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Happy that Kyle is doing well.  Still miss him in New England!

Happy that Kyle is doing well. Still miss him in New England!

Because I have absolutely no desire to rehash the shittiness of a five plus hour game where the only runs come at the end of the game off of a rookie pitcher, I’m going to write about Kyle Snyder and Mike Timlin.

Kyle has been injected into the rotation of the Buffalo Bisons and has struggled a bit.  On Friday night he had a good outing, giving up one run on three hits and striking out four in five innings.  He also got the win.  Near the end of the month, the Bisons are coming back to Pawtucket – where I hope to get up the nerve to ask him to sign the 2007 Sox jersey I have.  If he’s pitching for the Bisons on the night I go to the game, I won’t have that opportunity (unless we stake out the parking lot after the game)…either way is a win for me, though.  Not knowing what 2010 will bring, it might be the last time I get the opportunity to either see him pitch or get him to sign the jersey.

Mike Timlin, much to the surprise of many I’m sure, signed a minor-league deal with the Colorado Rockies.  After a couple of games at Rookie-level where he pitched scoreless innings, they promoted him to the Triple-A Sky Sox where he’s only pitched 1.2 scoreless innings in one game (with a strike out a walk and three hits).  Like Kyle, he isn’t on the 40-man roster but it isn’t totally ridiculous to think he might get a chance back with the Rockies if their bullpen gets hit with some injuries.

All this talk of Triple-A ball reminds me that Saturday are the Futures at Fenway games.  The Sea Dogs and the PawSox will be playing in a mixed league double header.  I haven’t missed one of these yet and  I won’t this year.  I’ll be rocking the Jim Mann game-worn Sea Dogs jersey that I got in a charity auction back in 2005.  And during the second game I’ll be trying to ignore the Red Sox/Yankees score.

I’m trying not to let the two losses to the Yanks and four losses in a row get to me – and I can totally rationalize an extra-innings loss in a game where the hits on both sides were few and far between.  Can’t begrudge good pitching nor can you blame a rookie for giving up the extra-inning homer.  But damn it sucks.

There are still two more games to be played in the Bronx.  On Saturday Clay has his shot to show folks he’s more than just an Ace in Triple-A.  I think he has it in him.  Let’s hope the Sox have a lot more hits in them than they did on Friday.


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  1. I couldn’t bring myself to watch today’s game…not because I didn’t have faith, but I can’t stand Fox and how these games make me feel. Having said that….I understand Clay pitched well enough to get a win and that’s at least something to build on. Onward and upward, peeps!

    Comment by becks | August 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. The best way to get an autograph in Pawtucket is to wait behind the sawhorses after the game. (Home plate exit.)

    Kyle Snyder will sign for you if you call him over.

    Comment by JS | August 9, 2009 | Reply

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