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We should NOT be okay with a broken leg

Ruben Tejada playing for the Buffalo Bisons in 2010 - photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/sittingstill and used with permission

Ruben Tejada playing for the Buffalo Bisons in 2010 before he became Chase Utley’s tackling dummy – photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill and used with permission

The next person who tells me (in person, online, in a text…) that what Chase Utley did to Ruben Tejada last night was okay by the rules of MLB so we shouldn’t blame him for what ended up happening is going to make my head explode.

Utley didn’t just come in with a hard slide and knock out the shortstop. He waited until he was practically on second base, ran out of the base path and then decided to slide and wipe out Tejada. (As Ron Darling puts it in the video clip below, “(He) Didn’t even start sliding until he was even with the bag.”)

You can watch it here because this is apparently a video no one wants us to embed.

There’s a questionable slide and Tejada ends up with a broken leg. As if that wasn’t devastating enough, the icing on this cupcake is that eventually the umpires ruled that Tejada didn’t touch the bag, the neighborhood play wasn’t in effect and even though he was originally called out, Utley was safe. After the game the umps said that Utley would have been out had any of the Mets tagged him as he left the field, leading David Wright to say:

Once obviously the player is called out, you don’t go tag him, especially when you’re lying there with a broken leg.

The Dodgers ended up taking the lead in this inning and the Mets didn’t come back so they head to Flushing with the NLDS tied at 1-1.

What everyone who is a Dodgers fan or who just wants to annoy Mets fans will tell you is that what Utley did is perfectly legitimate under MLB’s rules.  What I (and many other people) will tell you is that is utter bullshit.

It isn’t bullshit that it’s allowed in MLB. OBVIOUSLY it is. It’s bullshit that MLB allows it and that a player like Utley (who has done this before, just not with such horrible results) feels perfectly fine going in that way with the knowledge (regardless of what he says) that someone could get seriously hurt.

Hell, not only is this not the first time Utley has made such a slide, it’s not even the first time he’s wiped out Ruben Tejada.  When he did it in 2010, David Wright commented:

“We’re going to have to reevaluate the way we go into second base.”

That was five years ago. No reevaluation. No admission from MLB last night that something needs to be done. Just a young player in the playoffs for the first time in the hospital with what could very well be a career-ending injury. Joe Torre tried to sound concerned but if you read this transcript from last night his concern sounds  more for saving Chase Utley’s reputation and defending the umpires than worrying about Tejada or any other infielders getting hurt.

So I’m angry and I have no solutions except to stop allowing players to tackle other players. We hear all the time how bat flips or watching a home run disrespects the game.  None of those things will end up with a player being broken. How do you not believe going at someone with no protection and usually no way to avoid you is a legitimately clean play? Maybe it IS finally time that Major League Baseball does some evaluating? I’m not holding my breath.


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His pop was met at the ballpark franks

Kyle Snyder at McCoy Stadium last May. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Kyle Snyder at McCoy Stadium last May. Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

And now for the entry you all new would be coming (Cyn’s Edit:  Yes, it actually came earlier but I pulled the entry for various reasons.  Problem is, I liked the piece, LOVE the photo and now have official verification that Kyle has, indeed, signed with the Mets, so here it is again – edited with up to date info!):

For those of you who have been emailing me wondering what Kyle Snyder’s status was, I finally have some news!

MLB STILL has him listed as a non-roster invitee with no team attached to his profile but their “Game Notes” entry today has verified that the reason there was a Kyle Snyder sighting in Port Saint Lucie last week is because he signed a minor league contract with the team.  This is fabulous news and finding out it’s true makes me extremely happy.  Here’s hoping Kyle has a good, INJURY-FREE season with the Mets and Bisons.

It also gives me a reason to wear the Snyder Mets jersey I got off of eBay last week. (Hey, I couldn’t help it. Good price, Kyle’s name on it and the Citifield inaugural season patch on it. Plus it’s black, in my opinion, the best color ever for baseball jerseys!)

So, yes, that means I now proudly own 3 Kyle Snyder jerseys (two Red Sox jerseys: batting practice and road grey and one Mets) and I’ll fight you if you give me crap about it (ask the spelling-challenged dude in Baltimore who wanted to know why I was wearing a Duke Snider Red Sox jersey).

The Bisons play the PawSox at McCoy April 23-26…sounds like as good a time as any for my first trip of the season to Pawtucket.

(Is it bad form to wish various maladies on the Mets starting pitchers to help increase the chances of Kyle’s being put on the 40-man roster and finding his way to Citifield at some point?  Just asking.)

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The less you know the more you want

Kyle Snyder, May 2008 / Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Kyle Snyder, May 2008 in Pawtucket/ Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Walk-offs are, arguably, the best kind of wins. Especially walk-offs that happen in the ninth inning. I had visions of Wake’s typically quick game being stretched into a marathon game because of a tie score in the ninth. Papi had different visions and sent everyone home early.

