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Looking Back

I’m watching Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. 

When Al Leiter points out that Randy Marsh (the first base umpire) called ARod "safe" after the slap, even though he never touched first base, Tim McCarver says "but he went back and touched first before he went to second".

Al Leiter responds to this with what I can only assume is stunned silence.

I try to forget that Leiter ended his career with the Yankees and prefer to remember him as the only announcer during the 2004 ALCS who I didn’t want to strangle.

Once again, "Nice Try, ARod".



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October 27, 2004


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Too bad Gary Thorne wasn’t playing tonight…

Up yours, Thorne
…so Beckett could drill him in the ass with  a fast ball.

 I love how, in the article referenced here, Gordon Edes feels the need to say Thorne has a "solid national reputation" because he’s worked on ESPN.  Give me a break.

He comes out and starts a lie about Schilling’s sock in 2004 being paint not blood because Schilling is kicking his team’s ass.  Giving fuel to the idiots, like the many Yankees fans online last night, who believe such things.

Schilling’s sock is a Hall of Fame artifact. I’m quite certain they wouldn’t uphold some massive lie about that.  And what about all the guys from the 2004 team who aren’t in Boston any longer?  Does ANYONE think if this was true that Doug Mientkiewicz wouldn’t have told the world already?

Or Pedro Martinez?  Anyone think he wouldn’t have used this to disparage Curt given their, supposed, tenuous relationship.

For what it’s worth, Oriole Kevin Millar came out and said that, OF COURSE it was real.  Up yours, Thorne. 

 Doug Mirabelli claims he doesn’t even know Thorne.  Mirabelli is the perfect guy to lay this on.  He has a reputation within the press corps.  He’s not their favorite boy.  I hope Thorne gets reprimanded big time for this, the asshole

In less cranky news, Schilling and Sox kicked the butts of the Orioles and their bullpen last night.  Had to feel a little sorry for Daniel Cabrera, who pitched a good game only to watch his mistakes and his bullpen mess things up.  And may I just say, please continue to start Alex Cora, Tito?  Thank you.

Bronson made his fifth start of the season and pitched well AGAIN only giving up 1 run…guess what he didn’t do?  He didn’t win.  7 innings, five hits last night, no wins this season…oh Bronson.  At least we have Wily Mo, right?  Ugh.

During the game, Remy and Orsillo noted that the Orioles spent $41 million to revamp the bullpen.  Near the end of the game, Remy said that the Orioles were watching $41 million being flushed away.  

No wonder Thorne was such an ass.  🙂 

Okay, I have to rant a little more.  Thorne throws this out there last night with little more than a "Mirabelli said so, ask him" and people are going to believe him?  The Red Sox have an entire team, the doctor (Bill Morgan, who was FIRED from the team and still insists it was real) and the Hall of Fame.  It will be disappointing if Thorne doesn’t get reprimanded for this.  

I can’t wait to hear what he says about this tonight. 

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April Baseball and other Musings

bapark2007.jpgFor someone who loves baseball as much as I do, I suppose it’s odd that I pay as little attention to spring training as possible.

It just doesn’t get me going the way the ‘real’ games do.

And tomorrow night, we finally get to experience the beginning of the 2007 season!

Baseball-wise, this April will be a busy month for me.  I’ll be at Opening Day at Fenway and back there the following evening.  THEN I’ll be back that first Saturday at Fenway and the following Monday (Patriot’s Day).  My final game in April will be on the 28th.  I don’t have all the specifics ironed out just yet (that’ll come within the next few days, hopefully), but on Saturday, April 28th, I’ll be sitting in Yankee Stadium watching (probably) Julian Tavarez lead the Sox to victory over the Yankees.

It’ll only be my second (and possibly last) trip to the Bronx.  I haven’t seen a Sox road game since 2005, so I’m really looking forward to it.  Of course, I’ll be looking forward to it more when I find out the specifics!  🙂

Speaking of 2005, thanks to Nancy over at SG, I read a nice interview/article about Bronson Arroyo yesterday that got me thinking.  In almost every interview I’ve read with him, Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon, it inevitably gets brought up that they believe if the team was "kept together" in 2005 (meaning, pretty specifically, signing Pedro Martinez and Derek Lowe) they would have won the World Series again.

Now, this could very well be true.  We’ll never know.  What sticks with me, though, is the tunnel vision these guys have in regard to this issue.  I understand fans saying it, but players, above just about everyone else, know about the business of baseball.  Lowe and Pedro were free agents looking for long-term, big money deals.  Nothing wrong with that, except Lowe only showed ‘brilliance’ with the team in 2004 in the POST-season and Pedro…well Pedro is amazing and I’m not bashing him here, but health-wise, Pedro had become the aunt you walk behind as she’s going up the stairs, so if she falls she doesn’t break a hip.

Where is he today?  And how would having him there help the Red Sox?  They would have been knee-deep in a long-term deal, with contract money getting soaked up.    And Lowe…well he’s definitely one of those pitchers (hi Bronson!) who has benefited from pitching in the National League.

Regardless of how the last two seasons worked out, I’ll never see the logic in signing guys to long-term, expensive deals, just for one more year of glory.  I’m thankful every day for what ALL the players from the 2004 team brought to us, but that doesn’t mean I still want them all on our team.  As much as I refer to and reflect on the 2004 team, it was a unique experience that will NEVER be repeated.  Doesn’t mean I think the Sox can’t win the World Series again, but like they did IN 2004, they needed to shake things up to do it.

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