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Because you always need a backup plan

The birds are already singing and the moon has set

Happy birthday to the Large Father! (Photo taken by Kelly O'Connor/ and  used with permission)

Happy birthday to the Large Father! (Photo taken by Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

Okay so I suck at this and I’m so sorry!  I really thought the quiz was only moderately hard – and I thought by putting a 5 minute time limit on it I was making it fair for folks.   Instead I got a lot of “Are you shitting me?” emails and a few offers to create quizzes for other blogs.  😆

At times like this I realize what a geek I am and forget that the world isn’t necessarily made up of geeks like me.  (And it seems five minutes isn’t long enough for 10 questions…live and learn.  Next time I’ll make it longer, I promise!)

I was going to make up a new quiz but then I thought that was unfair to the gang of you who attempted this one.   So after thinking about the different ways I could choose a winner, I’ve decided to keep the quiz as is and let it run through Thursday (tomorrow) at 5pm.   At that time, I’m going to take the top two scores and they will be the winners of the books. In an effort to make it truly fair, if you’ve taken the test already and then go back to take it again, your first score will be the score I go by to determine the winner.

In true baseball-related news:  Zack Greinke won the AL Cy Young Award this week.  When you look at the voting it seems so silly that so many of us (myself included) were concerned that the writers were going to piss us all off and give it to Sabathia.  Word is that Greinke is getting married to his high school sweetheart this weekend – so it’s a good week for him.  (Which leads me to congratulate Clay Buchholz and Lindsay Clubine on their marriage this past weekend.    Good luck, kids!)

Sadly, this week we say goodbye to George Kottaras who was released by the Red Sox on Monday.  I’ll miss George.  He was fun to watch in both Pawtucket and Boston and he wasn’t too hard on the eyes either.  Here’s hoping he finally lands a full-time gig in the majors in 2010.

And, finally, on this day in 1975:  David Americo Ortiz Arias was born.  I’d like to thank Enrique and Angela Rosa for bringing Big Papi into the world.  Today should be a National Holiday in Red Sox Nation.  🙂  Happy birthday, Papi!


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  1. I can haz my job back?

    Comment by Grady Little | November 20, 2009 | Reply

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