Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan

You stand in the line just to hit a new low

“In any case, you’re probably going to see a win for the Sox!”

JD Drew and his son – October 2008. I dare you not to say “aw!”. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ Used with permission. (I’m not one of those idiots who takes cheap shots at Drew. I just wish him good health!)

I wrote this during a back and forth via text with KellyO yesterday afternoon. So you can all blame me for the ass-kicking Cincinnati put down on the Red Sox. Sure they ended up only losing by a run, but make no mistake, losing to the Reds that way…it’s an ass kicking. Oh well. Good thing I don’t put too much effort into paying close attention to the games. Jon Lester looked great (I haven’t called him Crabcakes yet this year. I’m saving it for when it really will apply) and KellyO assured me that the four runs weren’t entirely Ramon Ramirez’ fault alone. Plus, the kids got some knocks in (McAnulty, Carter and Wagner all hit home runs) so it wasn’t all bad. Let’s chalk it up to a crappy day and move on.

Also having a crappy day was Kyle Snyder. Well, to be fair, it seemed all of the Mets were off their game. The y lost to St Louis 15-4 (with 13 of those runs coming in the first four innings). Kyle pitched the ninth again and because I was having my own crappy day, I didn’t get to see it. Had it on in the background, though. According to the box score, he faced six batters and gave up two hits, a walk and a run.

With all that plus the news about JD Drew having to get a shot in his back…let’s just pretend yesterday didn’t happen.

But wait…not all the news yesterday was bad. Old friend Nomar Garciaparra seems to have a job on the horizon. One of the handful of games I’m going to this year (so far) is the first Oakland/Red Sox game. So I’m hoping for another game to add to my list of “I saw them return to Fenway” games. Good luck to Nomar!

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I laughed when I heard A*Rod might be out of the WBC. I laughed. I’ve already established that I’m most likely going to hell, so what would you expect? I do hope when they say he has a “cyst” that it isn’t something more serious. I also hope this is only the beginning of many relatively bad things to happen to Slappy this year. I’d love to see him on the DL more than on the field. It will give him time to think about why he lies so much. His newest lie? Remember all that talk about how the WBC does blood tests for PEDs? Turns out that was a big “No” as well. Between that revelation and the story that A*Rod told reporters he’d love to have Jose Reyes on the Yankees (conveniently forgetting that the position of shortstop is already filled)…I’d say someone needs to shoot up Slappy’s tongue with Novocaine so he isn’t compelled to speak.

Sox have the day off today and won’t be on tv (not even until Sunday. It’ll be a mostly quiet day on the baseball front but at 1:05pm you can listen to team USA (who beat the Yankees 6-5 yesterday) play Toronto (Millar!!) on Here’s hoping today is a better day for all of us.


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