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How happy is HE?  (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

How happy is HE? (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

So I was able to watch both of Wednesday’s press conferences as they happened and one thing struck me about both Mike Cameron and John Lackey – I suddenly became overwhelmingly excited about having both of them on the team.

For different reasons.

Cameron just seemed so damn happy to be sitting there.  He couldn’t contain his smile when Theo announced Tito would give him his jersey and cap and he couldn’t get that jersey on quickly enough.  (As an aside…I have two jerseys with the number 23 on them:  one has Brian Daubach’s name on it and the other has no name but has Luis Tiant’s autograph.)  He has a positive history with Tito, said all the right things at the presser and was even seen buying his kids Sox gear at the Yawkey Way store after everything was finished.  Cameron will be 37 in January so it isn’t like I’m expecting the guy to make it onto the All Star team in 2010, but he’s talented and hard working and from what everyone says is a great clubhouse presence.  What’s not to like?

Lackey won’t ever be mistaken for a joyful Fenway Ambassador but he knows how to handle himself at a press conference.  Before I go on, let me just say, jokes about his looks are getting really old.  If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around supporting a player because you don’t like the way he looks – you have bigger issues than I can deal with – tell me you don’t like his attitude, tell me you’re worried about his health, tell me you have difficulties rooting for someone who has been a bit of a rival for a long time and I’m good with all of these – I get that he’s not Adonis (although I’m not repulsed by his looks by any stretch – some people are being downright nasty about him).  And I really couldn’t care less.  The man can pitch the shit out of the ball and that’s all I really care about.  Also a shout-out to the Yankees fans who emailed me laughing that Lackey can’t pitch in Fenway – I’m not even going to get into statistics (which, especially over the last two years, don’t support your comments) but I’ll just say this – he’s never pitched at Fenway wear a Sox uniform.  I don’t have one concern that he’ll have trouble performing at Fenway come April.  Also, it seems that his New Hampshire-native wife might have been a factor in his choosing to sign with the Sox.  More power to him AND her.  Go figure, a married couple making life-changing decisions together.  What will they think of next?

So for now I’m happy.  Cameron and Lackey have a lot to do with that but the fact that I’m choosing to ignore all the trade talk (not rumors or facts, just talk) regarding Jacoby and Clay.  I’m not quite ready to go there just yet.

(Fake Edit):  I wrote this entry last night and never published it.  Before I logged on today to do just that, I read this article regarding the sentencing of Erin Andrews’ stalker.  If you never read one word written about Andrews, you should at least read Anna Clark’s take on the situation (and the use of women as sideline reporters in general).  It sickens me that there are so many asses out there (just read almost any sports message board or the comments on any blog that discusses this) or that Andrews  was involved in it to  promote herself.  She was victimized and it shouldn’t happen to anyone.  She shouldn’t be afraid to do her job because of sick twists like this asswipe.  I’m win Erin, I hope the ass gets as much time as the law allows.  But I’m  not holding my breath on that one.


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  1. I hope Erin Andrews brings a civil suit against that predatory derelict, too. He deserves to lose a lot more than just a couple of years in the clink. Nothing will bring back her peace of mind, but taking that deranged asshole out of circulation as long as possible may help her regain some sense of security. Good luck to her in her job and her battles.

    Comment by Sharpie T. Silverwater | December 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m REALLY looking forward to Lackey pitching in Boston. And thanks for the link to the Cameron article! I hadn’t seen it before you sent it.

    Comment by Ted | December 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’m with you on the Andrews case. And it’s partly the exhaustion of this time of year, but I’m profoundly weary of indications that so many people who are male respond to people who are female as if the only significant aspect of their being was their appearance. Profoundly weary. This is putting it as gently and tactfully as possible. But what I feel is rage.

    Meanwhile, here’s smilin’ Mike Cameron. I so hope he’s got plenty left in the tank to share with Red Sox Nation, for he comes well recommended as a good fellow as well as a first-rate centerfielder. Not a high-average guy, he strikes out as much as J-Bay with a dozen fewer homers, but the man can hit a respectable number of dingers and certainly has played the outfield like nobody’s business. What everybody in the Nation wonders is, of course, how the Sox intend to utilize this fine fellow. Have we hired Mike to play the most overqualified left field in the big leagues (preserving his 37 year old legs and piling up outfield assists on a continuous basis), or are we moving Jacoby to left (where his weakish arm and depth perception issues would no longer be issues at all, and he would be one humongous bane to the existence of opposing righthanders in search of doubles down the line), or. . . ::shudder::. . .package our beloved speedy Navaho in a deal for a certain power-hitting first baseman from San Diego? The acquisition of a front-line starting pitcher and a veteran centerfielder makes everybody wonder if a big trade is on the horizon that strips us of Buch and Jake in exchange for Adrian–two talented youths for one talented youth. What price a legit young power hitter? Is the promising Mr. Westmoreland on the block–a move that I worry may read like the Hanley Ramirez Farewell a few years down the road? Or will Theo and his legions give the Cheshire Cat girn, fold their arms, and say, “we like our club: Papi’s getting in shape, and Casey Kotchman, you slick-fielding dude, we think you can hit .300 playing every day here; here’s your shot”? Who knows? Time will tell. God, what a sweet gift is the Hot Stove 🙂

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | December 19, 2009 | Reply

  4. I am really psyched about Lackey!! I know many didn’t like him with the Angels…but well you know my first reason I was excited about him coming…and his looks??? Only look I’m interested in concerning Lackey….is the Look of Fear on the Batter when he throws his nasty stuff across the plate.

    Comment by Tex19 | December 19, 2009 | Reply

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