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When all else fails, there's always Bill Hall.  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

When all else fails, there's always Bill Hall. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

So yesterday was one of those games that I  missed because of other obligations and then didn’t mine missing at all.

Let us not speak of it again.  (Ugh!)

I will be watching tonight’s game so Mr. Buchholz can feel free to pitch another no-hitter or, heck,  just a one-hitter will work too.  I won’t mind.

I guess if one thing upset me about missing the Sox it’s that I missed Bill Hall pitch a perfect ninth.  Have to love a position player coming in and getting the job done.  (I lie, you realize.  The idea of a position player finishing a game, and the fact that TWO have done so already this year, makes me want to bang my head.)  I dvr’d the game but might just fast forward through it to see Kevin Millar hassling Tito.

And, as much as I love the dude and I promise you I adore the guy, the Sox are 0-2 in the Kevin Millar on NESN era.  Something’s gotta give.

One pitcher-related note:  Ted Lilly:  You cheated.  Casey Blake isn’t the bad guy because he called you out on it.  You’re the bad guy because you did it and John Hirschbeck is the bad guy because when Blake questioned it he refused to do anything about it but, make no mistake, you did it.  We all know you did it and pretending you didn’t makes you look a bit, well, makes it look like you think we’re all stupid.  We aren’t.  Folks who weren’t Casey Blake picked up on it, most specifically CJ Nitkowski.  Also, saying something along the lines of “everyone cheats” doesn’t  make what you did right.  If you don’t want people calling you out as a cheater, here’s a tip:  don’t cheat.

I have my cranky pants on today.  I spent a few hours fixing my wireless that was down almost a day (the horror, I know) and I think my Mac is well on its way to its demise.  I’ve already had folks offer me PC laptops as loaners for the day the Macbook Pro finally dies but, man, I will miss the Mac when it finally kicks.  When I finally get back to the ranks of the gainfully employed, first thing on the list will be to get a new one, I think.  (Hey the phone bill can wait, right?)  So while I will definitely be trying to continue posting every day there might be a time when that stops while I get my house in order, so to speak.  As of right now, though, I’m still planning the Tuesday night live chat!  My technology failing me tends to get me on the crabby side, especially since I can’t really do much about it right now, so I chose to hold off on blogging until the crankiness was gone…and then I read about Ted Lilly and it all came roaring back.  I think I’m good now!

Tonight I’d like a well-pitched, offensively active, Sox win.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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