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Things don't always work out like they should

My favorite of the photos I took today.  Pedroia waiting for Burrell with the ball in his glove.

My favorite of the photos I took today. Pedroia waiting for Burrell with the ball in his glove.

Okay so where do I start?

First off, I had kind of half-assedly planned a live blog/chat for Tuesday night’s game but that won’t be happening this week because I’ll be at the game.  Got an invite today and couldn’t see any reason to turn it down.

Yes, see I know that this has been the month o’ suck but eventually something has to give, right?  And if something doesn’t give, well, the team will need fans still supporting them so either way I plan on being there.

Don’t get me wrong, this sucks.  Sucks in the biggest way something baseball-related can suck.  But I fail to see the point in wailing and hand-wringing and beating dead horses.  We know they suck, they know they suck and the best we can hope is that they stop sucking soon.  There isn’t one guy on this team who I think is dogging it.  No one is walking on to that field thinking they don’t have to give it their all because they cash a good paycheck win or lose.  For the love of God, Bill Hall is an infielder trying to do the job of an outfielder…it isn’t his fault he’s being put in that position and it isn’t his fault he’s not doing well in that position.  Why not put Josh Beckett behind the plate and then boo him with every passed ball?  (I pull Bill Hall’s name out of the hat because he got the most boos today.  Granted, pretty much everyone who wasn’t named Youkilis, Varitek or Pedroia got booed today at some point but the strongest seemed to be for poor Bill.  Give the guy a freaking break, people.  It isn’t his fault he’s playing out of position.)

Josh Reddick is tearing up Pawtucket tonight while we are short two outfielders.  This is, honestly, right now the only thing that genuinely is pissing me off about the team.  There is no reason Ellsbury hasn’t been put on the DL and Reddick hasn’t been brought up (that I can think of).  It’s ridiculous that a team like the Red Sox is playing so short-handed.  For crying out loud, Ellsbury is obviously hurt and Mike Cameron has some exotic baby disease (or just more kidney stones) and instead of putting someone on the DL and using a proven, talented outfielder we are watching Bill Hall get his soul torn apart a little more each day.  I just don’t get it.

As painful as the game was, I had a great day.  Breakfast at Remy’s new place (still not televisions in the ladies room), early dinner at Burton’s…I genuinely enjoyed the day.  Even at Fenway, the weather was beautiful, I was in a roomy seat with space next to me to dump my stuff, and most of my neighbors stuck it out until the end, cheering the Sox the entire time.  There are still fans out there who know that the point of being a fan is supporting the team you choose, regardless of their win/loss numbers.

I’m convinced something will give and the suck will wear off at some point…but what if it doesn’t?  What if Theo’s original idea of this being a “bridge” year actually comes to be?  Do we give up?  Do we say “Thanks for 2004 and 2007 and now go stuff yourself”?

I don’t.  I’ve watched this team win and I’ve watch this team lose so I’ve never felt so entitled that I expect 162 win seasons every year.  Is it painful watching a team struggle?  Sure it is.  Ask Mets fans.  Or Royals fans.  Or Pirates fans.  Hell, ask MOST MLB fans.  Every year isn’t going to be “the” year so you need to decide if this is the team you’re rooting on for the duration or if you’re going to jump off the bandwagon because they aren’t winning right now.

We have five full months of baseball (plus a few days here and there) left.  Digging out of this hole will be tough but it won’t be impossible.  I’m looking forward to being along for the ride.


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  1. For the record, I don’t want folks thinking they can’t post venting comments. Again, I get how lousy this all is. I just choose to not be the thousandth place you visit on the Internet that goes for the negative. There’s plenty of negative to write about…I don’t think folks need to be hit over the head with it.

    Comment by Cyn | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well said. Strangely I don’t feel awful about the team. Lots of baseball still left to be played. So glad you enjoyed the new Remy’s restaurant! I hope to check it out soon, outsized prices be damned!

    Comment by redbeard76 | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. AMEN. Five months of baseball, and our guys, win or lose.

    Comment by Dewey | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  4. What Dewey said
    :big sigh:

    Wonder if we all pulled our monies and bought a tv for the ladies room if Remy would have it installed?

    Comment by Tex19 | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  5. No team ever won the WS in April and I’m pretty sure you can’t lose it in April. Please let them be playing better in Denver and San Fran in June 😦

    Comment by HorshamScouse | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  6. On the bright side…early dinner at Burtons. Did you have a handsome server named Chris? That would be number one son! And did you have the yummy burger and fries….? I can’t really bring myself to talk about the game…hopefully they will turn it around tomorrow night when I’m there!

    Comment by Dori | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  7. I was glad to know you were there today because I felt sure there would be a no-booing radius right there around your area.
    I’m seeing some things to like during this time. Like Tek catching Beckett and hitting some. Like Pedroia just as solid as ever and seeming even stronger than he’s been. Like Youk being so reliable. Lowell coming in some.
    What I don’t like is people running into Jacoby Ellsbury and breaking him. And anybody booing any of our guys. Oh, I forgot one thing, I like Gunner Papelbon’s name.
    And, what Dewey and Tex said.

    Comment by Anita | April 19, 2010 | Reply

  8. They’re booing Cole Hamels in Philadelphia (that’s 2008 WS MVP Cole Hamels), and they’re in first place, so you’ve got no monopoly on unreasonable booing. Plus no one’s intentionally vomited on anyone yet at Fenway, as far as I know. That having been said, Ellsbury’s remaining on the active roster is utterly mystifying …

    Comment by bureaucratist | April 19, 2010 | Reply

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