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Nothing wrong with going all night long

The only clear shot I got of the "42" when I visited CitiField (Note Steve sitting in the "2")

The only clear shot I got of the "42" when I visited CitiField (If you look closely, you'll see Steve sitting in the "2")

I stayed up this morning until 3am to watch the end of the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game (D’Backs won it in 11 innings).  I don’t even like either of the teams particularly so I’m not sure what I was thinking.  But I did.  And I’m regretting it ever so slightly right now.

Not that I’m happy about Jacoby Ellsbury and his rib issues, but I have to admit to enjoying the Jeremy Hermida show right now.  Three-run double yesterday to add to his ongoing tally.  That’s three doubles and a home run with six RBI in the five games he’s appeared in (with two base hits, two strike outs and a walk in 14 at-bats) so far.  Not too shabby for a bench guy some folks were wondering how the Sox would find a way to use.

Mike Lowell gets the start today at DH while Papi takes the bench.  I love (you’ll note the sarcasm) how the media has hounded this man for over a week and today you’ll be reading about how he is finally admitting to being frustrated by all the early criticism as if these folks aren’t playing a part in his frustration.  In my opinion, if there is ever a time in baseball where you should be allowed to struggle and get your rhythm back without the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s April.  But none of these reporters will back off any time soon yet they’ll continue to portray Papi as being in a foul mood because of his performance – not because they are making mountains out of molehills currently.  (Again, get back to me in a month or so and I might be closer to the “What’s wrong with Papi” crowd.  Right now I’m not there.  Eight games is way too small a sample size to be flipping out just yet.)

So the final game of this series at Tradition Field is today at 1:10pm – covered by NESN and  Tim Wakefield gets a whack at the Twins, going up against Francisco Liriano.  Also, it’s Jackie Robinson Day in MLB.  According to the press release:

Clubs playing at home on Thursday, April 15 will recognize Jackie Robinson Day with special pregame ceremonies in their ballparks. To ensure that all Clubs have an opportunity to participate and celebrate Jackie Robinson Day, any Club that is not playing at home on April 15 will hold Jackie Robinson Day celebrations at their ballparks either on Friday, April 16 or during another homestand in April. All Clubs will use ceremonial home plates and lineup cards that will include the Jackie Robinson Day logo.

Well done, MLB.  I applaud and support any efforts to make sure people (especially newer fans) don’t ever forget what Jackie went through to get into Major League Baseball.  With so much of history seemingly being disposable these days I think it’s extra-important that people don’t forget that there were ugly things folks had to go through to get to the point we are as a country today.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching in Buffalo today for the PawSox.   He pitched well his first time around so fingers crossed that he keeps up that trend.

Sox come home tomorrow and we get a 7:10 ET night game (followed by a 7:10pm Saturday game and then two afternoon games leading into a season full of many more night games) so enjoy the weekday afternoon baseball while you can!


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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my disappointment at making our way all the way down to the Rotunda to find… a giant 42.

    Comment by KellyO | April 15, 2010 | Reply

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