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Don't be sad, Jacoby, you guys are in!!!  (Photo taken by me on Monday when just about all the Sox looked like this!)

Don't be sad, Jacoby, you guys are in!!! (Photo taken by me on Monday when just about all the Sox looked like this!)

Yep, I stayed up to watch all of the Angels/Rangers game.  And I don’t care if the Sox lost last night – they got into the playoffs and that’s the goal.  We’re rewarded for watching the last five shitstormy games with five games we don’t have to worry about at all.  This makes me very happy.

While I would have loved being able to see the Sox celebrate this by winning last night’s game, there’s a part of me that likes the idea that they celebrated alone (read: away from the prying eyes of the media).  No one can judge how much (or how little) they celebrated.  Of course, the likes of Amalie Benjamin can whine (via Twitter, on the Globe blog and then in her piece about last night’s game) about the lack of access:

But there was no way to know exactly what happened in the clubhouse during the post-clinch festivities. Reporters were not allowed in, including NESN cameras, as the Sox’ media relations staff rationed four English-speaking players to a group of approximately 30 remaining media members in the concourse outside the home clubhouse after 1 a.m.

I have to wonder if she was drunk, high or just really pissed about not having access (I sense that last one!) when she wrote that? What the hell would possess her to write “…rationed four English-speaking players…?”  (I actually asked her this via Twitter when she posted the link to her blog but, not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response.)  Seriously?  She (or an edit0r) omitted the “English-speaking” line out of the piece she delivered for the Globe but it still remains in the blog.  This team has enough idiots out there (looking at you, Ken Rosenthal) who love to try and convince people that they’re looking to create an all-white team.  The city is still considered racist by plenty of people (shout out to Amy K Nelson).  A crack by a professional writer who covers the team about “English-speaking” players on a team with many players who speak English as a second language is, at best, ill-conceived – even in a blog entry.  Amalie looking to compete with Gerry Callahan in the “Most Racist” category of Boston sports coverage?  Or maybe she’s being influenced too much by CHB’s snarky assholiness?  Sure it was a throwaway line but one that had no business being there (and with no purpose – without it would we have all thought Saito came out and answered questions in Japanese?).

Okay, I’m done being cranky.  Sox are in the playoffs and that’s all that matters on this lovely day.  The fellas got to celebrate last night with each other – and tonight they get to relax knowing if Wake gives up 5 runs in the first it really doesn’t mean a thing.  (But he won’t.  The no-hitter happens tonight!)

So to celebrate a meaningless game with Tim Wakefield and Roy Halladay pitching, tonight will be the final livechat of the 2009 season!

My plan, if it works out, will be to host livechats here for each of the playoff games.  MLB’s scheduling MIGHT prevent that – I’m hoping not.  They’ll be chats, not live blogs, so if you’ve participated or lurked at any of the chats we’ve had recently, you’ll know it’s more of a positivity train free-for-all than anything else.  So stop on by!

It’ll be nice to relax for a few days until the Sox head out to California!


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  1. This is purely speculation. But the night I was waiting outside the park hoping to get a glimpse of the rookies in their costumes, a couple of what I presumed to be uncredentialed Japanese media (based on the video equipment but the lack of media tags) shoved their way in next to me against the barricade. Eventually someone came out who saw them, went back in, came back out, and hustled them inside, presumably to shoot Tazawa. The fact that Amalie said “rationed four English-speaking players” immediately made me think that perhaps Japanese media were given different access to the Japanese-speaking players and/or to the clubhouse itself.

    Comment by KellyO | September 30, 2009 | Reply

    • THat would make sense, Kelly! I just wish, if that is the case, that she was a bit more specific. It just reads, among other things, odd.

      Comment by Cyn | September 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. i’m looking forwad to the live chats. we’ll be out here where we are…

    Comment by Tom Disy | September 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’m wondering if perhaps you’re less curious a person than I, or maybe it’s because you live up there (as opposed to a thousand miles away, as I do) and are saturated with Sox coverage…but I was rather unhappy about the media (and everyone else) being shut out of the clinch celebration. I doubt that Amalie and I are a minority of two in that regard. As far as I’m concerned, the more prying eyes of the media there are, the better.

    Comment by ecl1958 | October 1, 2009 | Reply

    • I’m a very curious person especially with regard to the ‘other’ side of the players. The off-field stuff fascinates me. Even so, I think these guys deserve some level of privacy at times and I felt like this was one of those times. I don’t think that just because we’re fans we need access to every move these guys make. I have no doubt the majority of the members of the media only wanted access so they could write or talk about how wild the guys were when they ‘only’ secured the wild card spot. There’s only a handful of reporters here (Dan Roche comes immediately to mind) who I think actually respect the players as PEOPLE and don’t have any ulterior motives when they’re covering them.

      I don’t think a celebration is any reason to need “prying eyes”.

      Comment by Cyn | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Sounds like some of the media would have been happy to trash them for partying over backing into the playoffs. In that case, point taken. And yeah, I’m very interested in the off-field stuff too — the little snippets of the rest of their lives that we get precious glimpses of from time to time… :::smiles wistfully:::

    Comment by ecl1958 | October 1, 2009 | Reply

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