Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan

Moving right along

It’s amazing that two wins feels this good but, dammit, it sure does.

Josh  Beckett pitching 8 full innings of shutout baseball against ANY team let alone the New York Yankees was fantastic national television watching.  Ten strike outs, one walk, two hits…how beautiful does that look?

I know we’re all hoping this is the beginning of the Red Sox shaking off the cobwebs.  Both wins this weekend showed us what this team can do. (Along with showing us they seem to be addicted to leaving men on base.)

“…we’re four games out of first place with 153 to go.  Long ass way away.” I’ll give you one guess as to who said that gem after the game.


April 11, 2011 - Posted by | 2011


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm Munchkin?

    Comment by Tex19 | April 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. Pedie put that team on his little back and just took off. Great win last night.

    Comment by Ted | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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