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Here's hoping Crabcakes kicks some butt tonight!

Here's hoping Crabcakes kicks some butt tonight!

“I feel good right now. I feel like the team, as a hole, is doing well and doing the little things they need to do to win a ballgame. That’s all it does, is it builds confidence when you’ve got everybody running at the same time.”

It’s a great quote, isn’t it? It’s what Clay told the media last night after his win over the Royals.  I don’t have the newspaper version of The Boston Globe but the above is taken directly from  It might seem like a minor typo to some but there’s a tremendous difference between the words “hole” and “whole” and that, after many comments pointing out the mistake (none by me), they haven’t at least changed it on is ridiculous.

Spelling has always been a bit of a big deal in my family.  My father, who is retired, enjoys watching NESN or ESPN or CNN -any station that shows a ticker crawling across the bottom of the screen – and finding all the misspellings and typos that these professional stations let go out every day.  He’s found a lot of them.  I realize the world isn’t perfect and there are people who find things like proper spelling to be tedious.  I also realize spelling doesn’t come as easily to some as it does others – but in this day and age of instant information at your fingertips it isn’t that difficult to make sure you’re spelling things correctly.

Sure, I’m just a lowly blogger and I don’t know how difficult professional journalists have it – I get that.  But I don’t see why it is so difficult for ANYONE to use spell check or even just pop open another window in your browser and type in, say, just to make sure you’re spelling certain words correctly.

Everyone has their own voice so I try not to pick on grammar and usage since God knows I destroy many rules of grammar when it comes to my writing style on this blog – but when you spell words wrong that often stops a reader cold and they lose the flow of your words (and when I’ve written for outlets much more formal than a blog, I made sure everything is proper.  I was under the impression that part of being a writer was being able to write properly.  Silly me.)  If Amalie Benjamin wants people to focus on her writing you’d think she’d make sure what she submits is readable.  (I don’t know how newspapers work.  Do they even use copy editors?  I mean is there anyone who went over that column to make sure it was ready to go to print?  I know I’m nitpicking but I was really enjoying this particular piece about Clay and reading “hole” was like someone sticking a toothpick in my eye.)  God knows I’m not perfect and anyone could take any one of my blog entries and rip it apart for my liberal uses of dashes, ellipsis and parentheses or how I create a new sentence when I could just continue the last one and begin them with conjunctions (I know there are many more infractions on my part and I don’t have enough time to list them!).  Then again, I’m not making the big bucks from a outlet as huge and influential as The Boston Globe.  Also, a lot of my misuse of grammar rules is a style issue for me.  Again, it wouldn’t work in a newspaper, magazine or book – and it makes me crazy when people write that way in those places – but to me a blog is fair ground to play around.  As long as you try to spell everything properly!  😉

But I didn’t come here to rip on The Boston Globe and their poor editing skills nor even Amalie Benjamin.  I started off the day ready to write a “Oh ye of little faith” post about both David Ortiz and Clay Buchholz.  I’m basking in their turnarounds and how well they’ve been performing.  And now I’m getting quite giddy at the possibility of the Red Sox clinching their playoff spot over the weekend.  Hey, it could happen.  I have great faith that it will happen.  Tonight’s pitching match-up is Lester v Chamberlain.  It seems whenever I make predictions things go horribly wrong (well except for Daisuke last time out) so I’m going to hold off on them.  But I’ll just say, if I had to pick a guy to start my first playoff game and my choices were Joba Chamberlain or Jon Lester it’d be a no-brainer.  Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound Saturday against CC Sabathia sure seems like it should intimidate be but somehow it doesn’t.  I think that might be the most interesting game of the lot.  Sunday…well Sunday’s match-up of Paul Byrd and Andy Pettitte kind of makes me want to cry – but I’m trying to be positive so I’ll hold that all inside.

