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Mmmmmike Lowell

Ian Browne is reporting that the  Boston Herald is reporting that the Red Sox extended Mark Teixeira an 8-year offer.

That sound you hear is the collective scream of the Mike Lowell Estrogen Brigade…and my dad.  My dad has a huge man-crush on Mike Lowell.  (My mother is a member of the brigade and I don’t know what the hell she’ll do when Lowell is no longer a Red Sox player.  Let’s not mess up Christmas, okay Theo?)

But before folks get their undies in a bunch (whether excited about the prospect of Teixeira on the Sox or upset at the prospect of losing Mike Lowell because Teixeira is on the Sox), let’s see where the Herald got their information from:

Er.  Um.  There doesn’t seem to be any indication of where Michael Silverman got his information.  Not even a “sources who prefer to remain anonymous” line.  Not any mention of “sources” at all.

Just this:


The Sox have made an offer, the biggest and longest yet for this current ownership group. The offer is believed to be for at least eight years, with ownership and baseball operations cognizant that Teixeira, 29, represents the safest bet they can make for at least this year and next to shore up the heart of an aging lineup.

So it’s done. We’re writing about it like the offer has been made and been made PUBLIC that the offer is out there.  If so, why is the Herald being credited as the source for this story?

We all know that the Sox are interested in Teixeira and we all know that they will, at some point, be making an offer.  But here I go nitpicking again.  How can Silverman get away with writing the above without crediting any source – and expect people to just believe him?  And why would pick up the story and run with it?

How do you get SO specific as to say “The Sox have made an offer, the biggest and longest yet for this current ownership group.” and then not tell people where this information came from?

This whole thing just makes me tired.  Let’s talk about something else.  Like how I’m going to have  nightmares about Daisuke Matsuzaka messing up his pitching arm in the WBC.

Weeee.  There’s something to look forward to.


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Old Friends

Matt Clement in the Sox dugout in 2007 - Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Matt Clement in the Sox dugout in 2007 - Photo by Kelly O'Connor

I’ve been fond of Matt Clement ever since he was with the Red Sox.  I never liked the backlash he got because he was hurt, and I never believed he was a “head case”.  I felt woefully alone in my appreciations for Matt.  Nonetheless, I’ve tried to keep up with his career.  So I was happy to find out that he signed a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Well, at least it APPEARS that he has.  JP isn’t giving anything away just yet.  The Jays were also looking at Carl Pavano.  Their rotation could be interesting come 2009.

And speaking of free agents who have played for the Red Sox…I was just asking around about what was going on with Alex Cora and now we have an answer – sort of.


While not as pressing, the Mets’ top target to replace Damion Easley as a backup middle infielder also is becoming clearer. Team insiders acknowledge Alex Cora is the No. 1 target, with Nick Punto also on the radar, although the Twins and Phillies are pursuing Punto. Cora, 33, hit .270 with nine RBI in 152 at-bats for the Red Sox last season.

He’s the Met’s “No. 1 target”?  Well, I’m glad someone is interested in him since it seems the Sox aren’t.  And better the Mets than the Yankees, right?

And how about Derek Lowe?  Now that they’ve signed CC Sabathia, the Yankees are becoming “more attractive” to him.  Well of course they are, if the rumors are true that the Yanks offered Lowe four years and over $60 million.  I have to admit, for $60 million, I’D work for the Yankees.  I’m not proud.  Or rich.

Finally, please God save me from Curt Schilling.  His response on his blog to someone who didn’t agree with him?  I’d gladly doff that cap to punch someone like you in the mouth.The majority of his responses to those who don’t agree with him are insults (or, in this case, threats).  I don’t understand the point in writing about something so inflammatory if you can’t handle simple debate.  Not insults to Curt (which I’m all for blowing people like that out of the water) but just dissenting opinions.  Yes, it’s his blog and he can write what he wants, but resorting to insults (and, again, a physical threat) absolutely takes away from anything he thinks he’s accomplished with his blog.  The comments over there are moderated, so he has the power to just not publish comments that set him off so.  But it seems he’s publishing them all (and good for him for that) but almost as if he’s doing it JUST to get his retorts in.  We have different styles, we two.  I choose to try and NOT antagonize my readers.

A very wise person once told me that interacting with the commenters on your blog is a bad idea because there will, ultimately, come a time when your basest instincts come out and you’ll come across sounding like an idiot…or worse.  I think Curt’s blog is proof of that.  I’m all for fiery discussions in the comments section, but I’m against letting my blog turn into a breeding ground for flame wars.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes up once I’m writing at  Like Curt, I don’t suffer people I believe to be fools easily.  But my approach to them is quite different than his.  I AM inspired by the fact that this is happening at WEEI.  I worried some of my creativity (and control over my own blog) might be squelched once I got over there (for no reasons other than my own concerns – Rob Bradford hasn’t said anything to encourage my thinking that).

