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I really have had enough

Is it safe to come out yet?

Every day it feels like another shoe is about to drop.  (The baseball gods sure have a lot of feet.)

I’m trying very hard to not harbor ill will toward the Red Sox but it’s difficult.  While many are happy just pointing the finger at Larry Lucchino for the Globe article that opened up all the wounds that were scabbing over, if Hohler is to be believed there were many people in all different areas of the organization who were happy to spill the beans on the team. The optimistic part of me says it will all make a great book after the Red Sox win the World Series in 2012 but the baseball pessimist worries it won’t work out that easily.

Over at, I wrote about Jacoby Ellsbury winning the “Comeback Player of the Year” award.  It’s well-deserved and something to be celebrated but it feels almost empty to congratulate him.  Because it feels like we shouldn’t be celebrating anything.  And I don’t need to tell you all that feeling this way is lousy.

No one is giving us a chance to feel better.  The team has no manager, barring something truly bizarre happening, the GM is out the door.  The owners haven’t issued any statements on the shambles that is the team…and every time we turn around someone is linking to an article about how dysfunctional and doomed the team we root for has become.  This is not fun.

I feel a bit lost not only in my allegiance to the team but in my blogging.  It seems most if not all of my fellow bloggers have decided to use this turmoil to their advantage and write entry after entry about how evil Larry Lucchino is or how horribly John Lackey has affected this team.  I suppose it’s bad for traffic, but I have no desire to keep rehashing how awful things are.  I want to write about what the team is doing to move forward from all of this and I’m getting no help from the team here.

Step it the hell up, fellas.

So I’m not avoiding blogging because I’m so devastated about what has happened with the team.  If it feels like I’m avoiding the blog (which I’m really trying not to) it’s because I don’t want to pile on.  I think we’ve all had enough.


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  1. It’s kind of like grieving the loss of a loved one.

    You read all the detail of how they down spiraled out of control, only to be so hopelessly lost that everyone around is consumed by the rumor innuendo and finger pointing.

    It hurts like no other hurt we’ve felt in a long time.

    It makes you wonder how well the neatly organized, well oiled machine on Yawkey Way was running. And now that the ghosts of Halloween are on the door step, this is by no means a treat; rather a nasty trick.

    So while the wags are having a field day, and we’re standing here wondering what’s true and what’s not – who stays, who goes, and more importantly, who is on the way, were all in this boat without oars.

    But I’m reminded of a time when there only glimpses of a great player here, or magical moment there. The getting to the promised land without much regularity, never mind the fantastic run we’ve had over the past decade.

    I have to believe, want to believe that John Henry is feeling deeply embarrassed by all this mess. And I’m one of the ones who leans on Lucchino and Epstein for what has become a test of every Sox fans patience, as we sit here watching this train wreck in slow motion.

    I’ve got $20 that says by the New Year, we will all know more, even some idea of what the 2012 roster will look like.

    Meanwhile, I want Jim Leyland and his guys to win it all. I might not get my wish, but there’s baseball still being played… Thank goodness for that!

    Comment by Tru | October 14, 2011 | Reply

  2. I hear ya! I just feel stunned and the knife gets twisted every day. I try to put it into perspective by thinking that if a couple of pitches go our way or if a game or two where we lost because of a bad call turned in our favor then possibly none of this crap would have seen the light of day, people keep their jobs and we don’t all start to question something that most of the time brings us a lot of happiness.

    Comment by Becky | October 14, 2011 | Reply

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