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~ The Jerry Meals call that ended the Pirates/Braves game last night was just really God-awful.  Meals admitting he blew the call does nothing to help the Pirates and I’m getting to the point where I don’t give the umpires “credit” any more for admitting they were wrong.  It was so obvious he was wrong that I don’t understand why the rest of his umpiring crew didn’t get together and point out to him that he was wrong.  I don’t think MLB needs robot umpires or expanded instant replay…I think umpires should be held more responsible for their bad calls publicly.  We know when players and managers and coaches get reprimanded and we should know when umpires do as well.  They should know that publicly they will be taken to task for messing up.  Games should not be decided because an umpire screws up (or just wants to end a 19-inning game).  The only amusement I got from this was here…well played  Grant Brisbee.

~  I have put a block on the name “Carlos Beltran” in my Twitter feed.  I don’t care if he goes, I don’t care where he goes, I don’t care if he leaves New York and starts his own baseball team.  No one knows anything right now and the incessant tweeting about it does nothing but clutter up my feed with ridiculousness.  I save that spot in the feed for people who still joke about Dustin Pedroia’s height. (see below)

~  I’m sure I have probably been guilty of this and I apologize for it without looking back for specific examples (and knowing it’s possible I haven’t done it) because reading it now makes me apoplectic.  Dustin Pedroia is an American League MVP and Rookie of the Year and has a World Series ring to boot.  He is, to put it simply, a damn fine player and, seemingly, a leader on the team.  There is no reason to mention his height every time you write about him.  It’s hackneyed and old and a terrible way to establish yourself as a writer.

~  I don’t care  how ugly it was, last night’s game was a thing of beauty.  Sox won (without extra innings) and Dustin Pedroia was a home run away from the cycle and he and David Ortiz were both 4-5.  Jacoby Ellsbury came in as a pinch hitter and went 2-3…these are the things I want to see in my Red Sox games.  Ultimately, though, if I’m giving my heart to a player this season that player is Alfredo Aceves.  I want an Aceves shirt to wear around so I can tell people how much I adore watching this man pitch.  He gets bonus points for being part of the brought back to life bullpen band as well.

~ John Lackey is on the mound tonight.  Monday’s extra-inning loss aside, this is the Royals, fellas, and the least you can do is help Lackey get a win.  Bruce Chen will be on the mound for the Royals which could mean a third very long night ahead for both the teams and their fans with more scoring than we had last night.  Get the Red Bulls ready!


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  1. Weird game last night to be at.   WHile they kept scoring, and kept it interesting…it seemed like it took freaking forever!   Every pitch, every inning….I was exhausted by the time it finally ended!   Pedie and Papi were very exciting to watch and that almost home run was electric…but honest to God…can’t remember when I have been at a game and kept thinking…hurry up will ya!

    Comment by Dori | July 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. I don’t think the rest of the umpiring crew would have decided the homeplate ump’s call was wrong.  Meals had the best view & it didn’t look like the swipe tag made contact to him. 
    I’ll take the unpopular view & dis the tired (rookie?) catcher for that type of tag.  Just brace yourself for a collision & lay the leather on Lugo, like Tek would have done.

    Comment by Sharpie | July 27, 2011 | Reply

  3. Sharpie–I said the exact same thing as you, so your view isn’t that unpopular. (Pretty much exact–I wrote it in a Joy of Sox comment thread, that the tag looked like it never made contact, and that if the catcher just puts the glove out and lets the guy slide into it, there’s no doubt. What’s he swipe tagging for?) I still agree though that umps eff up a lot and need to be held accountable.

    Comment by Jere | July 28, 2011 | Reply

    • While I understand that they might have come to the same conclusion as Meals (although given different angles, I’m not convinced of that) I think, at the very least, they should be getting together and discussing it. It isn’t instant replay but at least it would show that the umpires actually do care about getting the right call.

      Comment by Toeing the Rubber | July 28, 2011 | Reply

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