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My Man Mike Update

Mike Timlin entered the PawSox game in the 6th inning tonight (replacing Clay Buchholz) striking out the first batter he saw in three pitches (swinging), getting the second batter to ground out on two pitches and getting the third batter to ground out with one pitch.  (3-2-1 – way cool!)

Three batters, six pitches, six strikes.  Listening to the Paw Sox is much more entertaining than watching the Red Sox tonight.

PawSox are winning 5-0 in the seventh inning; Red Sox are down 4-2 in the seventh inning.   I love my Red Sox.  They normally bring me much joy.  But they’re dangerously close to making me bang my head against my desk.

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No Respect

If you go to ProJo online, click on “sports” and then click on “PawSox” the first thing that appears on the PawSox page is a photo of Daisuke Matsuzaka from when he was with the team rehabbing on June 16th.

Jonathan Van Every (you know him because he got to high five Manny in Baltimore when Manny high-fived a fan before completing a double play) hit three homeruns yesterday. Three. And the team as a whole hit six homeruns yesterday.


But the picture on the front page of the ProJo’s PAWSOX page still is one of Daisuke Matsuzaka from two weeks ago.

Jonathan Van Every is the number nine hitter for Pawtucket. The number 9 guy hitting three homeruns in one game? Yeah, I think that might be worthy of a photo of the guy.

It wasn’t that easy tracking any down, but here are a few:

The high five after the High Five (Photo taken by Greg Fiume)

His head shot from “Photo Day” 2008 (Photo taken by Nick Laham)


At the PawSox Hot Stove event – January 2008 (Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor)

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An Open Letter to Self-Loathing Red Sox Fans

Note from Cyn: I’m going to swear in this piece and I’m going to swear a lot. F-bombs will be dropped, this I promise you.

So, in the interest of not offending those offended by such things, I’m inserting the cut here. Click on the “more” link if you like.

Oh yes, I’m in rant mode right now. 🙂

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Ugh Part Deux

So much for winning the series.

Sox go in to Tampa a half game behind the Rays tomorrow night.

I’m certainly not ‘worried’. Hell, little competition is great. But, honestly, right now the Sox can’t beat a team that isn’t even at .500, so what are they going to do with the Rays?

PawSox won today – 10-0 in Rochester (in a game ‘called’ because of rain). Devern Hansack threw 7 innings of 2-hit ball. Seems like most of the PawSox pitchers really have it going on right now. It’s good to see.  (The hitting as well.  Boys are on fire right now!)

What’s not good to see is Okajima on the mound right now. That’s downright depressing. 10 of the last 11 of runners he’s inherited have scored. Yet people are STILL sending me nasty emails about Mike Timlin. Riiiight.

13 men left on base again today. Our pitching, our hitting…yay let’s all slump at the same time!

Only bright light right now is Pedroia. The rest of them make my head hurt.

Lou Merloni is on NESN right now, pretty much, ripping the team apart. Dude, Ben Affleck says ‘hi’.

I have a difficult time believing that the team will let themselves get mired in the muck. I just hope they start picking it up again sooner rather than later. Like, you know, this week versus the teams that are in first and third place around them.

(After just seeing the Josh Beckett Phiten commercial on NESN, could someone tell our pitchers that those necklaces must not be doing what they think they do?)

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Like it never happened

That Lester/Aardsma/Hansen/Delcarmen shit show?  Never happened.

Yep, I stayed up to watch the Pirates beat the Rays in 13 innings – on a two-out homerun by Jason Bay.  (If you’ve never heard the Pirates announcers, they’re highly entertaining.  And, rivalries aside, I got excited for them and their fans when they started yelling “J Bay!!! J Bay!!! J Bay!!!” when Jason Bay hit his walk-off home run.)

Congratulations Pirates.  And thank you for helping the Red Sox keep the Rays at “Bay”.  (Hee.  See what I did there?  Okay, cut me some slack, it’s late, I’m dizzy…you know, whatever!) 🙂

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I dare you to look at this photo* and not smile. Go ahead, try it.

For someone who tends to favor the pitchers, this game totally annoyed me. Way to piss away good hitting Crabcakes (and the rest of your brethren). I hope Dustin Pedroia takes his bat to all of your lockers tonight.

But I had a really good day today (in spite of the dizziness that doesn’t want to let go) so I’m not letting what should have been a great game but turned into a shitty game bother me.

Instead, I choose to focus on what’s going on in Rochester with the PawSox. As I write this, they are winning 6-5 in the bottom of the 10th with one out and Jon Switzer taking the mound. My man Mike Timlin pitched another inning – 11 pitches, 9 for strikes and two out of the three batters he faced struck out swinging. Way to go, Mike. Your teammates in Houston need some of that to rub off on them. (Jon Switzer, on the other hand, has Jon Lester/David Aardsma/Craig Hansen disease as he blew the save in the 10th to end the PawSox’ eight-game winning streak. No dessert for you, Switzer. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.)

