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Dustin Richardson made his Major League debut last night.  In 1.1 innings he gave up two hits, no runs and no walks!  One of the very few decent photos I took last night.

Dustin Richardson made his Major League debut last night. In 1.1 innings he gave up two hits, no runs and no walks! One of the very few decent photos I took last night.

Scenes from Fenway/September 28, 2009:

*  While waiting to get into the park, I notice a couple walking down Landsdowne Street holding hands and looking very much in love.  “Oh my God, do you see that?” a shrill voice behind me gasps to her husband.  “Well, honey, we are in Boston”, is his reply.  The couple, you see, happened to both be women.  I turn around and note that two people remarking on this are wearing Blue Jays gear.  The Blue Jays are from Toronto where gay marriage is pretty damn common.   Or more notably, as this website states, Toronto is “One of the world’s most gay-friendly cities”.   Fortunately, that was the only time, last night, that I wanted to punch a Blue Jays fan.

*  Still waiting to get into the park.  Another couple approaches.  The woman is wearing a Red Sox hat and the man is wearing what I think is a Yankee-hater hat.  As they get closer, I see that they are bickering and I realize the hat he’s wearing is a Yankees cap and I hear his girlfriend/wife bark “You just HAD to wear that cap, didn’t you??”.  Given that my reaction to his cap was “What a dink”  I was, again, pleased with my decision to not wear Sox gear to the Yanks/Rays game.  Normally, I think you should represent your team no matter where you are but walking into your rival’s house when your team isn’t there and wearing their gear screams “I’m an asshole who wants you to start a fight with me!”.

* Hey, I’m in the park – let’s have a beer!  I’m at the game with Kelly O and she and I have, well let’s just say we have different tastes in beer.  To be blunt, she likes “good” beer and I like the “crappy” beer.  So she gets her good beer and I head to the Bud Light.  When I pay, I discover that the price has gone up but I don’t say anything to the vendor, just to Kelly.  We both shrug it off and keep moving on.  The we decide we’re getting ice cream for dinner (don’t judge us!) and the kid running the cash register is having trouble with it since it’s his first day.  The woman training him apologizes and says “It’s because of the price increase” to which I respond, “They increased prices?”.  “Starting today,” she tells me, “it’s the second time they’ve done it this year!”.  Remember when the Red Sox made sure every media outlet knew that they weren’t raising prices at Fenway this year?  Yeah, funny how that only lasted a short while.

* We’re in our seats.  Six rows behind the Sox dugout.  We sat in these seats the night Nick Green pitched and we were hoping we didn’t get to see Josh Reddick on the mound before the night was over (Reddick’s dad was there last night, talking to Josh at the dugout before the game began.  At one point they switched caps.  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.)  There are two couples, together, behind us.  One couple seemingly couldn’t care less about the game.  The other seemed hell-bent on proving how much they knew about the Red Sox and the game.  Let me make a list of some of the things they said during this game:

Apparently, Terry Francona is an idiot for allowing Josh Beckett to take a “day off”.

Johnny Pesky is “some old guy” who “never played really well” but the Red Sox let him “hang around” anyway.

Michael Bowden?  “Won’t be in the starting rotation in the playoffs if he keeps pitching like this”.   (Ditto for Hunter Jones.  I tried to explain that they were both rookies out of the bullpen who wouldn’t be in the starting rotation in the playoffs unless Beckett, Lester, Buchholz and the rest of the bullpen came down with the H1N1 virus – to no avail.)

It seems they think that Dustin Richardson must be a family friend of Tito’s for him to let him have his Major League debut in “such an important game”.

Manny Delcarmen is the best pitcher coming out of the bullpen.  (Hand to God, the guy actually said this.)

Victor Martinez is the reason the Red Sox pitchers (not just the guys last night) are struggling.

The only thing to look forward to in the game is Jacoby Ellsbury possibly stealing (he said this before the game began).

David Ortiz’ home run last night was “meaningless” and the fans were cheering “too hard” for it.

I know I’m missing so many more.  But this gives you a good idea of what we were dealing with.  The tickets were a gift to Kelly and we both knew we had to be on our best behavior – but it was tough.  The only time I yelled all night was when folks in our section started booing Michael Bowden.  I believe I yelled, “Don’t boo the rookie, asswipes!”.  Oddly enough, after that, even when other sections started booing, no one in our section did.  Score one for the good guys.

*  Once it began raining and we were soaked and holding up in the grandstand under cover, the fans became much more bearable.  The ones who stick around under the worst conditions always are.  At one point, we’re all running up to get under cover and I hear these two guys behind me trying to decide what to do.   One says, “We should leave now” and the other says, “Why? If they start up again, we’re only 6 runs behind!” to which his friend replies, “I hate Red Sox fans. Everyone else says, ‘Ugh! We’re six runs behind!’ You guys say, ‘We’re ONLY six runs behind!'”.  🙂

*  The Red Sox thought fans would like to watch the Yankees and Royals play while we “waited for the showers to pass”.  I promise you, no one wanted to watch the Yankees.   But, eventually, it became late enough that we got to watch part of the Angels/Rangers game.  Given that the Angels scored early and often – it was a wise choice.

