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Hot Stove on a Cold Day

Was this REALLY the best abbreviation could find for "Assistant"?

Was this REALLY the best abbreviation could find for "Assistant"?

I’ve given up trying to figure out when the gig begins. I’m aiming for sometime in January, but who knows, really? 🙂 The plan is to have this domain forwarded to the new one, so folks shouldn’t miss a beat when it finally happens. Thanks to everyone who’s been asking about it!

I was going to rant about Paul Byrd deciding he wants to spend time with his family so he plans on not starting the 2009 season until halfway through, but I decided to focus on someone who DIDN’T make me want to punch him (currently, anyway): Kevin Youkilis.

Sox and Youk came to an agreement on a four-year, $41 million contract extension that comes with a $13 million club option for 2013 or a $1 million buyout. So we get Youk for another four years. Team could do much worse. Youk could too. SO now we have a first baseman and a second baseman we know will be sticking around for a while. Knowing that they’re be out there makes me very happy. See? I’m easy to please.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Pawtucket for the annual “Hot Stove Party” the PawSox throw every year. For a total cost of $0, you can meet some of the new blood (including Lars Anderson, Mark Wagner and Daniel Bard), hear manager Ron Johnson talk about the upcoming season, buy tickets for the 2009 season and wander the halls of the clubhouse at McCoy Stadium. It’s well worth taking the trip!

Incidentally, my dream of taking over the PawSox website has been killed. It has been brought into the fold by MiLB and is now “one of them“. For all the complaining I did last year about the site, I’m a bit bummed that the PawSox have been forced to assimilate. I’m hoping this change means more access to info on the team and the players. If that happens, I’ll have little to complain about in that area. Right?


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Because the customer service for the webhost “Toeing the Rubber” is on sucks eggs, the site is down and I have no way of knowing when it will be back up.  Hopefully soon!  (It’s 11:47am on Friday, November 21, now.)

Sorry for the inconvenience folks!

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20 things that suck more than last night’s loss

In no particular order:

  • Racism
  • Global Warming
  • Dell
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Eric Gagne
  • Swiftboating
  • Orange Zarex
  • Sexism
  • Death
  • Waterboarding
  • The Yankees
  • Stale Twinkies
  • Dane Cook
  • Being Audited
  • Gossip
  • STDs
  • Thundersticks
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • Sugar Ray
  • Eric Gagne (I kid poor Eric because I can.  Which is to say, because he isn’t on the Sox any more!)

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Baseball Potpourri


I have no idea where this came from, but I love it.

I’ve been telling folks that I wasn’t “worried” about the Rays because I felt that their pitching was going to come down to earth eventually. Seems to be that’s what is happening lately. Part of me is still happy for the competition that isn’t the Yankees…how much fun is it seeing the same two teams on top year after year But my true preference is to see the Sox on top. Let the Yanks and Rays fight it out for number two. 🙂

According to Bob Stern:

Mike Timlin made his 1,034th relief appearance on Friday, moving him to within 16 games off Kent Tekulve’s all-time record for relief appearances by a righthander

16/17 games (or more) are totally possible this season. That would be fabulous if my man Mike could pull that off. And it would be exciting to be there to see it. (Although, I was there last year for another milestone game for Mike that didn’t go so well for him, so I suppose I should stay away from the park for Mike’s sake, huh? 😉 )

Sad news out of Oklahoma City…former Yankees outfielder and broadcaster Bobby Murcer died yesterday from complications related to a brain tumor. Prayers to his family, friends and fans.

In happier news, how amazing has Tim Wakefield been lately? “Old man” my aunt fanny.

“Everything’s been clicking for me,” Wakefield said after pitching seven innings of two-hit ball to take advantage of another offensive outburst and beat visiting Baltimore 12-1 on Saturday. “I don’t want to change anything. I’ve been on a run and hopefully I can keep doing that.”

We don’t want you to change anything either, Wake!  And that run support you got last night was a long time coming.

After today’s 1:35pm game, the Sox coaches and players going to the All Star Game will be jumping on a train and heading down to New York.  Bring us back home field advantage, fellas!

