Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan

I hope everyone who booed Timlin tonight..

…gets anal warts on the way home from the game -the fucks.

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A Shout Out

To the folks at the White Sox interactive message board.

Thanks for the traffic, folks. I surely appreciate it. Too bad your team’s manager is still an ass.


(I love being called a “pink hat” fan by members of a fanbase that includes someone who, a week after his team won the World Series, couldn’t tell me who their right-fielder was.)

I guess the blog is more popular than I thought. 😆

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Kevin Youkilis – Killer of Buzzes

So Youk decides to open up his hairy trap about the Celtics winning the Championship. (Can you tell this is going to be a rant?)

Here’s what he had to say:

“Boston is lucky right now,” said Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis. “We just hope finally one day the fans will realize how special it is. There should be such a positive overtone in this city, because there’s so much going on. We still see on a daily basis, there’s a lot of negative. It just doesn’t make sense. You need to realize how lucky you are to have championship teams and teams that compete and go to the playoffs.

“I think the fans need to realize that there’s no more suffering in Boston. If they want to see some suffering, they should go to Cincinnati and watch my Bengals.”

I’m sorry? Excuse me? Are you fucking shitting me, Youk? “‘WE’ just hope finally one day the fans will realize how special it is”? Are you stupid or just high?

A little background before I go on. Back in 2006, when the Sox were sucking and Julian Tavarez was leading the charge, some of the fans at Fenway gave him (Tavarez) a hard time. I’m not a fan of booing your own guys and don’t do it and hated that folks were doing it. That’s not to say I didn’t understand it. This is what Youk had to say about Tavarez’ decision to not tip his cap to the crowd the first night he pitched a truly good game (that I happened to be at):

“He had no reason to tip his hat to them, they’ve treated him bad all year,” said Youkilis. “I was watching him every step and was saying to Mark, ‘Please do not tip your cap.’ That’s how I felt, for him. I was mad for him, because if he tips his cap here, he’s giving in. And that’s what the fans do, they give in.”

Now I used to post on a message board that invokes Youk’s name. And, on occasion, he posts there. Back in 2006, when I posted there complaining that he was being unfair to the fans (because many of us had NEVER booed Tavarez and we deserved better), he responded (interestingly enough…his responses have since disappeared from the board). Our back and forth on the message board turned into his privately emailing me (remember, this is back in September of 2006) to “clear things up” and tell me that I was misinterpreting his feelings about the fans. His argument was weak, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt since he took the time to email me.

Two years and another World Championship later, and nothing has changed.

I challenge Kevin, or any other player, to email me or post comments here with proof of this negativity of which he speaks.

In 2004, when the Red Sox won the World Series, people were visiting cemeteries with copies of the Globe and the Herald. Most people I know cried more than they cheered, just from the sheer happiness of what was happening. Last night I was online with a group of friends who did nothing but talk about how special the Celtics win was, especially for the players.

The Boston fans realize how fortunate they are Youk. Do YOU? Do YOU have any idea how lucky you are to have already been on TWO World Championship teams – one being during your rookie year? Do YOU have any idea how lucky you are to play in a town where the fans pretty much ignore things like your getting into a fight with Manny in the dugout? The media tried to beat you up about it, but the fans weren’t having any of it. Do YOU have any idea how lucky you are to play in a park that gets sold out every night, no matter how the team is playing? (See 2006) Why not ask your pal Bronson Arroyo about THAT one?

Of all the arrogant, ignorant, offensive things to pull the day after the Celts win and the fans are feeling good, this has to take the cake.

You horse’s ass. I hope someday that YOU can appreciate how blessed you’ve been since you came into the league. Because the shit you occasionally spout about the fans would get you booed nightly in any other market.

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What kind of fan are YOU?

Because of family commitments, I missed most of tonight’s game.  (A game which, as of this writing, is only in the 7th inning.)

As luck would have it, I started watching when Mike Timlin was brought in – the 6th inning.  The score was 4-2 Phillies.  Bartolo Colon nor our offense had impressed anyone.  When my man Mike left the game in the sixth inning with two outs, he had given up four runs.

