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Carl Crawford telling the world that his 6 year-old son might be “a closet Red Sox fan” because he was so excited about Crawford joining Boston kept me smiling all day yesterday.

I know he’s going to be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and that’s the real reason he’s happy to be in Boston, but yesterday Crawford said all the right things and gave Red Sox fans yet another reason to be excited about this upcoming season.  I’m as happy about this season as I have been any other…and a little bit more so at the idea of seeing both Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford playing in home whites at Fenway.  Jason Varitek hanging around Fenway for another season pleases me too.  Tek has his detractors but I’m not one of them.  There’s a happy feeling that I get knowing Tek is around.  As I wrote a few entries ago, same goes for Tim Wakefield.  I’m going to enjoy having the old guard in the park along with the new blood.  I feel like those being miserable about what has happened so far this off-season just don’t want to try and enjoy what we have.  That’s not to say I don’t understand why some folks would question the length or amount of Crawford’s contract (it’s a bit mind-boggling) but I feel like it’s a no-brainer to say he’ll be a great addition to the team.  If I have to pay a few extra dollars for a seat, or a beer, or a dog, and the upside is I’ll be using that seat, drinking that beer or eating that dog at a playoff game, I’m all right with that.

I’ve been meaning to bring up Bronson Arroyo signing an extension with the Reds.  It’s so amusing to me how things change with time and, relative, success.  Longtime readers of the blog know how devastated I was when Theo traded Bronson.  (Oh, Wily Mo).  I was counting the days until he was out of his contract.  After a career first season with the Reds, Bronson was given an extension, adding four years and around $25 million in salary.  I had to be happy for him but his contract ending in 2010 seemed so far away.  Now he’s been given another extension, three years and $35 million and instead of lamenting how long he’ll be with the Reds, I’m happy that he’s become such a valuable fixture in the rotation.  I must be getting soft in my old age. 🙂

If you haven’t heard of Dirk Hayhurst, The Garfoose or The Bullpen Gospels, you’re missing out on some entertaining musings.  Dirk is a talented writer (and current free-agent pitcher) who uses his time to entertain and encourage those who read him.  Last night, he jumped on Ustream and read chapters from the book he is currently working on for roughly 25 fans who caught his mention of it on Twitter.  Along with having a pleasant voice to listen to, he has a knack for story telling and it was a unique and fun way to spend an evening.  Dirk has really mastered using social media outlets to connect with fans.  It would please me if more players could do this.  I know not all of them have books to promote,  but there are still ways to interact with the fans without it being intrusive for the players while giving the fans a taste of the athletes they support.  Maybe they should give social media classes to the players?  I’m looking for work and would be happy to assist!

There is an awful lot to appreciate about baseball.  I’m appreciating how Theo and the trio seem to be going out of their way to make sure we appreciate them this year!


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  1. From what I hear, Carl Crawford is one of those players whose personality is best described as “all ball.” A little like Bill Mueller that way. Shy and serious and totally focused on the game. I hope Red Sox Nation lets him be himself, cause himself is one heck of a fine ball player. I so look forward to rooting FOR his exploits instead of (as per the past half dozen seasons) lamenting them as he bangs singles off the Monster that turn into triples as he zooms effortlessly around the bases. Lord willing and the man stays healthy, it’s hard to imagine much landing on the grass anywhere in left field for the next seven years with Craw patrolling that wall for the Sox.

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | December 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the headsup on Dirk…I always love to find new writers about baseball and it’s a plus that it’s a baseball player!

    Definitely fun stuff cooking on the Hot Stove and even though I know deep in my heart none of the pots are going to include Beltre…I’m getting excited for what 2011 brings. Recently getting laid off was making it hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit or even Hot Stove…but I’m slowly getting there.
    Thanks for the Christmas Card!! You’re My First 🙂

    Comment by Tex19 | December 12, 2010 | Reply

  3. Cyn,

    You may have covered this somewhere but…with Tek being on a 1-year contract, there must be some discussion about who will be the next Captain. Any thoughts of who it might be? Without any thought, the first names that comes to mind are Youk and Pedroia.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and forgive me if you discussed this previously.


    Comment by Tom | December 12, 2010 | Reply

    • I haven’t touched on it, Tom, mostly because I haven’t really given it much thought. It seems to me that the Red Sox don’t throw around the title casually so I don’t think they’d jump to giving it to anyone else after Tek for a while. Having written that, I definitely think Pedroia and Youk would be frontrunners for the title if they stick around with the team long term (which it looks like they will, most likely, be doing!).

      Elaine, I’ve always liked Crawford (fights against the Sox and almost accidentally beheading Matt Clement aside) so I’m excited he’s on our team now!

      I know first hand how tough it is to get into the good spirits when that happens, Donna, and I’m so sorry you’re going through it (but I’m glad you liked the card!!).

      Comment by Cyn | December 12, 2010 | Reply

  4. “I so look forward to rooting FOR his exploits instead of (as per the past half dozen seasons) lamenting them as he bangs singles off the Monster that turn into triples as he zooms effortlessly around the bases.”

    Given that he’s had a grand total of 3 triples at fenway or 3 years I certainly hope he sets his sights higher.

    Comment by benk | December 13, 2010 | Reply

  5. 3 triples in 6 years, that is…

    Comment by benk | December 13, 2010 | Reply

  6. I was thinking more about the umpteen zillion times he flipped a single and then stole second and third on the next pitch and a half on our savvy and beloved but not very strong-armed catchers :-). It always seemed like the bases were only like sixty feet apart whenever Crawford was on, like Jacoby. But he’s going to hit a lot of triples in this ball park going forward, methinks, especially as he gets the hang of the gap shot to the Triangle 😀

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | December 13, 2010 | Reply

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