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What I thought was love, that must have been lust

It was great to see Derek Lowe yesterday but I still hope he goes down in flames tonight. Nothing personal, DLowe. This photo I took before the game shows what was as close to a smile as he gave in the brief time we say him on the field. He looked almost nervous out there.

Daisuke was terrible last night. No two ways about it. But I hope everyone in Fenway who booed him gets the Swine Flu.

Over the last fourteen innings the Red Sox have amassed 3 hits (two of them being home runs). As bad as Matsuzaka was, that isn’t his fault. (And it should be noted that both Masterson and Saito each only gave up a hit but both gave up a run as well.) It was a horribly played game by just about every one (thank you, Jason Bay) and it came on the heels of another game that was horribly played by them.

So the calls for something to be done about Daisuke I understand. I’m right there with you. I want him DL’d even if it means Clay Buchholz has to come up from Pawtucket and kneecap him himself. But booing him is a lousy, lousy thing to do. I know some of you think it’s a proper response to poor play but I know I’ve made my feelings about it perfectly clear.

I was pleased to have a good crowd around me last night. No one in my section was booing Daisuke. Although there was a guy behind me insisting JD Drew has no “desire” in him (RIGHT after he made a fantastic catch!) and who said that Manny being gone was okay because “all the fans hated him anyway” who I wanted to kick (He also thought the Sox were paying Jay Bay $12 million a year). Aside from him, I was pleased with the crowd around me. There were even a bunch of rally caps in the 8th and 9th innings!

In any event, I’m pleased the weather held up. Being at Fenway before the gates opened and having the sky drop gallons and gallons of water on me was unpleasant but after that the sky was blue and it was the perfect weather for a ball game. Too bad the Sox didn’t cooperate.

No hand-wringing here. I can’t believe the Sox are going to sit by and watch Daisuke implode every fifth (or sixth) day. I just can’t. So I’m not going to spend time worrying about what is going to happen since there are others much smarter than I already working on it. My focus is on the Sox winning the next two with Beckett and Wakefield on the mound and taking this series. With every loss I try to remember that it’s all good as long as they take the series. I realize it’s sometimes tough to do when they lose 2 in a row and drop an entire game in the standings…but it’s the best way to get through the season with your nerves intact!

I humbly request a win tonight from Joshua Patrick Beckett.


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