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows how I feel about Mike Timlin.  The moment Tito took him out, my cell phone was abuzz with text messages and my inbox starting filling with emails.  All about how much Mike “sucks”.  (Save for the message from my friend Cindy who, happens to be one of the handful who gets me.  Thanks, Cindy!)

Now answer me this…you’re a friend of mine, or you’re just a Red Sox fan, so what kind of pleasure do you get rubbing in the fact that a player you KNOW I support and is on YOUR team is doing badly?

I will always support Mike Timlin.  He’s had a couple of three (in a row) terrible outings. He’s certainly not the pitcher he was in 2005 and there is every reason to believe that his ‘age’ could be catching up with his pitching arm.  On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that he’s injured, or sick or a number of other things that could also contribute to his not pitching well.  The idea that Red Sox fans are taking pleasure out of sticking it to me that Timlin is struggling as of late boggles the mind.  At least it boggles my mind.  If you’re my friend, are you happy that one of ‘my guys’ is doing poorly?  If you’re just a Red Sox fan, does it please you that a guy on your team is struggling?  What compels people to send emails that say “How can you support a guy who fucking sucks so much?” or “I told you YOUR MAN WAS TOAST!”?

I mean, seriously, what the hell are you people thinking?

I will never be the person who roots solely for the guy who makes the All-Star team.  Hell, half the time the guys I root for don’t even make the major-league teams.  I’m not ashamed of this and it isn’t something that’s going to change.  SO take your nasty attitude and negativity and push it somewhere else.

And if you’re a friend of mine and I got one of these messages from you tonight – shame on you.  You should be trying to build your friends up, not knock them down.  If there’s anyone out there who thinks I’m blind enough to not see that Timlin is struggling…well, then you really don’t know me that well.

My rant is over.  The game is still on and there’s a good chance the Sox will lose.  I couldn’t care less right now.  People rubbing it in about Timlin have ensured that.

Just know that your attempts to pull me away from the players I support only pulls me closer to them.

Eat it assholes.

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Seems like new NESN golden girl Heidi Watney is, well let’s say not so nice.

Watney yesterday denied cursing. She told the Herald “I think I have a little more class than that.”

I guess she does if Watney’s definition of class is calling a Hoover vice principal and her former boss a liar.
It would have been easy for Watney to have just said she has a passion for her job and she let that get out of hand.

But wait. There’s more.

Watney told the Herald it was her decision to leave KMPH because “it was time for a change” and she was ready to move on. Then she added that “We parted on good terms.”

When Watney left KMPH no one would say a word. General manager Charlie Pfaff wouldn’t answer a single question about Watney’s departure. Employees have been told they can not talk about her leaving. Over the years I have written about hundreds of television and radio personalities leaving their jobs. Never has a person left under good terms and management been so silent. At the least there is a “we wish them good luck.” Not a word has been said about Watney.

Hmmm…if this was a story about a Red Sox player, it would be plastered all over the local sports news. Good to see NESN has hiring standards.

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Randomly (Again)

Bronson AND Kyle photos tonight!

What you shouldn’t say after getting run out of a game in less than 2 innings (unless you want your fanbase to track you down and set your hair on fire):

“Today was the best I’ve throw in years,” Arroyo said. “They just beat me. I had a good fastball. I had decent command. Everything felt good. I felt like I had pretty good stuff.”

I love ya, Bronson. But for the love of Mike, man, what the hell were you thinking? To say you sucked today would be putting it mildly. Not a judgment, just an observation. And now Dusty Baker is banging the “maybe he’s hurt” drum and maybe you should just let him?

“He’s kind of off right now,” Baker responded. “We’re going to get him checked out. Maybe something’s wrong with him. His pitches weren’t sharp. Right now, his breaking ball is not crisp. It’s sort of rolling up there. He kind of got a little bit predictable.”

“There ain’t nothing to check out. They said they wanted to check me out?” Arroyo said. “Today is probably the best I’ve felt in years on a day game. No excuses, they just beat my butt.”

I love the addition of “on a day game”. Reds fans will probably interpret this as “Last night was the first night I didn’t go out and get wasted the night before I pitched a day game”. I prefer to just think that Bronson isn’t a morning person. 😉

Oh Bronson. Let them check you out. Maybe you could use the rest?

