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Tuesday Quickie

Just stuff:

*  First things first:  Definitely will be a live chat tonight!  (Well “definitely” resting on Mother Nature’s shoulders.  If there is a game, there’s definitely a live chat!)  Josh Beckett is pitching against old friend David Pauley.  Beckett needs the mojo,  so join us at 7pm, won’t you?

*  I can’t write any more about Johnny Damon.  I just can’t.  I can’t.

*  As I wrote in the comments section of yesterday’s post:  NESN gets kudos for showing us the National Anthem being sung, first pitch being thrown and the kids saying “Play Ball”.  They get the raspberry for subjecting us to Ernie Boch Jr and his female football team.  While I get that I’m being myopic by writing yesterday that NESN should just cover baseball and hockey, do they have to thrust the other sports on us WHILE THE DAMN GAME IS BEING PLAYED?  And if they do, can they give us Kevin Garnett or  David Krejci?  Ernie Boch, Jr and his five minute long commercial during the game was unnecessary and annoying.

Yankees lost last night.  Sox are 5.5 games back.  It might be gray and rainy out but things look pretty bright right now.


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  1. Saying he wouldn’t ever go to New York and then doing exactly that lost him cheers from me. If he hadn’t ever said it, I’d have thought it was a decision that he made jointly with Michelle and wouldn’t have blamed him for taking the money. I would not have cheered him while he was there but I would have forgiven him and been sorry he had to cut his hair. But to go back on his word, which he didn’t have to give in the first place, and to claim he always wanted to be with the Yankees, he just can’t undo that.

    I’m with Cyn. Booing is for bad guys who disrespect the game. If you disrespect the fans, you shouldn’t get a standing ovation from them but if you play the game right, I won’t boo you either.

    Comment by Anita | August 24, 2010 | Reply

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