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Good luck in Colorado, Little Manny!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Good luck in Colorado, Little Manny! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

It is sometimes difficult to find something to write each day.  Today was especially difficult as last night’s game wasn’t one we want to relive yet I didn’t want to leave a blank space where something should be written.

I was pleased to find this in the comments today (from “Sharpie”):

Balty’s starter pitched his ass off & Josh was just as good & lasted longer

As anyone who visits this blog regularly knows, I’m all about finding silver linings and trying to accentuate the positive and it tickled me that someone beat me to the punch (and instead of my inspiring you, you inspired me).

I just can’t give up on this team.  No matter how hard is sometimes is to watch, no matter how many comments or emails I get from people who want to rub salt in the wound they assume is there, no matter how bad the chances become that the Sox play deep into October, I can’t give up on them – and I won’t.

I’m a little surprised at the number of fans who have admitted that they’ve moved on to football.  I’m surprised that members of a fan base supposedly so dedicated can just give up that easily.  From 2000 through 2009, the Red Sox have been in the playoffs six times.  They’ve finished second in the division eight times, finished third once and finished first once.  How many fan bases have been this fortunate?  How many fans know that their team will most likely be in the playoffs and if not in them damn near close to getting in them every year?

Out of the last ten opportunities, the Red Sox have missed the playoffs four times.  In those six playoff appearances, two were ended in game 7 of the ALCS and two ended with World Series championships.  We’ve been quite fortunate.  There’s a great chance this season will mark five out of eleven – does that make this team any less your team?  Do you like baseball less because your team isn’t good?  No one makes you become a fan.  Either you like baseball or you don’t.  I don’t get the mindset of “I support the team unless they aren’t going to the playoffs”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone should have rose-colored glasses on and be absolutely positive the Sox can still make it to the playoffs.  I’m just baffled by the number of people complaining about how the Red Sox are done and saying that now it’s time to focus on football (or whatever you activity of choice is once baseball season is over).

I’m still watching.  I’m still hoping for good baseball and crossing my fingers that meaningful baseball will get played at Fenway come late September.  Even if the baseball is “meaningless”, I’m still watching.

Before the season began, when it was announced that the final series at Fenway would be against the Yankees, Kelly O’Connor bought tickets for the last game and emailed me saying I was going with her because if the game was meaningful (and turned out good) we’d want to be there and if the game turned out to be the last game played at Fenway in 2010 we had to be there.

Right now, even though I know the possibility of that game being excruciatingly painful is tremendous, I can’t wait to be there.  Sometimes it’s worth the rough times to show the team that, good or bad, you’re there to support them.  They give us a lot of  joy over the season and it seems to me when they’re at their worst (or just having a rough go of it) it’s our job as fans to give a little back.


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  1. “Out of the last ten opportunities, the Red Sox have missed the playoffs four times.”

    Don’t even need to go back that far–missed the playoffs only once in the last seven seasons. Yet terribly some people gave up in April (and the media wasn’t exactly trying to convince them not to…)

    Comment by jere | September 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have no other sport to watch once baseball is over so I’ll continue to watch and cheer until the last day of the season.
    Chances are really, really slim the Sox will be playing baseball in the post season this year but chances were less than slim the Sox would be in the 2004 World Series and we all know how that turned out.

    Comment by Brenken | September 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. If anyone’s thinking that maybe the team itself thinks they’re done–I hope you saw the excitement in the dugout just now as we came back in this game that looked so bad for so long. I’m behind these guys!

    Comment by jere | September 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Jere, that’s one of the truly frustrating things for me is reading/hearing people say “Look at the, they’ve given up” when I don’t see that at all. Those are the same people who complained that there were no “personalities” on this team and they were boring to watch.

      Comment by Cyn | September 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. YAAH! Go Sox.

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | September 1, 2010 | Reply

  5. The people that say “Look at them, they’ve given up” are just transposing their feelings on to the team. Those people are the ones that have given up, not the team. Sure the team looks down in a tough loss. It’s always been more fun to win than lose, there is just more intensity this time of year.

    It’s too bad the heart of a fan can’t be measured, but the reward is the team. If people have lost interest in their team at this time, there is very little reward for them.

    Comment by Sharpie | September 2, 2010 | Reply

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