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Yet Another Optimist’s Live Blog

We put our faith in Crabcakes! Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Imagess

We put our faith in Crabcakes! Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Imagess

Mine will be one of, oh, probably 1000 live blogs of Game 7 tonight.  I’m not live blogging for traffic, though.  I’m live blogging because the universe compels me to.  It worked in Game 5, it worked for Game 6 and I’m hoping it works for Game 7.

In any event, I’m here.  And here for the long haul.  Win or lose, I’m sticking with them. It’s the least I can do.

I have a good feeling about the team and especially Crabcakes tonight.  The Red Sox aren’t ready to call it a season.

Join me for the live blog, won’t you?  8:00pm EST.  Even if TBS screws it up again!  😆

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I hate college students

Okay, not all of you, but the lot of you who were just on the news (and the ones who weren’t on the news but are in this group)  planning to “riot” if the Sox win tonight.

You people aren’t fans.   You people couldn’t care less about the Red Sox.  You people just are looking for a reason to go crazy and do some damage.

Do me a favor, any of you who plan on rioting to celebrate a Red Sox win, get bent.  Drop off the face of the earth.  Do anything that will make you no longer part of civilization because we’ll all be better for it.

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Chicks dig the good pitching

Beckett, Okajima, Masterson, Papelbon…holy hell did they come up big.

And the Captain gets the game-winning home run – this is as things should be.

I’m absolutely out of my mind right now.  The Sox have forced a Game 7.  After being down 7-0 into the 7th inning of elimination Game 5.  Can you wrap your mind around that?  I sure as hell can!

A quick shout out to the folks who visited the live blog tonight.  Y’all brought the good vibes!  Thanks for coming by!

Get to sleep, Nation.  We get to do this all over again Sunday night!

I wasn’t kidding either…keeping the mojo going…I’m live-blogging Game 7.  Be there.  Aloha.

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Another Optimistic Live Blog

Beckett will lead the way - Photo by Steve Nesius/AP

Beckett will lead the way - Photo by Steve Nesius/AP

It’s 7:42pm.  I swear I’m bouncing off the walls.  See, on Thursday I was calm.  Whatever happened, happened.

Now I’m a bit of a mess…in a totally wonderful and happy way though.  🙂

This is going to be a great game.  I can’t wait for it to begin.  And just like Thursday, I’m in for the long haul.  I want them to win and I believe they can.  But if they don’t, I’ll be here for their send-off.

But I don’t see that happening tonight. Tonight we’re going to have a reason to celebrate.  Join me in a few, huh?

7:57 – TBS’ feed is totally screwed.  They’re showing “Bloopers and Practical Jokes”.  NESN is covering freaking hockey.  I think my head is going to explode right now.

8:01 – This is hell.  We’re in hell.

8:04 – Dick Clark says good bye.  We best be seeing Buck freaking Martinez now.

8:05 – No Buck.  Steve Harvey.  I have the WEEI feed on my computer right now so I can live blog off the radio. It’s different, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I Have Faith

And because of this faith (and because it worked well the last time!), I’m going to live-blog tonight’s game.

I really believe Beckett et al will be able to come through and be victorious and I want to mark it here.  Even if they don’t, though, I want to show my support in some way.  Live-blogging will at least show that I’m sticking with the team to the very end.

So, if you don’t want to listen to Chip Caray begging Evan Longoria to go out with him, or if you just want to stare at the computer for a little while instead of 20,000 blue mohawks, join me, won’t you?

Edited to add:  I keep forgetting I need to pimp myself for this blogger contest!  So, if you haven’t yet, I’d love it if you’d go here and vote for me for WEEI’s “Next Great Sports Blogger”!.  Thanks so much!

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A different kind of recap… I’m still not fully recovered

Still Celebrating! Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Still Celebrating! Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

NOTE FROM CYN:  Along with many others I know, Tru was at Fenway for Game 5.  He sent me this yesterday, and my slow butt just got around to posting it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Like so many others this morning, I’m exhausted.

There is a sense of redemption that the Red Sox gave all of us last night. But the truth of last night’s game forced me into a direction that I did not want to go. I kept thinking and wrote the Beazer (Note from Cyn:  I be Beazer!) that these guys are so much better than what we’d been seeing the last three games.

The feeling was severe disappointment. I had already begun rationalizing our certain exit from the ALCS. I texted these thoughts to Cyn, as the lead was now 5 – 0, and the Sox bats looking every bit dead as the previous two game. I was disheartened, feeling that the timing of the slump was simply awful. I had to check myself, because while it’s clearly true the Sox have been bad in the ALCS, it must also be said that the Rays are a very good team. It is the fragile see-saw of acknowledging the better team, while trying hard not to make excuses for yours. I was guilty of feeling the Sox were toast, and the thought of the Rays celebrating on our field left me empty, and frankly somewhat upset. I had to stay, and was not leaving, no matter how bad things looked.

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I have no idea if my faith is real…but I hope think it is!

Yay D Woooooooo! Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Yay D Woooooooo! Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Not my “faith” faith. But my faith in this team.

I was about 98% convinced that the game/series/season was over after Daisuke gave up those five runs. The two runs Papelbon gave up didn’t really register as I figured they were just the cherries on the sundae of the final loss of the season. And I was okay with that. Really, I was.

But I promised KellyO I’d tough out the live blog. And I promised myself that, win or lose, I was going to support this team to the end. So I sucked it up.

And then they started to score.

Dori, KellyO and Tru all texted me from the game.

Dori wrote: “I can’t even speak”.

KellyO wrote: “OMP” (which is Surviving Grady-speak for “Oh My P(G)od”)

Tru wrote: “These guys are fucking killing me”.

All as the rally began. Then there was, pretty much, radio silence until the end of the game.

