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Monday Giveaway!

The cure for a, thus far, lackluster home stand is a Clay Buchholz post-rain delay appearance that blew folks away on Saturday and then an old fashioned beat down on Sunday.

So I’m pretty happy right about now.

The Red Sox hold sole possession of third place in the American League East and are four games out of first place.  (In comparison, the Minnesota Twins, the team the Red Sox just won a series against, are in fourth place in their division and are 9.5 games back.)  Four games isn’t close to being unreachable.  Patience, people, patience.

As promised what seems eons ago, I have a book to give away!

Baseball Miscellany (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Baseball) by Matthew Silverman.

This book is a quick, fun read if you are like me and enjoy picking up bits of trivia about the best game in the country. Do you want to impress people by telling them who the first player was to lead off a World Series with a home run? (Patsy Dougherty of the Boston Americans, who also is the first player to hit two home runs in a World Series.) This book doesn’t only cover Boston, though. It gives you the “recipe” to make your own MLB baseball, gives you quotes by MLB stars and legends (for example, Cy Young’s view on pitchers) and definitions of baseball terminology that might not make sense to the casual fan (see: Can of Corn).  It’s a great little reference book to have handy; Matthew Silverman did a nice job collecting and explaining many things about the game that folks will definitely find interesting.

So what say you?  How would you like a free copy of this book?  Dazzle your friends, impress your enemies and come out of it knowing more about baseball than Joe Buck!  All you have to do is answer some trivia questions.  I’ll randomly choose the winner out of the entries that have answered the most questions correctly (remember to use your real email address so I can contact you!):

Contest will run through Wednesday and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

Good luck!


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