(Edit because WP ate my paragraph about Wake!)  Even though he didn’t get the win, thanks to the stereotypical no run support for Wake game, Wakefield looked pretty damn good out there last night.  He seemed to be still hobbling a little but the White Sox didn’t (or couldn’t?) capitalize on his weakness in the field so it’s all good.  As they say, the old guys rule!

Three wins in a row is a nice little streak I’d like to see them continue tonight.

Tonight, I had hoped to find my way to Pawtucket to see Kyle Snyder pitch for the Buffalo Bisons. Unfortunately, arrangements to do that couldn’t be ironed out so I won’t be there. I won’t get to listen to it either because, as seems to be the way lately, along with bad news I received good news too – which was an invite to tonight’s Red Sox game. So instead of seeing the pitcher I want to see I might be seeing Billy Wagner. God arranges things amusingly sometimes, no? Good luck to Kyle. Both teams are at the bottom of the standings so I’m comfortable saying that while I hope the Bisons don’t beat up on the PawSox, I’d really like to see Kyle pitch well. (Wednesday night the PawSox had a walk-of of their own with a ninth-inning, one out, Josh Reddick sacrifice fly.)

The last time I was in Fenway, Junichi Tazawa pitched possibly the game of his season against the Yankees. Tazawa is on the mound again tonight to try and help the Red Sox to a four-game sweep. John Danks and his 11-8 record and 3.85 ERA won’t make it easy but it should be fun. 7:10pm, people. Let’s watch it happen.

I like that no matter which team wins in the Bronx this week, it benefits the Red Sox as long as the Sox keep winning. Six games out of the division and 2.5 ahead in the wild card on August 27 isn’t such a horrible place to be.

Thanks, again, to everyone who stopped by the chat last night.  Glad that we got the win to celebrate!

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I'm in a position that everyone prays for

Last year, Kyle Snyder photos brought good luck. I’m going for that again today! Photo by Kelly O’Connor/ Used with permission.

I initially wanted to try and “celebrate” my 100th post here at with a live blog. But since the 100th post came without my realizing at the time that it was the 100th post, I had to modify that plan. I figured I’d wait until 150 or 200 but the Red Sox had different ideas.

So, since today I am going to be home, I thought a 12:35pm game on a Wednesday was as good a time as any for my first live blog here. Hope folks think the same. Hey, most of you are stuck at work anyway, right?

(Before I go on, let me make one remark about the only baseball game I watched last night: The Buffalo Bisons finally won their second game this season and it was against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees! Yes, the team with the 1-10 record beat the 11-0 team!! Kyle Snyder didn’t get into the game, but I was genuinely excited nonetheless. And it’s interesting to note that the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre television broadcast team are as arrogant as the YES team – complaining at one point about the Bisons having interlocking “NY” on their jerseys. I have news for you fellas, Buffalo is in NY as well. Hooray for the Bisons! They won 7-3!)

I’m still rather amazed they decided to schedule the game for 12:35pm. I realize doing the game on Thursday would have been inconvenient but the Sox are staying in town and the Twins are only flying to Cleveland. I don’t see how that would have been so terrible for Minnesota. I know a handful of people who had tickets for last night’s game and it seems only a small portion of them will be able to go to the game today. I sense we’ll see a lot of empty seats. Which gives me hope that something great is going to happen at the afternoon game today. It always seems that the big games, the ones that NESN loves to air over and over again, have a lot of empty seats at them. Those are the games everyone you know claims to have been at (“Of COURSE I stayed for the entire ‘Mothers Day Miracle’ Game!”) but the stands always tell a different story.

I’m going to use the “Cover It Live” program for the live blog which makes it easier for folks to follow along AND comment without the aggravation of having to refresh the page to see what new stuff has been written. Folks seemed to enjoy that when we did it last year for the World Series.

Depending on the game, I’ve found sometimes folks will be reading the live blog but not commenting. That’s cool. I know that’s what I do a lot of the time with other people’s live blogs. A lot of people actually seem to use my live blog to re-live the game, so to speak, after the fact. I’m good with that (actually, having been told that by quite a few readers, I think it’s pretty cool!). But in the event that I do get people to comment today, here’s a couple of things you should know about the blog:

* With the “Cover it Live” program, there will be a brief delay in posting (mere seconds) while I accept your comment. I’ll be on my own, so I’ll have to develop a rhythm for typing and accepting comments at the same time! I won’t be moderating the comments (everyone will be accepted) unless people jump in to stir the pot. This is supposed to be fun and I hope it is.

* If you’re looking for deep analysis this probably isn’t the live blog for you. But if you’re stuck at work or somewhere with Internet access but no television, I like to think my live blog will be an entertaining alternative to reading about the game on GameDay.