*  Theory of the night goes to KellyO and Jere who both hoped the Sox game would resume and the Sox would win – around 12:30am or so and the team would let the fans stay to watch the Rangers lose in Anaheim.  Sadly, this didn’t happen.  Booby prize goes to me and my friend Dori – every game we’re at on the same night they seem to win.  Not this time!  (Check out Jere’s blog entry about the game for some great rain delay dancing footage and photos!)

Thanks to a tweet from Daigo Fujiwara (and the fact that I was checking texts and Twitter every ten seconds or so to find out what was going on!) we knew about three minutes  – give or take – before they announced at the park that the game was called.   This gave us enough time to beat the crowd that was left to Kenmore, jump a train and (in my case, anyway) be home before midnight.

Oddly enough, I got home in a very good mood.  The company at the game was great!  Seeing folks I hadn’t seen in a while was fun and I always enjoy seeing the rookies play (even when the appearance isn’t that enjoyable!).  So regardless of the outcome, it was a good night at the park!

Now if the Sox could please win a damn game tonight, well that would be great too.


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  1. If i had bought the seats myself, I would at least have turned around and asked the guy what decisions he thought should have been made at every step. Pitch Beckett anyway? Go to the bullpen in the first?

    Comment by KellyO | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh my word-to sit by people like that. Kudos to you and Kelly for your remarkable restraint I don’t think I could have, no let me ammend that, I know there is no way I would have been able to hold my tongue.

    Comment by Dawn | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Wearing team gear of a team not playing in the game your at, for the most part is pretty dang goofy….though on our family baseball trips I always wear my ’75 Sox hat. Always. But, never have we gone on a stadium trip where the home team was playing the EE. IOW, I’m saying that I don’t wear my Sox hat (or any Sox gear) to a game the Yankees are involved in just so I can try to get something stirred up. Yankees fans however seem to be the complete opposite. I don’t know how many times we’ve been to Camden Yards to see the Sox/Orioles play and there are numerous a-holes in attendance wearing Yankees gear. Experienced the same thing at the Ted in Atlanta a few seasons ago when we were lucky enough to catch the Sox playing the Braves on a family baseball trip. I don’t get it…really, I don’t. But then again, I also don’t understand people who wear football or hockey jerseys to a baseball game (very often not of either city who’s on the field…so it ain’t like they might have been a fan of one of the teams playing, didn’t have that jersey but decided they’d wear the local football teams jersey to show support).

    Re the moronic comments by your nearby seatmates….I used to wonder why some people at games wear headphones and listen to the radio broadcast. Now I think I know why. They just can’t take the dumbass comments some people make at games. It seems to get worse and worse every year. It’s damn near as bad as going to a concert where inevitably you stand near the person who knows every minor detail about the band members and has to give whoever their with, a historical run-down of the song they’re about to play. Dear God….have a nice cup of STFU already 🙂

    (I wish I would have written down some of the jewels that the dingbats behind us said last time we saw the Sox play at Camden Yards. They were just as priceless as yours).

    Comment by Seamus | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. And yes….I know I used the wrong form of both “you’re” and “they’re” in me previous comment 😀

    Comment by Seamus | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  5. Nice pic of Dustin, Cyn. His hometown is about 20 miles from me. I’m glad he got his cup of coffee and hope there’s more in the future.

    I always enjoy the “expert” comments around me at a game. It’s great that you didn’t let it get under your skin, but made mental notes and shared the comedy with us. Last week a fan standing next to me watching the pitchers go by said, “Can I get your autograph, Jonathan?” – Clay just ignored her. 🙂

    Comment by Sharpie T. Silverwater | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  6. Cyn…

    Great entry. I always love hearing interesting stories from people at the games. It looks like I am not the only one who always seems to have a good deal of crazies aka great times around me.

    And good to know I have a fellow sister…who yells things at the crowd when they do silly things. Mine usually involves people who boo or complain about JD Drew. And each and every time, JD has proceeded to do something awesome…and I let that section of complainy complainersons know about it. I also yelled LOUDLY in my section at the Yankees game on Saturday…when Mikey Lowell stole second. WE MAY LOSE THIS GAME, BUT MIKEY LOWELL JUST STOLE SECOND. THAT HAPPENED. I totally embarrassed my friend, but she’s a Yankees fan…so she can suck it.

    I also had two Sox fans behind me at the Yankees game who everything they said…was wrong. Lowell has been out for a back injury. Wrong. Dice-K has been out because he hurt himself on a bad throw in a game. Wrong. JayBay is out of tonight’s lineup because he has the flu. Wrong. Billy Wagner we got in the trade for Justin Masterson. Wrong. I was going to turn around and correct them…but I was in Yankee territory, so my energies were elsewhere.

    Comment by shelley | September 30, 2009 | Reply

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