I didn’t listen to the game so, yet again, I am Kyle Snyder news-less. Last I read, they were considering sending him to Florida. I have no idea if he traveled with the team or if he stayed in Pawtucket or if he headed home. I’m hoping he’s doing whatever will get him back playing the fastest. Good, positive vibes going Kyle’s way.

Edit: Thanks to Anna, I tracked down Kyle news that I missed while out of commision:

Pitcher Kyle Snyder (groin) is in Florida, and will throw a simulated game at extended spring training today. He’ll gradually work his way back and could make a rehab appearance for Class-A Lowell soon . .

That was in Friday’s ProJo.  So Kyle’s throwing simulated games (or at least he THREW a sim game yesterday) and could be over in Lowell soon!  I have tickets to two Spinners games in August, so I’m sure – and hoping – he won’t be there then.  But just the fact that hes close to pitching off the mound again makes me very happy!  Good luck, Kyle! 

It occurs to me that, as I pound the keyboard to get out my annoyance at the BoSox game, that I’m being ridiculous. Sox win tomorrow and they win the series. That’s what you work for, right? Sweeps are nice, but at the very least let’s win the series. The possibility is still there for them to do that. The rest of it will work itself out (the rest of it being the Rays, who are currently tied with the Pirates in the top of the tenth in Pittsburgh and the Yankees who beat the Mets this afternoon).

Life’s too short to get annoyed by one lousy baseball game. 🙂

*I have no attribution for this photo, my apologies. It was sent to me without one. I know it is from one of Kyle’s trips to either Children’s Hospital or Dana Farber from the 2007 post-season and I absolutely love it.

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Mike Timlin…Teacher

Mike Timlin in Pawtucket
Mike last night (Photo by Bob Breidenbach/ProJo)

For a couple of years now, folks have been assuming that when Mike Timlin retires he’ll become a coach. I remember reading once, a few years ago, that he said that wouldn’t happen. That when he finishes playing ball he wants to go home and be a husband and dad full time. I can believe this since he seems to be such a strong family man. But I also think there is something in him that loves the game so much he might not be able to walk away. And comments like these in today’s ProJo reinforce that feeling.

“I want to be able to have other people remember me like I wasn’t afraid to help people,” he said. “He wasn’t afraid to help someone else even though that someone else is going to take your job or will be better than you. You still educate other players and you want to be a complete team player, no matter what. If you’re a great team player who sits on the bench and helps everyone during the game and makes the team better out there, that’s the kind of guy you want to be remembered.”

People who think Timlin doesn’t know his career is winding down or who think that he’s being selfish because he still wants to play…well those people can kiss my behind.

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Whatever happened to…Mark Bellhorn?

Mark Bellhorn
Photo courtesy of First Coast News

I had been mulling over doing a “Whatever happened to” on various members of the 2004 Red Sox for a while now. Watching the A’s today and seeing Alan Embree come into the game brought it back to my mind. Then a friend sharing a link to a video on Mark Bellhorn sealed it.

So my first installment of “Whatever happened to” is dedicated to Mark Bellhorn. 🙂 (As a side note, friend of the RSC’s, Alexis, has already been to two games in Jacksonville to watch Bellhorn play and KellyO will be making a trip to Jacksonville next week!)

Between 2005-2007, Bellhorn bounced around from Boston to New York to San Diego to Cincinnati, with many trips to the minors tucked in. He went from playing 115 MLB games in 2006 (in San Diego) to playing 13 MLB games in 2007 (in Cincinnati). For someone who was a post-season hero in 2004, many Red Sox fans were sad to see Bellhorn’s career take such a turn.

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Mal de Mer

By the time this post gets published, it’ll probably be many hours since I began it. I’m spending only short bursts of time on the computer right now. Thanks for the kind thoughts sent my way – I’m really okay save for dizziness that is making it tough to do much. I’ll be fine. 🙂

In the time I have been able to stay upright and read, I found a couple of interesting blurbs out of Pawtucket:

The Red Sox last week sent a not-so-subtle message to Buchholz that he should not be worried about when he will return to Boston. One day last week, when Buchholz arrived at McCoy Stadium, he found two boxes of his gear at his locker. It was baseball equipment that Buchholz had left behind when he was sent to Pawtucket on rehabilitation assignment.

The message sure seemed clear: You are in Pawtucket now, Clay, and you might be there for a while. Buchholz confirmed the delivery of his equipment.

“It was all of it,” he said.

Well that’s subtle isn’t it? I don’t think Clay has much to worry about. No shame in pitching in Pawtucket and getting those good stats on paper. You never know what’s going to happen with the big club, right? (RSN anxiously awaits Daisuke’s next start!)

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Did Jerry Remy just get handed a gold watch?

Note from Cyn: Because he’s such a good friend and knew I’d be mostly out of commission today, Tru agreed to contribute this morning’s post. (Which I’m posting about two hours after he sent it to me!) Thanks, as always, Tru!


(Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

Jerry Remy had his moment last night at Fenway Park, where the NESN people, former teammates and broadcast partners gathered around to give props to the “RemDawg.” The on field ceremony lasted a long time. Now I don’t time these things, but it seemed to me a really lengthy, drawn out affair. I wonder if the ring ceremony ran longer.

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