I cried at the end of the game. That actually surprised me. I was okay with the prospect of them losing when the score was 7-0. I was bummed, but not devastated. Once Papi hit that home run, though, all bets were off. I wanted the win…I wanted the freaking win. Damn you, Papi, for giving me hope.

Red Sox made history on Thursday night. I just…hell I still just can’t believe it.

Tru told me he would give Kotsay player of the game. Of course, it was almost 1:30am when he said this and he was a bit hyper. He might have said he would give Kotsay his oldest daughter.

Player of the game, from me, goes to the entire team. Another one of those winning as a team, wins. But if you force me to pick one player of the game, I still can’t. Justin Masterson and JD Drew share the honors in my mind.

5 years ago, October 17 @ 12:16am (12:16? 12:17?) Aaron Boone hit his home run. At the same moment, five years to the minute, JD Drew got that winning hit. At least, according to ESPN. Baseball can be spooky.

Best comment I’ve read regarding this win (thus far) came from, of all places, Deadspin and commenter AugieOjedaFanClub:

Red Sox = Jason Voorhes [sic]

Oh its [sic] safe to go home. We shot Jason 8 times and buried him under that slab of cement.

Oh it’s safe to turn off the tv. I guess the Red Sox just didn’t have it this year.

You turn around and look back, and there are dead teenagers everywhere.

Good God, I’m happy right now.

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I don’t know what to do with myself

I’m wide awake.  I have the NESN postgame show on.  I have to be at work Friday morning for the first time all week.  I won’t be asleep for a while so I’m going to ramble here a bit.

Chip Caray smugly telling us that he heard “on the radio” that Champagne was chilling in the Rays clubhouse set me off.  And I can’t remember this exactly, but I think it came out just before the rally began.  So eat it, Chip.  Eat it.

Josh Beckett pitching Saturday worries me.  Our offense really has to kick it into gear again.  I sense they will.

I’m watching Mark Kotsay give his post-game comments and am struck at how amazing he’s been (you know, for him!) in the post-season.  In case it isn’t obvious, I know nothing.  😆

I’m rambling,  I know.  I need to shut down the computer and try to sleep.

Won’t be happening, but I’m going to have to try.

I got a call around 1:15am, from Tru.  He’s in the car on the way home from Fenway and he’s absolutely out of his mind with energy, excitement and happiness.  I had another friend there tonight – Brad, who brought Tru to the game and who called Tru while we were talking just to say he couldn’t believe what they just saw.  I love my friends.  😆

I just lost Tru because coverage at my house often sucks…but he left me a voicemail and he’s still as giddy at 1:41am as he was when the game was going on.

We get Red Sox baseball on Saturday, folks.  Life doesn’t suck!

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The Optimist’s Live Blog

My Kevin Millar Autographed Jersey

My Kevin Millar Autographed Jersey

A friend of mine (Hi Pam!) suggested we need the good Kevin Millar mojo – so here it is.  As I live blog, the autographed Millar jersey is on my back.  No alcohol tonight, I’m being fueled by Red Bull. (If you keep reading, we’ve changed the Millar mojo to Bronson mojo.  When Bronson mojo didn’t work, we changed to Kyle Snyder mojo!)

“The Rays are 9 innings away from a World Series” says the deep-voiced, voice-over dude on TBS.

Not happening tonight.  Mark it down.

8:01pm – Good God I never thought I’d miss Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

8:05 – It’s 66 degrees at Fenway Park and Chip Caray thinks it’s cold.  Oh, Chip, wait until 10pm.

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We have them right where we want them!

Eric Hinske and Mike Timlin fraternizing before Game 3 - Photo by Me

Eric Hinske and Mike Timlin fraternizing before Game 3 - Photo by Me

Before the game, KellyO suggested maybe we hit the scalp-free zone on Thursday to try and get into Game 5.  I told her that might be doable for me and left it at that.  In the 8th inning, I turned to her and said “Just so you know, I’m not coming anywhere near Fenway on Thursday!”.  I say this and,  almost immediately after, Rocco Baldelli hits a 3-run homer off of Paul Byrd.  I look to they sky and yell “I already said I wasn’t going on Thursday!”  So much for breaking my streak of suck.

Truly, though, I’m not disheartened.  Sure being down 2-1 feels lousy.  Being down in the ALCS last year was shitty too.  And in 2004.  Good Lord, wasn’t that painful?  The Red Sox are making a habit of ensuring that our ALCS experience is the most exciting and nerve-wracking that it can be.  So the Rays should be nervous.

I refuse to get mired in negativity.  For the first few innings of the game, most of the people around me spent their time heckling Varitek and Tito and JD Drew as well.  It was annoying the hell out of me.  Of course, I had to get out of there when two couple all decided clam chowder was what they had a hankering for…and luckily the people who had the seats next to Kelly never showed, so I spent the rest of the game sitting with her – around a much better group of people with much more positive vibes.

After Baldelli’s home run, Fenway emptied out like someone had called in a bomb scare.  I didn’t mind.  Screw the people who think so little of their team making it to the second round of the playoffs that they bolt just because they’re losing.  Much like I’ll never forget where I’m from, I’ll never forget what it’s like to root for a team that doesn’t always win.  This is the team I choose to follow.  Been doing it a lot longer than the playoff runs of the 2000s and I’ll be doing it long after a lot of the people who left tonight will.

Things could be worse.  We could be rooting for a team that didn’t make it to the playoffs.  Or a team that got booted out in the first round, or that is looking at a 3-0 deficit.  None of those things happened.  I choose focus on the positive, fun aspects of being in the playoffs.  Many more baseball fans don’t have their horse in this race.  Who am I to get pissy just because the team is struggling?

I have faith that these guys will kick it up and get back on track.  Jason Bay has a World Series appearance coming…I can feel it!

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