Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan

Heavy Sigh

Well, that was both enjoyable and extremely painful.

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m not bitching about anyone, I’m not rehashing the game.  I only ask the baseball gods to not give the Sox and their fans the final kick in the privates this weekend.  Let this weekend be, relatively speaking, meaningless.  If I have to be at Fenway Park AGAIN when the Yankees clinch the division, I might hurt someone.  That is all.

Still fighting this damn cold but as of right now I really do want to do a final S0x live chat…so right now I’m looking at this Thursday against the White Sox.  It’s the final game of September and even though it starts at 8pm, I thought it a good choice.  Hope folks will be able to join us!

I will say this about ESPN:  Joe Morgan talking about how Papi “really” feels even after admitting Papi said nothing of the kind to him and also going on about how the Red Sox front office “Gave up” on this season should be cause for that man to get a stern talking to from his bosses or at least a punch in the face.  I know Morgan is a sub-par broadcaster but last night he was just out of his ass and his boothmates did nothing to discourage it and actually encouraged it.  I think Joe Morgan might be a bigger asshat than CHB – and that’s sure saying something.

I lied.  That is not all about this weekend.  Friday and Saturday and parts of Sunday were some of the most fun and exciting baseball I’ve watched in a long time.  If folks choose to dwell on the fact that the Sox lost yesterday, that is their choice.  As much of a bummer as it was to see Papelbon blow another save and Okajima give it up at the end, those things don’t take away from how much I genuinely enjoyed watching these games.  I’ve written it before.  All I ask is that they win more than they lose and they’re still keeping up with that…so I’m happy.  Disappointed they didn’t get a sweep and the Yankees clinched a playoff spot sure, but still happy and proud of my team for never saying die.


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