My plans for the weekend are to catch two out of the three Yankees games with some of the “sistahs”.  It’ll be doubly fun to be with good friends and watch the AL East rivalry in all its glory.  I received an email last night from a supposed Yankee fan telling me I “should be very afraid”.  First of all, regardless of what happens this weekend, it’ll take a pretty horrid meltdown for the Sox to not make the  playoffs – so the importance of it is all on us as fans.  WE want the wins but they aren’t imperative to the success of this season – not really.  And secondly, well, I’m just NOT “afraid” of the Yankees so telling me I should be only results in my being amused that even with such a healthy lead in the division some Yankees fans are still looking over their shoulders.

A series against the Yankees on this beautiful fall day makes for quite the playoff atmosphere, though, regardless of how important the games are or aren’t.

(Yes, given that I wrote this on the fly because I’m already late so I’m not using my best editing skills, I realize I’m opening myself up to typos and such!  Such is life when you choose to criticize someone for theirs, I know!)


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  1. “Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound Saturday against CC Sabathia sure seems like it should intimidate be but somehow it doesn’t. ”

    This is the type of errors spell check doesn’t catch. Spell check wouldn’t have caught Amalie’s spelling error either but a proofreader should have.

    I wish I was with you this weekend but hope you have a lot of fun.

    Comment by Brenken | September 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. I saw that people were all over Amalie for the typo in the article this morning. I am often a member of the grammar police and when people seem to have no ability to effectively use the English language, it drives me batty. However, I am not going to rake Amalie and the Globe over the coals for a misuse of the word hole instead of whole.

    It was a mistake. Should it have been caught? Sure. But, in the end…sometimes that happens. In the internet and 24/7 news business, I don’t know if they have copy editors like they used to. An article about a game is churned out seemingly minutes after the game is concluded.

    I am just grateful that I have access to the kind of information about the team that the Globe and in particular Amalie provide me. I understood what Amalie meant to quote…and moved on. Plus, I also thought it was a fantastic article about Clay and his development this year with the Red Sox.

    P.S. The quote has now been changed on-line from hole to whole.

    Comment by shelley | September 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thanks for saying what many are thinking. You also gave kindred spirits a lovely chance to point out again what’s missing in spellcheck:

    Writing about Saturday’s match up, your “should intimidate be” would get by spellcheck but I think it is meant to read “should intimidate me” is it not?

    You’re not alone!

    I never miss your posts and love your writing and point of view.

    Comment by Anita | September 25, 2009 | Reply

  4. You are right, Cyn–it’s a good day to enjoy being a Sox fan and just to enjoy this grand old AL East rivalry in all its splendor. We are so fortunate to have a real pennant race and postseason to look forward to, almost every year. Hail to the organization’s brain trust–for simply having a big budget to work with is not in itself a guarantee of championships, as the won-lost and postseason records of many clubs at and near the top of the Highest Payroll list annually reminds us. Well done, Theo and Company–you made enough excellent choices to build a darn good ballclub. Onward, Red Sox!

    Re the typo / proofreading issue….We all have our grammatical and presentation pet peeves; mine is the use of contractions when one needs possessive pronouns, and vice versa (it’s/its, your/you’re, etc.)–UGG. It makes my skin crawl. But what the heck. Back in the day, folks spelled in all sorts of random ways. I guess they just dealt with it. Still, standard spelling and punctuation are so useful in speeding us to clear comprehension of what each of us is trying to say. It’s disconcerting to see that element of literacy sliding out from under us in the Internet Era. But even such typo glitches are better than the prospect of a universe in which we all converse entirely via acronyms and abbreviations. Even these, however, have their lovely place (“I do not heart the MFY” :-).

    Comment by Elaine Apthorp | September 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks to everyone for pointing out the typo!!!!!!!! (My biggest peeve in regard to my own writing – I do that A LOT! I usually go over what I write in the morning on the way to work and remember that I probably wrote something wrong like that and it drives me crazy to have it hanging out there. This one I’m leaving!)

      “Could care less” is, truly, my biggest peeve. Especially when professional writers use it!

      Comment by Cyn | September 25, 2009 | Reply

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