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Time gets wasted every day I watch the minutes tick away

Kyle Snyder in 2006 (Just because!) Photo by Kelly O’Connor/ Used with permission.

Lazy Links:*

Everything you might want to know about the food at Citi Field (especially if you’re heading to New York this weekend), including pictures and pricing, can be found at the NYC Food Guy’s blog. My understanding is I’ll be at the Acela Club at some point so this part of the entry is especially smile-inducing:

I tried two of the Acela Club’s three dishes offered at Tuesday’s press conference, starting with the white cheddar macaroni and cheese with panchetta. This was one of the tastiest dishes at the event, combining textures, with the crunchy bread crumbs and creamy cheddar, and flavors, with the slightly spicy panchetta and the sharp cheese.

I’m a fool for a good mac and cheese dish. But if that isn’t your speed, Lawrence outlines EVERYTHING (Even Shake Shack!). I’m sure you’ll find something to please you. Really brilliant work on Lawrence’s part. Even if you aren’t going to Citi Field, it’s worth checking out.

My friend becks pointed me here. It’s a popularity contest for the most popular minor league team in each “class/level” done bracket-style. There’s a few teams there (like the PawSox, Spinners, SeaDogs and Rox) who could use your votes. Sure there’s nothing, really, to gain by our teams each winning but it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes.

Not baseball-related, but still…Rajon Rondo has a blog? How is this not publicized around here more? Look what we’re missing:

It has been a long time…and I do apologize for it. I’ve been away from the yard for a while-not purposely, of course. It’s just that the past couple of months have been very busy for me. We were on the road for almost all of February, and we have been on the road a lot this month too. It seems like all I’ve done for the past two months is travel, and when I wasn’t traveling I was either doing appearances or trying to spend time with my family. My little girl is getting soo big, and she has to be the smartest baby in the world (yes, I’m partial). She is saying and doing everything-her favorite thing to do is to play ring around the rosey (she knows all the words).

The cuteness is killing me. Very real-sounding, yes? Not too much of the phone it in and let someone else write it up sound to it. I like that. I get a kick out of reading things like players saying their kids are the smartest babies in the world. I eat it up.

Kyle Snyder pitched a scoreless inning in relief today (the pitchers for the Bisons collectively shut-out the Memphis Redbirds). Tomorrow the Bisons play their last Spring Training game so I’m still holding out hope that Kyle makes an appearance (even if it’s just on the field and not in a game) at Citi Field this weekend. I’m nothing if not optimistic.

* So named becasue I was just too wiped to create a truly well thought-out post.

When I’m feeling lazy, you get links. 🙂


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