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Good news…

I wouldn’t have written this entry if I didn’t feel strongly about the “It Gets Better” campaign but I will admit to being a little surprised that the Red Sox have agreed to become the third team (behind the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs) to produce a video for the project.  Little Sam Maden did a good thing and the Red Sox (and their fans, given the almost 10,000 signatures on the petition Sam started) responded in kind.  My surprise comes from what seems to be a natural lean away from anything related to LGBT by the world of sports, and I’m pleased to have been proven wrong.  Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed video! Thank you, Sam, Red Sox fans and Boston Red Sox.

Speaking of thanks, Alfredo Aceves deserves a whole bunch of them from Dustin Pedroia, Jonathan Papelbon and Terry Francona, yes?  Yesterday’s performance was, in my humble opinion, the epitome of clutch and just solidified my belief that he is one person in the bullpen that the Sox can’t afford to lose right now.  When he entered the game, we essentially got another starter just starting later than normal.  How great is that to have waiting in the wings?  Of course, four innings, three hits and one earned run later, it went to JD Drew, he of the Golden Sombrero yesterday, to come up big with the winning hit. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh.

Watching the closer get thrown out of the game in the ninth inning was, to say the least, surreal.  It actually surprised me to find out this is the first time Papelbon has ever been thrown out of a game, even if I couldn’t think of a time when it would have happened.  While I get why Tek was thrown out, even though it stunned me a little, Paps getting tossed was all because the umpire decided to insert himself in the game.  I hate when that happens and I hate even more that they don’t get called on it by the broadcasters or MLB…it’s only the fans (and Tom Caron on Twitter yesterday, hoo-boy).  But we have no time (or reason) to dwell.  They won and today they go for the sweep with John Lackey on the mound and Scott Atchison and Dan Wheeler the only relievers who weren’t used on Saturday.  Today’s game, at 1:35pm, could be a doozy.

I will be at a family event and unable to watch the game live (thanking the technology Gods for my smart phone) but I have no doubt it’s going to be one that we’ll be talking about for a while.


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  1. I couldn’t stay near TV to see that botom of the 14th inning rally as I had senior prom duty. In half a dozen “aren’t they a gorgeous couple!” snapshots from that extravaganza, the strange figure boogeying randomly in the background with the discreet earbuds under her hat is me, having said, “They walked 0-for-6 Jed to get to the veteran JD? Ooooh baby. . . he’s a gentle Zen Christian soul, but I’m thinkin’ he’s seriously ticked off and is going to….YEE HAW!”

    Comment by Elaine_Apthorp | June 5, 2011 | Reply

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