I’m MUCH less controversial than Curt is.  It should be a cakewalk for me.  🙂

In news about a current Sox player, Nolan Ryan is coveting Clay Buchholz.  I think we should sic Curt on him.

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Black Friday have you worried?

Who wants to go shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year?  Sure as hell not me.  SO I sit at my computer and shop in a much less stressful manner  – online!

Looking for the perfect gift for your baseball-loving friend or relative? is selling those caps the players wore on the 4th of July (Memorial Day?  Both?).  Chase Utley, Charlie Manual…get the cap your favorite player or coach wore.  (The only Red Sox player listed is Ramon Ramirez and that isn’t in a Red Sox cap!)

But here’s one I sense I know a person or two might like:  Craig Breslow!    Bidding starts at $150 and ends on December 5th.

Hey, there’s also an autographed photo of Bronson Arroyo going for…well, I forget how much, I’m distracted by the leg.

They’re also auctioning off an MLB authenticated, game used home jersey that Mike Timlin wore in the last game of the season this year.  Totally bittersweet for me, as you all know.  Opening bid?  $450.  Nothing says love like buying a USED jersey for what you might be able to pay for a smart phone or a really good digital camera.

Okay, so that’s out of my price range…how about a Mike Timlin hot wheels car??  You think I kid?

See?  There’s plenty of baseball-related stuff out there to buy!

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Revisionist History

Pedro and Manny in 2003 - Photo from

Pedro and Manny in 2003 - Photo from

Okay, so I’m usually the one bashing the Boston sports media for NOT giving players the benefit of the doubt and always coming down on the side that prefers to bash them instead of praise them.  Not so this morning.

It began when I opened an email from Tru this morning that said nothing but “Check out Michael Silverman’s column in the Herald today.  I think he slipped in the loo and hit his head…“.

I couldn’t imagine what Silverman could have written to get a reaction like this from Tru…so off to I went.

Let’s start with the headline to Silverman’s piece (yes, I know they, apparently, don’t write their own, but it’s a good indicator of the tone of Silverman’s article):  Pedro Martinez feels Manny Ramirez pain (great use of punctuation there, Boston Herald).

Ah, the pain of making all that money and still not being happy.  The pain of being absolutely beloved by the fans.  The pain of being a mega-millionaire and mega-superstar and orchestrating your release from the team.  DOES NO ONE CONSIDER HOW PAINED MANNY IS?????

Continue reading

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I Miss Them

The Boys of Summer, that is.

For those of you unable to view embedded videos, it’s The Hooters singing their version of “The Boys of Summer”.  I’ve been listening to the album “Time Stand Still” with this cover on it all week and this song just makes me miss baseball more.  Back later on with good news for Cliff Lee!!!

Also, for those of you who can’t see the video…a photo of Kyle Snyder giving the huggies!  🙂

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor

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The “Let’s try this again” Live Blog!

Okay, one more time ( and I shut down the old live blog so this will be a fresh one!).  For the win, Phillies, for the win. (And, please God, fulfill my wish of Jonny Gomes giving Michael Brett Myers a beatdown – thank you!)

So be here for the chat, blog, freeforall that will, hopefully, mark the end of the 2008 World Series!  And remember, every RBI that Pat Burrell hits, means a half-nekkid Pat Burrell photo in the blog.  Wooo!

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The Final Live Blog of the Season (?)

Well, here’s hoping anyway!

If you feel like chatting, voting on goofy polls or looking at half-naked pictures of Pat Burrell, this live blog is for  you!

With any luck, the Phillies will finish off the Rays tonight – and we’ll be here to document it!  Join us, won’t you?

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The “You asked for it, you got it!” Live Blog

I live blog Game 1, Phillies win.  No live blog for Game 2, Phillies lose.

So, by popular demand, Game 3 gets a live blog!  (Of course, with the new live blogging program, it’s more of a chat than a live blog, if people show, so there’s that aspect of it too!)

Be there at 8pm.  Or not.  It’s really just a good way to help me pay attention and stay awake for it. 🙂

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The Game 1 of the 2008 World Series Live Blog

Go Phillies!  (With no offense to the Rays fans.  But, yeah, I’m rooting for the Phillies.  Has more to do with my preference for the players on the Phillies, except Brett Myers, than it does the Rays kicking my team’s butt!)

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My Dilemna

I fell asleep at work today.  For about ten minutes.  In my entire life, that has never happened before.

So, obviously, I need some rest.

But tonight the World Series begins and I really want to stay up for it.

There seems to be only one solution:  A Live Blog.  🙂

I’m considering playing around with the blogging program that’s become so popular…we’ll see how that goes.  Either way, I’m going to be here, talking to myself to keep myself awake.  Please join me if you’re so inclined.  It has to be better than listening to McCarver and Buck all night, right?

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