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Hello, goodbye

Oh Dustin.  I look forward to seeing this sight next year!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Oh Dustin. I look forward to seeing this sight next year! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Oh Manny.

Everything was my fault, but you have to be a real man to realize when you do wrong. It was my fault, right? I already passed that stage. I’m happy. I’m on a new team. When I went to first base, I told (Kevin) Youkilis, ‘What happened between you and me, that’s my fault. I’m sorry.’ It takes a real man to go and tell a person it was my fault and that’s what I did.

While I will fully admit that my initial reaction was to focus on the “real man” lines (because, really, that’s something someone else should say about you not something you should tell folks about yourself:  “Look at me!  I’m a REAL man now!”) the truth is, I’m still a little stunned.  When I checked the Droid last night and read the headline  “Manny apologizes for his exit from Boston” I was convinced it was a joke.  It certainly doesn’t make up for what he did (or, really, what he said after he left) but it’s so much more than I ever expected from him.  It’s interesting to think that Manny is starting to focus on what his legacy will be once he isn’t playing ball and is trying to do some kissing and making up.  Doesn’t change a lot for me but I think it will make a huge difference to a lot of fans.  Johnny Damon could take some lessons in fan relations from Manny (holy cow did I just type that?).

In regard to a player I’d much rather write about, Dustin Pedroia bit the bullet yesterday and had season-ending surgery on his foot.   This makes two infielders and two outfielders who were starters not being able to play the season (Youkilis, Ellsbury and Cameron round out the group).  I’m sorry, I know folks don’t like pointing to injuries and saying they are the reason for a bad season but THINK about how many injuries to key players this team has withstood this season and think about the fact that the Sox still are actually in the playoff hunt (it’s a long shot, I get it, but they’re still in it technically and in a much better position than they really should be given what tremendous hits they’ve taken in 2010).

I’ll definitely miss the 1pm game today and possibly will miss the 7pm game.  Yanks and Rays both won last night so the road hasn’t gotten any easier.  Still, I have hope.  How about you?


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  1. Cyn –

    You’re more considerate of Manny than I am. I think he only thinks of himself when it comes to his baseball life. The “real man” comments are very telling of Manny’s make up. I believe his apology to Youkilis was a forced one. In the game, he ended up on first base and decided to make a feable attempt at apologizing. Not much thought or sincerety was put into it. If he really had a desire to clear the air and sincerely apologize to Kevin he could have gone to Kevin in the halls between the clubhouses before the game and done it. Or, he could have gone to Kevin on the field before the game when the teams were warming up, exercising, etc. There were plenty of other opportunities for him to privately apologize to Kevin which he didn’t select.

    Had Manny not gotten to first base during the game, would he have apologized? If he had hit a double instead of a single, would he have apologized? I doubt that he would have made any attempt to apologize to Kevin during the series with the Red Sox except this one situation, which evidently made him feel awkward.

    Comment by DON in VA | September 4, 2010 | Reply

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