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Fan Friendly?

I have more to write about from Friday but first a small interruption to acknowledge that the Red Sox are doing their best to try our patience and loyalty.  I get it.  I see it.  I’m just happy that yesterday I saw no baseball at all.  None.  So I’m less overly emotional about the Sox being at one win still.

I would like them to be at two come Monday morning.  That is all.

One thing I left out in my Opening Day recap is that when we got into Fenway Park as the gates opened and went straight to the stands, we noticed the Yankees were the ones taking batting practice not the Red Sox.  One of the things I always would brag about to my non-Red Sox baseball fan friends was that you could get into Fenway two hours before game time, see some of the home team batting practice and walk around the entire park.  There is no reason I can think of why you would change this, Red Sox, none.  Yet, they did.  It’s a ridiculous move for an otherwise fan-friendly organization and I’d really like to know why they did it.  You all are already on your way to having a PR nightmare (as well as many empty seats) with the way this team is starting off in 2011, alienating the fans doesn’t really benefit you and, frankly, it’s a really lousy thing to do.


Random stat that doesn’t mean a thing:  The New York Yankees won 101 games in 2004.

Blog suggestion for the day:  This goes to Jere at A Red Sox fan From Pinstripe Territory because he is the one who so completely breaks down the new entrance policy at Fenway.  To put it bluntly, the policy stinks.


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  1. You can get in earlier and watch BP from the Monster if you have a RSN card. The cheapest one is $15. I’ve looked all over and can’t see where they’ve explained or gave an answer for the change though…seems odd they would change it.

    Comment by Tex19 | April 10, 2011 | Reply

    • That makes it worse, IMO, that they still allow the RSN members in but the rest of the unwashed don’t get to see SOX BP at ALL and then once those folks get in they’re subjected to limited access.

      It’s very, you’ll pardon the expression, Yankee-like.

      Comment by Toeing the Rubber | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  2. Oh I agree. They’ve been letting the rsn card holders do this so it’s not new. But I just don’t get WHY they are changing this policy NOW….I mean at least give an explanation..something that makes sense of it all. I know I’d be ticked if I traveled and finally got to go to a game and then couldn’t even WATCH the RS batting practice??? Bad move on their part.

    Comment by Tex19 | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  3. I do have the RSN card (the cheapest one – $15) for the purpose of going in early. I never believed in joining RSN until they started doing that in ’09, and I go to enough games where it made sense to get it.

    I went on Friday, and got in at 11:35. RSN members can go on the GM or sec 36 of the bleachers to watch, but nowhere else. They make us come down when the regular gates open, which was 12:05, still 2 hours before the game, not the 1.5 they said they changed it to. By the time the gates opened the RS had just finished their BP, and usually it does go a little later. But I just assumed that was because they had the OD ceremony to do, so they just ended a little earlier that one day. I hope this is the case, because if not I’m completely appalled too!

    I’m going again tonight, so I’ll see what they do for a regular, non-Opening Day game.

    Comment by Kristen | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  4. I will say this, though. I usually sit in the bleachers, so BP is my one chance to see and photograph the players up close. When they first started the “RSN can watch BP from the Monster” thing in ’09, I liked going in early and then when they made us come down, I would go down the stairs on the LF end, putting me close to whoever was shagging flies in LF and leaving me plenty of time to walk down around behind home plate.
    But last year they wouldn’t let us down the LF end of the Monster, and we had to go down the CF stairs. From there, it’s a looong walk to home plate, so by the time I would get all the way over there and get the camera ready, they’d be coming in. To me, blocking off the LF stairs ruined half the fun for me.
    And if they move the time of BP up or move the opening of the gates back, that would be completely terrible. I always enjoy being able to see batting practice when I can.

    Comment by Kristen | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  5. Kristen–I went yesterday (Game 2) and we STILL didn’t get Red Sox BP. I really hope all this different stuff is for the first series and they go back to normal soon. I was fine with the RSN thing allowing you to go on the Monster–but now you have to sign up just to see the home team’s batting practice at all? Somebody’s thinking too hard over at Yawkey Way, I think.

    Thanks for the link, Cyn.

    Comment by jere | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  6. OK, I think I figured this gate thing out, and I have to say it sucks.

    In previous years you could go on the GM 2.5 hrs before the game, and you had to come down 2 hours before when the gates opened. Going in at the 2-hr mark allowed you to see the last 15 or so minutes of Red Sox BP.

    Here’s how it worked today. The RSN line got in 2.5 hrs before the game and we went to the GM. The Sox were taking BP (with D’Angelo Ortiz shagging flies in CF which is always fun to watch). At the 2-hr mark no one came by to tell us to go down, but I started seeing people in the box seats like the gates had just opened. But here’s the catch. Only Gates D and A opened at this time (think I read somewhere that’s what they were doing) and people could go in to watch the final 15 minutes of Red Sox BP. But they could only stand behind home plate from dugout to dugout. No going out to left or right field, and those of us on the Monster couldn’t go around to that area – or anywhere beyond about section 37 of the bleachers. Once the RS finished BP, I had no interest in watching the yankees bat. It’s not like I’m going to catch a ball anyway (and even if I did, wouldn’t everyone yell “throw it back”?) but I had to either stay up there and watch or wait downstairs in the concourse for Gate C to open 1.5 hours before, which is when we could actually access the rest of the park.

    Since my whole goal in watching BP is to get up close and take some pictures that aren’t from a million miles away like they will be once I get to my seat in the bleachers, I kind of think that for next Sunday’s game I’m going to skip the RSN on the GM and go in Gate A 2 hrs before so I can go down behind the dugout. If Larry came up with this one to get more people to buy the RSN card, I think he just lost my $15 next year.

    Comment by Kristen | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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