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How about a free book?

So I’ve mentioned Caryn Rose and Metsgrrl many times on this. blog. I can’t remember now how I happened upon her blog but when I did I was immediately hooked. I wouldn’t consider myself a Mets fan (although I find myself rooting for them more often than not) but Caryn’s writing pulled me in and kept me going back for more. Caryn’s love for the Mets and baseball mixed with her writing talent made Metsgrrl one of the only other baseball blogs out there that I made a point of visiting on a regular basis.

And now you can enjoy Caryn’s Metsgrrl writings all in one place without having to even go online with “One Girl, One Team, One City: The Best of, 2006-2012,  an ebook available at  Normally this ebook would go for a reasonable $2.99 but for a limited time (ending on Monday, April 28th) you can get it for free!  Can’t beat that with a stick, right?

So follow this link to and download “One Girl, One Team, One City: The Best of, 2006-2012″ for some quite enjoyable baseball writing.

(For the record, I’m only promoting this for two reasons 1. I like Caryn and 2. I think more people should read her writing – I get no compensation from this at all!)


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