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Get well, Bronson. (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission)

After all my complaining about people complaining about the team in Spring Training I have to fess up and admit that watching last night’s game was painful. I’m not proud.  The game drove me crazy.  Good God, it’s already started, hasn’t it?

It’s going to be a fun year.

Speaking of pain, send good thoughts to Corey Patterson who left the game after being hit by a Daniel Bard 95 mph fastball.  It was a frightening moment during the game punctuated by the obvious remorse Bard showed while Patterson was being attended to.  I can’t remember seeing a pitcher applaud someone he just hit as they walk off the field.  Bard did that last night (he also spoke to Patterson after the game).

In one of the more unique stories of the week, Bronson Arroyo, thought to possibly have been suffering with Valley Fever can rest easy now knowing it’s Mono.  Apparently the move to Arizona for the Reds has taken it’s toll on my favorite active right-hander. (A comment on the original ESPN story about the possibility of it being Valley Fever now seems more entertaining than when I originally read it:  “some get pneumonia then get better, some are sick for months or years, and some die”.  In either case, Bronson could probably use some positive vibes sent his way too!)

Previously, I mentioned Pedro Martinez getting a portrait in the Smithsonian this week.  After reading the story about it and how he felt (and seeing this picture of him and his mother next to the portrait) I have a hankering to watch some old Red Sox games pitched by him.  It’s interesting to me the kind of emotions Pedro can stir up.  At least for me.   I’m so proud of him and touched by his reaction to the honor.  It also makes me sentimental for the Pedro Martinez days of the Boston Red Sox.

Including the exhibition game against the Houston Astros on the 30th, there are five games left for the Red Sox before the regular season begins.  Three of them, including the Houston game, will be shown on NESN and two of those three (the Houston game and tonight’s 7:05 game against the Minnesota Twins) will also be shown on the MLB Network.  So there are still plenty of opportunities to get a look at your 2011 Boston Red Sox before the games officially mean anything.


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