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Feeling all of forty-five going on fifteen

I want “happy” Smoltz to translate into “good” Smoltz. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

Because I spent most of the weekend doing other things and not totally focused on the Sox, I had it in my head that they had an off-day today. I’m grateful they don’t – I want them to get back to winning and now that I can settle down and watch an entire game, I wanted there to actually be one.

John Smoltz and the Sox couldn’t come through and bring Jim Rice a win on Sunday but the Sox got the series win and just because Smoltz is starting to give me fits every time he takes the mound doesn’t mean I should obsess on that and lose sight of the larger goals of the team, right?

Regardless of the terrible road trip and the loss yesterday, I’m not eager for Theo to make some blockbuster trade this week. I don’t see making a panic move just because the team has been slumping. Having written that, I’ll be in Baltimore this weekend for all three games against the Orioles and wouldn’t be devastated if when I got there Mr. Smoltz was not pitching Friday night (as he is currently scheduled to do). Along with that, though, I’d like to call out all the idiots at Fenway yesterday who booed a future Hall of Famer because he had the audacity to not pitch well. Congratulations for being idiots, folks.

I don’t know what I think the solution is with Smoltz but I don’t believe that it is keeping him in the rotation. I guess on Friday we’ll be stuck because Tim Wakefield isn’t available to come off the dl until Sunday – but it makes me sad that I consider every Smoltz start and automatic loss. I know Tito has faith in him coming around and I, usually, have faith in the way Tito gets things done…but, for me, that’s wearing thin with Smoltz.

Joshua Patrick gets back up on the mound tonight against Trevor Cahill and the Oakland A’s. Another winning streak begins today!


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