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Do I really care about Russell Martin’s comments yesterday about the Red Sox?

“I hate the Red Sox,’’ he said. “They are fun to play against because they have a quality team and they’re gritty and they play hard and stuff. But I’d love to see them lose.’’

No, I really don’t.

I mean, I suppose I get why Red Sox fans will get up in arms and say things about Martin’s mother or his manhood in response to his comments, but do we care that a player on our team’s rival came out and said he hates our team?  It’s playoffs time and he’s pandering to his fan base.  Why is this such a big deal?  Haven’t there been Red Sox players who have mentioned their dislike for the Yankees?  I’m actually kind of tickled that he has vocalized his “hatred” for the Red Sox.  Bring some hard feelings between the teams and amp up the rivalry, why not?  I just think it was a little wussy of him to only relay this opinion once the Yankees had clinched the division.  That’s a bit punky.  If you don’t have the guts to vocalize this opinion during the season and wait until the final days you really don’t have much in the way of integrity.  It’s easy to kick a team when you’re sitting on top, Russell.  Show a little backbone next time. (You realize there is a teeny part of me that won’t mind him taking one to the numbers this weekend, yes?)

I’m not worried about this weekend.  The way I see it, if the Red Sox continue to lose, that’s a huge red flag telling us that they won’t be ready for the playoffs.  If they begin to win again, they’re getting into the playoffs.  So either way I’ll be satisfied with this season.  Team played tremendously for the majority of the season.  The beginning of the year and the month of September were (and are) painful but this is certainly a sign to me that things are going to work out the way they need to.  Of course, after writing all of that it’s important for me to state that I REALLY (really really) want them to be in the playoffs.

Today’s front page of the Boston Herald reads:

“It’s crunch time, Sox….Give us what we paid for – Starting tonight”

What “we” paid for?  So either the Herald thinks it represents all of us or it has become a silent partner in the Red Sox organization.  Let me say this, I’ve supported the Red Sox this year financially as well as just in spirit and I’ve already received what I paid for.  All any fan can ask for is their team to be competitive all season long.  The Red Sox have been exactly that.  Anything a baseball fan gets past the end of September is a gift.  (And, as I’ve mentioned, I really want that gift.)

As I posted on Twitter this morning, my first baseball thought today was that no one can say “this team always lets us down” after 2004 and 2007.  Have you had fun, thus far?  I sure have.  I also have a great feeling that more fun is to be had by the Red Sox and their fans and look forward with great excitement to the series beginning tonight.

The Red Sox are 2 games ahead of the Rays and 3 games ahead of the Angels in the Wild Card race.  Let’s remember that the Red Sox are LEADING right now.  This is a good thing, folks.


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