto, which was fun to watch. Seeing Varitek finally coming out of his funk has been fabulous. Captain keeps this up and he’ll shut up an awful lot of people. Interesting to note that I’ve stopped getting the “You can’t possibly think Dustin Pedroia is better than Robinson Cano” emails that flooded my inbox for a while. And Coco looked like he was determined to not let JD Drew’s injury hurt the team offensively. I wonder how all the “they’ll never make the playoffs!” folks are feeling today?


Lester pitches against Jesse Litsch this afternoon. Here’s hoping Crabcakes can keep it together and our offense isn’t hung over today.

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So much randomness

Kyle Snyder Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Kyle Snyder Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Sox are in a pennant race. This weekend is a relatively important series, especially considering what the Jays did to the Sox last weekend. So where does Rob Bradford (now of send himself? Philadelphia…to cover the Dodgers/Phillies game tonight.

It’s August 21st. Ten days have passed since “the trade”. Why is Manny playing in Philadelphia more important or newsworthy than the team he gets paid to cover? The Boston sports media wonders why Sox fans are the way they are – it’s because the media feeds into every little thing. I don’t care what Manny does tonight in Philadelphia. I care what Jed Lowrie does in Toronto. I care what Kyle Snyder does in Rochester. Hell, I care more about what the Patriots are doing in Foxboro tonight than I do what Manny is doing in Philly.

In news I actually care about, Nick Cafardo is reporting that JD Drew was at a local hospital in Toronto getting an MRI on his back today. That will suck if we lose him for much longer. Cafardo also tells us that Beckett and Wake both threw “complaint”-free…so maybe there’s some good news to go with the bad.

The PawSox win tonight (or Toledo loses) and they’re guaranteed a spot in the playoffs (first time for the PawSox since 2003!). Edgar Martinez is pitching and I’ll be listening. Let’s send good vibes to Rochester for our AAA guys! Also note-worthy, Bronson Arroyo’s former personal catcher, David Ross, joins he PawSox roster tonight. Catching depth – we haz it!

When I’m at work, 7pm comes so quickly I usually don’t realize it’s here until some time past it. Being at home, I see the clock reads 5:10pm and 7:05pm seems eons away.

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