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Knuckling Under

"Knuckled Under" -  "Each numbered limited edition is personally signed by Tim Wakefield, custom framed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity."

"Knuckled Under" - "Each numbered limited edition is personally signed by Tim Wakefield, custom framed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity."

As real life continues to get in the way of my blogging, it took me a while to realize I was heading toward two days in a row without a blog entry.  I needed little time to figure out what I wanted to write about when I logged on to begin to write something and was greeted with an email that read, in part:

I work with Tim Wakefield and his charity Pitching in for Kids in Boston. We have recently partnered with Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes to honor Tim and his longevity with the team and all the success he has accomplished to create limited edition autographed lithographs and hand painted cels for distribution. This past week we went on field pregame at Fenway to officially release this special artwork to the world and Red Sox Nation! We have been working hard with the Red Sox front office, Red Sox Foundation, and Warner Bros to reach as many people as possible to reveal these limited edition pieces. I encourage you to visit our organization’s website, our facebook page, and the “Knuckled Under by Wakefield” site.

Before people call me a hypocrite, I know that I’ve complained about the Red Sox Foundation pricing their events in such a way that even though they are advertised to attract the average fan, the average fan certainly couldn’t afford to attend.  So while I will admit that the pricing on these items might be high for many, if you’re into collecting this type of thing, the pricing isn’t totally unrealistic.  I have a Friz Freleng autographed Daffy Duck cel that was given to me years ago that fell into the price range here, so I actually think, again if you’re into this type of collecting, the pricing isn’t all that outrageous for this unique item.

Also, and, if I’m being honest, more importantly, Tim Wakefield could ask me to punch orphans and I’d most likely do it (although, aside from the pleasure of writing again about Wake, I get nothing from this endorsement.  I just feel it’s a cause worthy of a few hundred words on my blog.)

Wake is the first Major League pitcher to be featured in a Warner Brothers limited edition…so it’s quite an honor and just another reason to be proud that this guy is on our side.   All the proceeds of the sales will go to the “Pitching in for Kids” charity.  So if you’re looking for a one of a kind gift for that Tim Wakefield and/or Looney Tunes fan in your life, this is a great investment.

One programming note:  Once again, I have to cancel the Tuesday Live Chat.  It’s been so long since we’ve had one that I suppose it is hardly “canceling” it by now.  My hope is to be able to start them up again in a week or two.  Thanks to all the folks who keep asking when we’re having the next one!

The presentation at Fenway Park on August 2nd

The presentation at Fenway Park on August 2nd


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