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Give out Number 21 NOW

In the spirit of full disclosure, my parents started dating when my mother was 16 and my father was 27.

This also happened to be in the early sixties and both my parents worked with my mother’s parents and most if not all of their dates were ‘chaperoned’ by my grandparents.

Oh yeah, and my father wasn’t married to someone else and having children with that person.

If this story is true, and at this point nothing would surprise me, I just have another reason to believe Roger Clemens is a total scumbag.

Here’s a blurb that, when I read it, made me crazy. I decided not to comment on it because I felt too strongly and didn’t want to use this blog to pick on a player I really like and respect. From February 2008:

“I have not lost an ounce of respect for the guy,” Timlin said. “I fully support the guy. I feel bad for what’s happening. I don’t think anything in his career should change.”

I wonder how Mike Timlin feels about Clemens now?

The Red Sox need to get their collective heads out of their collective asses and STOP holding on to the number 21 like it’s some sacred artifact never to see the light of day again. There is no reason to hold back from giving it to another player. They should have done it YEARS ago, but after the way Clemens has teased the team the last couple of years (especially last year), the the Mitchell report and the subsequent fall out and now this bit of sleazeballiness…the time has come.

Give it to Sean Casey. Give it to Justin Masterson if he gets called up again. Give it to the freaking batboy for all I care, but STOP protecting it like Clemens is a person deserving of that honor.

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Why Autograph “Hounds” Bug Me

I’ve never been big on asking for autographs. Hell, even at “events” where that’s why the player is there, I’m sometimes uncomfortable approaching them for an autograph. It just never feels natural to me. The fact that so many take those autographs and sell them makes it harder for me. I’d hate for a player to think the only reason I wanted his autograph was to sell it.

SO I’m on ebay and looking around (for something NOT autograph-related) and find this seller who is selling signed baseballs. Nothing new there. This seller, as proof of signature, has photos of the players signing the baseballs. And the photos tell their own story. The story of players being bothered on their own time for autographs from someone who doesn’t care about the player and having his autograph, but who just wants something to sell.

I ask you, do these fellas look happy to be doing this?

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Follow Up

I had shut down for the night, but calling Peter Abraham an ‘asshole’ in my last post actually didn’t sit well with me. To call him an “ass” would have been one thing, but an “asshole”, to me, is a lot more nasty and meaningful. And I thought I was being unfair.  So I logged back on to edit the post.

Given his response to me in the comments section, I’m thinking my initial reaction might have been the correct one. How anyone can pass off what he wrote as a joke is a mystery to me. I don’t need emoticons to ‘get’ the funny. There was no funny in that post. I suppose before he injected the edits you might be able to find the satire in there directed toward Yankees fans if you were really looking for it. But that tone changed with the edits. (And, yes, I know he is, or was, a Red Sox fan.)

If he was going for the joke, he failed miserably. Me, I think he expected more backlash toward the Sox on this and when it didn’t come he pulled out the ‘I was joking and you all aren’t swift enough to get it’ card. Or maybe he just likes to hedge his bets. Let the Yankees fans think he was serious, try to convince the Sox fans it was a joke.

I wasn’t planning on touching this. I read his piece today and the garbage comments that were left and thought “Screw it. who cares what a bunch of Yankees fans think about this?”. But in re-reading it, having “greedy disgrace” connected to this team truly pissed me off.

If Abraham was joking, so be it. I don’t believe it for a minute, but the man has a right to explain away such nonsense in whatever way he pleases.

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What a Morning

Jason Varitek talks to the press about the Japan trip boycott (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

I didn’t really get a chance to process what went on today as it was happening. It was a bit surreal.

“Sox boycotting Japan trip”

“Boston won’t play if coaches don’t get paid”

All the headlines screaming at you along with text messages, emails and other forms of communication with blow by blow coverage. (“They’re on the field!” “They’re in the dugout!” “THEY ALL LEFT THE DUGOUT!!!!”)

In the end, it’ll be called a misunderstanding. Many will be critical (most of them coming out of New York) and some might be cynical, but the bottom line is this: the players stood up for the unsung group that plays along side of them…and they won.

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