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Out with the old…

Seriously, 2010, get lost.

I can count on one hand the truly good things that happened in 2010.  Sadly, it takes many fingers and toes to count all the lousy things that happened to me and to people I love.  To put it plainly, 2010 sucked in the biggest way anything could suck.

But I’m an optimist and I have faith that 2011 will NOT suck.  2011 will be a wonderful year where the good outweighs the bad.

At least that is my hope for me…and for all of you.

Happy New Year, folks.  And thank you so much for stopping by and being a big part of what didn’t suck in 2010.

Here’s to a joyous, peaceful and healthy 2011!


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  1. I’m glad you posted and gave me a chance to wish you a Happy New Year. I think just as many bad things as usual happened but, chiefly in self defense, I think I’ve gotten really adept at digging out the few kernels of good happenings!

    I had a really weird afternoon with my beloved Celtics and my dear Hornets going right down to the wire. It was a wonderful game. I think KG would have tipped the balance. Big Baby was no more babyish than usual. Chris Paul is so smart, so full of heart and energy and so disciplined that I think only KG could have ramped up the Celtics to win today. Strange to want them both to win and yet to care about both the win and the loss.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2011 to you, your family, friends and readers. Thanks for keeping such a great online “home” for women fans and for tending the hot stove all winter.

    Comment by Anita | December 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. I also was MORE than happy to usher 2010 out the door…not a good year, at all. But like you, I am optimistic that 2011 will be a much better year for me, and I wish that for you, as well! Happy New Year!

    Comment by Kristine | January 1, 2011 | Reply

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