If you are so inclined, join me at 12:30pm today for the Twins/Sox live blog. Wakefield on the mound should help make it quite the interesting game!

(And I don’t usually do this, but today is the birthday of THREE people I care very much about so here goes: Happy Birthday to Dale, Crystal and Jill!!! Hope you all have a beautiful day and get two Red Sox wins on top of it!)

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Yes we're going to a party party

A picture I took at Fenway in June 2007. Just a few more days until Fenway!

It’s about 1:10 on Friday morning as I begin to write this and I just finished packing. I’m going to be gone two days and one night and most of that time is going to be spent at a ball park, yet it took me all night to get motivated enough to pack the bag. It isn’t that I’m not excited about going to New York, I truly am. It’s just that when I get excited I tend to need to do something to relax before I can focus on things I really need to do. Relaxing for me included watching the Giants beat the A’s on the MLB Network. I’m nothing if not predictable, huh?

Sox got a bit of a butt kicking from the Twins, but Brad Penny made it one step closer to the rotation, so the final game of Spring Training was a wash. The guys are creeping their way up north First New York for the weekend and then – Boston! It’s a cliche for a sports fan to say that the off-season felt long, but this one really did. And I know it doesn’t seem it to the folks in Ft Myers, but Spring Training alone just felt so long this year. Hallelujah, what we’ve waited for since October is finally upon us!

Apparently, the grand plan is to have it rain on us this weekend. I refuse to let that ruin our good time. First and foremost, I’m going to see Citi Field, so as long as we get into the park, the weekend will be a success for me. Getting to see the Sox play is just whipped cream on that sundae. (An appearance in some form by Kyle Snyder would be the cherry!) Meaning that with all my heart, I’m still hoping against hope that the weather isn’t as bad as people keep telling me it will be. Ah, spring in the Northeast!

Coolest story of the day had to be what the Buffalo Bisons are doing.

The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets, today announced that they will offer up to four FREE tickets to Opening Day 2009 to any person who has lost their job.

The Bisons recognize that many of the same fans that have helped the team set numerous attendance records have now fallen on hard times with the downturn in this country’s economy. With the hope and promise of Spring and a new baseball season, the team wanted to make sure that all their great fans and their families have a chance to attend Opening Day on Thursday, April 9 against the Pawtucket Red Sox (3:05 p.m.).

Say what you want. Choose the cynical route that this is just for the publicity. I say bah. All we hear about baseball is “It’s a business. They’re in this to make money”. Not this time. This is a wonderful way to show the fans that the team actually cares about them. Sure, it’s only one game…but it’s the Opening Day game and that’s a pretty special deal. Good for the Bisons.

The plan is to post at some point Friday night after the game (or after whatever ends up happening if the game is rained out) or Saturday morning. It all depends on the events of the evening. If, in fact, we do get to see some baseball this weekend, we get Lester on Friday and Matsuzaka on Saturday. I’m interested in seeing them both in person for the first time this year. I’m anticipating quite a few walks.

And, finally, a shout-out to my sister. April 3 is her birthday and she’s a good enough sport to not mind that I’m spending it in New York. Of course, I’m bringing her to Opening Day so I guess she can’t complain too much. Happy birthday, Junior!

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Oh, they're hollerin' and cheerin' and they're jumpin' in their seats

Photo of Kyle Snyder making my day last season taken by Kelly O’Connor/

Many thanks to Lisa and Ted – both were the first to let me know (I received both of their messages at exactly the same time) about Kyle Snyder signing a minor-league deal with the New York Mets! (Note that the story I linked has incorrect info. Kyle actually made the World Series roster in 2007.)

I’m just so happy for Kyle! And I couldn’t be happier about his being with the Mets. If I had to pick a team that wasn’t the Red Sox for Kyle to pitch for, it would be the Mets. They’re close to home (well, close to MY home) and they aren’t the Yankees. I’m thrilled, absolutely thrilled for him.

For those of you new to my blog, Kyle is, without a doubt, my favorite player. Chances are there will be at least one post a week about him, especially once the regular season begins. My fondness for Kyle is unwavering and I make no apologies for using my blog to help promote the guy!

Kyle has an invite to spring training where he’ll be fighting for a spot on the big team. My hope is the worst case scenario will turn out to be he ends up playing for the Buffalo Bisons (who just so happen to be playing in Pawtucket in May, July and August this season). Mets or Bisons, either way I’m happy for him. He really deserves this shot. But, really, how great would it be to see him up with the Mets? The Mets are coming to Boston in May. If Kyle is with the team then, I know roughly 25 people who are getting together that weekend who just might storm Fenway in an attempt to see him. Kyle Snyder has a bit of a posse here in Boston! (Sidenote to my fellow Megapaloozaers – WOOOOOOOO!)

If you’re so inclined, send some positive vibes Kyle’s way, would you?

Congratulations, Kyle. Go show them what you can do!

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