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Poorly timed, random quote of the day

From yesterday’s Boston Globe, in a story about the care of the uniforms the Red Sox players wear:

If a player is on a hot streak, and he’s superstitious to the extreme, he can choose not to have his uniform washed. Fortunately, no one on the Red Sox goes that far. “I would stink,” says catcher Jason Varitek, when asked whether he’s ever tried such a tactic.

Emphasis mine.

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* There’s talk of Mike Timlin joining the team this weekend in New York. He’s also ‘able” to come off the disabled list today and is in Boston getting his knee checked out. He’ll pitch during at LEAST one more game in Pawtucket before the weekend.   The end of the Chris Smith era could be upon us.

* Manny issued yet another quote about the incident with traveling secretary Jack McCormick being “over”. Let’s see, Manny, Tito, McCormick and the rest of the team says it’s over and has been handled internally yet the likes of CHB want Manny’s flogging aired on ESPN. Yeah, there’s no media bias in the coverage of anything Manny-related. None at all. Wonder what would have happened if this interaction happened between McCormick and, say, Sean Casey? Actually, if it had happened between McCormick and Casey, we probably would have never heard about it. I don’t like Manny mixing it up with folks, but I’m confident that the team has dealt with it and don’t really feel the need to get all the bloody details.

* ARod and Madonna – way too icky for me to even discuss. (But Manny owes ARod a fruit basket for taking the bullet and getting the national media attention off him!)

* PawSox came back in the ninth (with two outs!) to win yet another game last night. While their fire burns, the BoSox struggle. Go figure.

*  Tim Wakefield looked good again last night in spite of the loss.  If I can take anything positive away from the game, I’m going with that.

*  All Star voting ends tonight.  In all honesty, I haven’t voted once yet.  Guess I might be up late tonight getting some votes in.

It’s a long season and the Sox are in a slump.  It’s way too early for me to start losing sleep after a few bad games.  As a matter of fact, I fell fast asleep not too long after the game was over.  🙂

Hmm…this wasn’t that brief was it?

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Do not adjust your set

SOME day I will work out a theme for the template of this blog that I’m truly happy with. Until then, you’ll all be subjected to my whims. 🙂

In going online to read the news of the day, I read about George Carlin dying. His later comedy was too preachy and political for me, but his earlier stuff pretty much helped shape my comedic mind. I’ve mentioned before that I have two uncles who were pretty much raised like my brothers. One passed away in April, the other is still around and we’re still close. He’s the one who used to smuggle George Carlin records into my room and tell me not to play them too loudly because if my mother heard them she’d take them away. 😆 So hearing of Carlin’s death has made me sad. Then again, it’s made me go back and listen to some of his old stuff…so, in a weird way, it’s made me happy too. Peace, George. Hope you found it.

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I’m sitting in Fenway!

Cold but happy thus far!

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Extra-innings games are extra-cool when your team actually wins them!  Woot!  🙂

Truly pleased that my man Mike Timlin got the win.  (Was hard to watch – spent most of his inning with my head down saying a little prayer for Mike…I owe God something for that one!)

Baltimore is, thus far, fabulous.  Internet access is weird but I’ll try to get something more substantial about last night’s game up maybe tonight.

For now, here’s hoping that Manny hits his 500th over the next two days.  Let him get it over with (and let us see it!).

Off for breakfast and a tour of Camden…more opportunities for Orioles fans to lament the existence of Red Sox fans!

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Good God

I actually stayed up to watch that.

Going to have to think of something positive to post come ‘morning’ but all I have for now is…yeesh.

Aside from Mike Timlin giving up the game in the bottom of the ninth (and that’s a pretty damn big deal) WTF with our offense? One of the worst pitchers in the league and our guys (save for Manny) can’t hit him? It’s a bit sad.  (You all know how I feel about Mike.  So night’s like this really kill me.)

Man, I should have just gone to sleep at 10pm like I planned. Now I’ll be up even later just because I’m annoyed.

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