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In my mind the weather never changes

Rocco Baldelli earlier this month. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ Used with permission.

I bought a book today. Alyssa Milano’s autobiography, “Safe at Home“. Dig me, I know.

I haven’t started to read it yet but the plan is to have it finished before the season begins. That’s if I can even crack it open. I’m trying. I’m REALLY trying to attack this with an open mind. We’ll see how it goes. Let me just say this for now: Alyssa Milano has had a reputation for years as an athlete… well let’s just say someone overly fond of athletes. She claims this is a label falsely attached to her, yet she’s has capitalized off it, first with her clothing line and now with a book. Interviews like this one won’t help her cause. Here’s Alyssa on why she dated Carl Pavano:

“This was right after he won the World Series. So he was kind of baseball royalty. It was before he came to the Yankees…and became the Carl Pavano you know.”

Can’t imagine why people think she is (or was) a groupie.

Okay, I lied. Here’s one last word on Alyssa until I read the damn book. It has been pointed out to me by people who know her that she’s a lovely, generous and warm-hearted person. This all very well may be true; I have no reason to think it isn’t. But she also happens to be a large part of the reason women sports fans will always need to spout off stats and recite sports history in order to prove their fandom is rooted more deeply than just “I think the players are hot”. If she didn’t try to represent herself as the quintessential female baseball fan, I wouldn’t be mentioning her at all. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

For now.

Oddly enough, I watched Carl Pavano pitch tonight (the Indians were on MLBN) and he didn’t suck. I actually found myself rooting for him. So look at that, Alyssa might have actually helped him gain a fan.

Speaking of pitchers (smooth segue, eh?), precious little info on Kyle Snyder for now. If my addition is correct, he could be pitching either Tuesday or Wednesday (I’m thinking, more likely, Wednesday, if at all before the end of the week). The Bisons’ last game is Thursday and then everyone is coming up North. I haven’t been able to find out what the deal is regarding rosters for the exhibition games in New York, but I still hold out a thread of hope that Kyle might be at Citi Field this weekend. I am, as ever, the optimist. Come the regular season I’ll be like the PBS fundraisers, begging Bisons fans for Kyle info between Red Sox entries.

Red Sox lost today but Rocco Baldelli hit a home run! Take the bad with the good, right? Especially pre-season. Tuesday brings a 1:05pm game versus Tampa Bay. Sox play out the week (Wednesday v the Pirates, Thursday against the Twins) – the game against the Rays is their last “home” game of Spring Training. I know it’s sad for the folks down there who look forward to the ST games, but I am full of excitable energy in anticipation of the games that “count”.


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