Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan

Blow your mind but not completely

If we want the celebrations (witness Justin Masterson and Mike Timlin with some Bud Light) we have to take some disappointments too. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ and used with permission.

Now is the time for all of us to walk the walk. Everyone loves their team when they’re in first place or even just winning. But now we’re being tested. A five-game losing streak? This isn’t our team is it? How does this work? What are we supposed to do?

We’re supposed to support the damn team, that’s what.

Sure these games are painful. Hell, 6 stolen bases in one game? Two double steals two nights in a row? That’s downright embarrassing. But this is the same team we’ve been supporting all along. Not too long ago they were in first place and Red Sox Nation was the land of sunshine and roses. What’s it say about us if we start wigging out just because the team is going through an ugly losing streak?

Theo is already making moves to help the team. On Friday, Adam LaRoche will be in Boston and Julio Lugo won’t. Goodness knows Lugo wasn’t all what ails the team and LaRoche won’t be its savior but the new blood will be an energizing force into the clubhouse and maybe the team needs a little of that right now.

So, yeah, the losing is lousy. And painful. And just a drag to witness. But it’s real and it’s here. If we’re going to support this team when they’re coasting then we sure as hell should be supporting them when they’re struggling.

We all get a day off on Thursday and then Friday the team is back home. We can all use the day to step back, breathe and look forward to the next series.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to or just followed the live blog. In spite of the outcome of the game it was a lot of fun! (And today’s picture reminds me to wish good luck to Mike Timlin who is trying out for a spot on the Colorado Rockies this week!)


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