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I wrote this on Twitter during ESPN’s coverage of the game when Jon Miller said that it will be tough for the Red Sox to catch the Rays or the Yankees because New York and Tampa Bay had been playing much better baseball than the Red Sox lately.  It didn’t sit right with me, so I looked it up.

Before Sunday’s games were played, the Yankees’ record in August was 13-13 and they had won six out of their last ten games.  The Rays’ record was 15-11 and they also won six out of their last ten.  The Red Sox?  15-11 and wins in six out of their last ten games.

So to say that, right now, the Rays and Yanks are playing well above the Red Sox (which is pretty much what Miller was saying) is flat-out wrong.  This season hasn’t been anything if it hasn’t been a struggle but the Red Sox are playing ball at the same level as the two teams currently above them.  It doesn’t help when you look at the standings and see how far out they are but it shouldn’t be glossed over that the Rays and Yanks are so much more superior when right now they’re all playing at similar levels.

It looks like a really tough road for the Red Sox to make it to the playoffs but it isn’t impossible.  Losing the series in Florida was tough but it doesn’t mark the end of days.  Three more games against the Rays and six more games against the Yankees alone is cause for hope.  I’m not happy with the way this weekend went but I’m not wallowing in sadness either.  Still a lot of baseball to be played before their playoff chances are dashed.


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  1. i posted this on sg a couple of days ago –

    5 things have to happen for the sox to make the playoffs.
    1 – sox have to win ball games
    2 – rays have to lose ball games
    3 – yankees have to lose ball games
    4 – sox have to beat the rays (4 games left this season including tonight)
    5 – sox have to beat the yankees (6 games left this season)

    the season is far from ovah, not having youk, pedroia and ellsbury available is going to hurt, but stranger things have happened.

    Comment by BB | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. After what happened in 2004, never say it can’t happen until there is no hope left at all (as in the magic number is 0). That’s when you know the Sox won’t be playing in the post season and you just enjoy the rest of the games knowing the season will soon be over.

    Comment by Brenken | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. Well said, Cyn, BB, and Brenken.

    And I’m enjoying this challenging campaign enormously. I like rooting for this resilient bunch (how ’bout, for example, Victor Martinez and Adrian “Hamstring? What hamstring?” Beltre and Mikey “Yeah, I Need A New Hip” Lowell sprint-limping around and giving absolutely everything they have as long as they can stand on their feet?) and watching the kids and undaunted ex-prospects determined to wrestle a career out of the fire proving their mettle out there (How ’bout, for example, Darnell MacDonald’s arm? Damn, he’s fun to watch!) We seem to have a minimum of strutting egos and a maximum of dirt dogs on this club, even with Youk and Pedey and Ells trapped on the DL. I wish Lack and Josh could pitch more than five innings without losing control. I wish Oki of Old could return. I wish even ONE of our injured warriors could be magically healed in time to fill one of the gaping holes their absence has left in the batting order and defense. But a month of games remains. This is still, as Cyn points out, a strongly performing club, and a lot can happen. Those Sox ain’t about to pack this in, and neither am I.

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. Brava, Cyn and add me to the chorus. Well said, ALL.

    Comment by Anita | August 31, 2010 | Reply

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