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Bowden, Snyder, Masterson Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Bowden, Snyder, Masterson Photo by Kelly O'Connor

The Red Sox weren’t the only ones to lose a heart-breaker last night as the Lowell Spinners watched their bullpen implode and blow a 6-2 lead after six innings and ended up losing 13-9. The good news is that David Aardsma pitched a 1-2-3 inning of rehab for the Spinners, so maybe he’ll be back in Boston soon? The Spinners have a do or die game tonight at 7:05…a win gets them into the Championship Series against the Jamestown Jammers…a loss sends them home for the season.

And, hell since we’re on the minor leagues and playoffs, the Lancaster JetHawks staved off ending their season early with a win yesterday, tying their series with the Lake Elsinore Storm. Tonight they play the decisive game. So one out of the four affiliated teams are still in the playoffs. Kick ass in Lancaster, fellas!

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“Be somebody! Be a ho!”

The Yawkey Way Store is offering 50% off of Alyssa Milano’s “Touch”  line of “baseball” clothing and accessories.

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Focus on the Good

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor - because Kyle is the opposite of the suck, Kyle is the good.

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor - because I could use a hug right now.

This is what I’ve decided to do.  I’m not writing about all of the suck.  If I wrote about the suck, I’d probably break my keyboard.

SO I’m focusing on the good.

– It didn’t rain.  Well, I guess it rained a little for a short time, but I was in the last row in a loge box so I was under cover.  It also wasn’t raining while I flagged a cab (started up again on the ride home).

– The temperature was mild.  I forgot to bring a jacket or sweatshirt and was concerned I’d get too cold to stay.  Not the case at all.

– I got to see Mike Lowell and Jason Bay hit home runs.  Bay’s homer was especially sweet given it gave the team the lead.  And this is where I stop talking about Jason Bay’s home run, lest I venture into the area that pisses me off.

– I had a sweet seat.  And, except for the idiot behind me who kept booing Jeff Bailey, I had good people sitting around me.

– The game wasn’t delayed.  Kelly and I were worried it would be but it wasn’t and we got to have a beer and chill (and gab) pre-game because there was no BP.

– There was no fight and no one got hurt.  (Yes, I’m reaching now.  😡 )

– The pitching (ninth inning aside) really was not bad.  For the second game in a row, the Sox bats did very little.  (So, before you get pitchforks ready for Cinco Ocho, keep in mind that his offense, prior to Bay, did pretty much squat.)

– There’s another game tomorrow (well, by the time I publish this, tonight!) and I’ll be there (thanks Tru!).  I have a feeling that Josh Beckett will not disappoint.

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