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Oh, NESN, you fail us again

I’m only going to touch on this briefly because I have another Yankees loss to gloat about, but it’s still worth a mention:  Word came out yesterday that NESN will be simulcasting the Dennis & Callahan show live from 6-9am beginning November 16th.

Let me put that in clearer terms:  The New England SPORTS Network will be joining with WEEI (a radio SPORTS network) in giving air time to two racist, homophobic, hate-mongering men who talk more about politics than they do sports for three hours a day every weekday.  How exciting is that?

I’m not going to trot out the million reasons why I hate what D&C do.  You can Google John Dennis or Gerry Callahan and find it all over the place.  I will say that hosting the Jimmy Fund telethon once a year doesn’t absolve you from all the hate you spew and I’m pretty sure that both D&C believe in a God who will, eventually, punish them for being such horrible people.  In the meantime, NESN (as WEEI has done for all this time) will REWARD them and punish the rest of us. It won’t surprise me in the least to find out that ESPN and the MLBN have their ratings boosted during the 6-9am time slot in New England.  At least that’s what I hope for.

Here’s what you can do, though I have little hope it will make a difference:  Contact NESN and tell them what a lousy thing this is to do to the fans.  I’ll make it easy for you.

Sean McGrail is the President and CEO of NESN.  You can reach him, or anyone at NESN in the following ways:

Mailing Address

480 Arsenal Street, Building #1
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-536-9233
FAX: 617-536-7814

Also, John Henry can be reached easily on Twitter @john_w_henry.

It isn’t often that I say I have no faith that the fan’s voices will be heard but with WEEI happily accepting what D&C do and NESN being BFF with WEEI, I’m guessing we’re spitting into the wind here…but it’s always good to get your voice heard.



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  1. Done and done. D & C are an embarrassment to Boston sports reporting.

    Comment by Michael Christopher | October 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. 1. its four hours not three (6-10)

    2. They have Tom Brady/Adam Schefter/Jerod Mayo/Doc Rivers/Jerry Remy/Mike Florio and Boomer Esiason on all the time during their respective seasons and generally talk about sports in a different manner than most. its more of a laid back nature than the other programs and way more serious in my opinion than the planet mikey show. The morning guys on 98.5 and all of the hosts except felger and massoratti(sp) are very mysogynist compared to WEEI. (Felger is just stupid to everything IMO)

    3. There extra non sports guests are actually entertaining as well. You just might be ignorant to them. They have best selling authors on, public officials (John Kerry has gone on the station before) and this morning Scott Brown went on not to talk about politics but the student from Pace who died in DC over the weekend. AND Bengie molina’s sister was on too and talked about her family growing up an how she has three brothers who play baseball.

    4. Because of the early morning hours they get away with talking about other things. During the senate race this january Dale and Holley were the only ones not talking about it.

    5. i’m a college student with late classes so im not usually up to listen, and those who do CHOOSE TO like myself. There are hundreds of other things to listen to weather its radio or ipod extension in the car and loads of other things to watch in the morning on tv

    6. the only thing normally on nesn at that time is infomercials so its not like they are bumping anything important AND if they do bump something hopefully its nesn daily


    Comment by Brian | October 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. Another post as well to go along with the rest. Name me one instance other than the METCO incident of racism? Name me another instance other than the Queer eye incident of a homophobic comment? (IMO the QEFSG comment wasnt all that homophobic and actually represented many peoples views of that day. AND even mike timlin announced his displeasure with the day) You cant make assumptions based on a few incidents. They are right wing, deal with it.

    And one last thing, the only people who will tune in are going to be people who listen. Remember that the majority of people who LISTEN are usually doing something that requires them to turn on the radio i.e in the car or in their office.

    Comment by Brian | October 20, 2010 | Reply

  4. I also think its wrong to attack john henry for this. He is FAR from the one in charge if this. It would be like if i didnt like the food at my school me going to the board of directors at Sodexho food services in France. They wouldnt care.

    Comment by Brian | October 20, 2010 | Reply

  5. 1) NESN only will be simulcasting from 6-9 according to reports and the story I linked to in this entry.

    2) NESN isn’t partnering with 98.5 so, for this argument, what they do is irrelevant. But, PLEASE, do not try to tell me WEEI isn’t misogynistic. They practically invented the word over there.

    3) I am not ignorant of their guests not related to sports. I believe a sports network should stick to sports and leave politics to the politically-based networks.

    4) Again, if I’m turning on a sports station, I want to hear about sports.

    5) You’re missing the point entirely.

    6) I couldn’t care less specifically what they will be bumping for this (but FYI, the 6-9 hours are usually reserved for “NESN Daily” and one hour replays of the baseball or hockey game from the night before.)

    Ignoring bigotry doesn’t make it go away. I don’t listen to WEEI for this reason and I would prefer NESN didn’t start serving those who find the likes of D&C entertainment. NESN is already considered a joke of a network and as a Boston sports fan I would like that to change. This will not change that at all, it will just reinforce it.

    //Name me one instance other than the METCO incident of racism? Name me another instance other than the Queer eye incident of a homophobic comment?//

    Actually, I don’t have to name any other incidents because these were pretty well strong ones. On any given day the sexist, racist, and homophobic comments come out. While I don’t listen on a daily basis, WEEI has their shows up on their website and when folks start talking about what ridiculous things D&C have said, I go listen so if I have to discuss it I’m not just parroting someone else’s feelings. While every episode isn’t filled with that kind of talk, it’s out there.

    And the METCO incident alone should have gotten them both fired and it’s disgusting that it didn’t.

    Finally, I didn’t attack John Henry. I’m actually a big fan of his. I think it’s important for people to make their voices heard and since he has put himself out there to the public via Twitter I think there is no harm in letting him know of my disappointment with the path the network he is the majority owner of is taking.

    Comment by Cyn | October 20, 2010 | Reply

  6. Nice answer. you lack your mothers temper. That’s a good thing ❤

    Comment by noni | October 21, 2010 | Reply

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