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Old is the new good

Photo of Wake courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission

Between the spirited live chat and the great game we got, last night was an awful lot of fun.  Thanks to Tim Wakefield, the Red Sox and all the folks who joined in the chat!

I know there are plenty of folks who think Tim Wakefield should hang up his cleats for good, but I’ve never bee one of those people and last night only reinforces my belief that he is more helpful than hurtful being on this team.  On top of that, I find him extremely entertaining to watch pitch, especially when, like last night, his knuckle ball is moving.

Regardless of the fact that they didn’t sweep, the Red Sox found out this weekend that Aceves and Wakefield filling in for Lackey and Matsuzaka might not be as horrible a prospect as folks thought before the weekend began.  There are definitely reasons to be hopeful!

Once again, though, we have no time to dwell (this time on the good) because the Sox are back at it tonight when the Red Sox hit Cleveland.  Justin Masterson will be on the mound for the Tribe against Clay Buchholz.  I will always consider myself a Masterson fan and every time he takes the mound I hope he pitches well.  Except tonight.  No, I will not be less upset about a loss because it comes at the hands of Mr. Masterson so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that tonight.

Considering adding a few more live chats into the weekly schedule since the chats we’ve held so far have had such a good response.  If you folks would be up for it, I can work something out with my own schedule.  For now, I think the next one will be on Tuesday when Josh Beckett takes on Fausto Carmona at Progressive Field.  Both the Wednesday and Thursday games are afternoon games (Wednesday at 12pm and Thursday at 1pm) and I’m not sure folks will be around then to chat  If I get a sense that folks would like to do it, I might work in a Wednesday afternoon live chat as well.

Being a half a game out of first place after the terrible start doesn’t stink at all.


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  1.  I never have as much anxiety about a Wakefield start as I do about Matsuzaka. Also, I was sorry to see Masterson leave. I really like him, too.

    Comment by Anitanola | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. Love Wake. It would be a different team without him. He’s fun to watch. He has a great attitude. He’s just a great example for all those would-be baseball players to follow. It’s nice to be able to call an athlete a “good example” to follow. How rare is that now?

    Comment by Lauren | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. I would feel beter about losing the wonderful Justin Masterson if the wonderful player we got in exchange (Victor Martinez) were still with the ballclub, but in this case for a number of understandable reasons that was not in the cards. I, too, wish Justin–and Victor–every good thing except victories over the Sox 🙂  They are both very good players and class acts

    Comment by Elaine_Apthorp | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  4. At the back end of last season, I was one of those calling for Tim to hang ’em up. More than happy to eat my words. And I love your post title 🙂

    Comment by John Sigsworth | May 24, 2011 | Reply

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